magento2 – custom attribute on the product The filtered result is always one in magento 2

I added a custom attribute to the product, this for learning purposes, so I added it with the name "brand2".

I just updated the value of 4 brand2 products for Adidas:

But unfortunately, in the main store, he only shows one product for Adidas:

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A displayed after clicking on Brand2-> Adidas:
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My question is how to display 4 adidas shorts on the result of the search done in a store.

I want to remove the tab on the woocommerce product edition page

I use the flatsome theme and it uses UX Builder, but I want to remove UX Builder from the woocommerce product editor page. [refer screenshot] for the different user role. Someone will help me, I am a beginner in the functions functions.php of WordPress.

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category – Magento2: Add product categories to parent and child categories when importing

I'm trying to import products into Magento2.2.5. The products have several categories:
for example
Default Category / A1 / A2 / A3, Default Category / B1 / B2 / B3

When I check the product configuration, only categories A3 and B3 are checked in the product, while all the following categories must be checked for the product:

Default category
Default Category / A1
Default category / A1 / A2
Default Category / A1 / A2 / A3

Default Category / B1
Default Category / B1 / B2
Default Category / B1 / B2 / B3

Let me know the solution to add verified parent categories on kids categories.

magento2 – How to get the value of a custom product attribute in a purchase order

I am able to get the custom product attribute values ​​in the basket and checkout page.
By using the code below


In this file VendorName / ModuleName / etc / catalog_attributes.xml

I wanted to get the custom product attribute value from the item ordered after the past ordering event.

information design – Should I display the details of the evaluation for a product evaluation?

By placing the "formula" (categories) in the same space, all aspects left by the reviewer are kept in a single visual space. The right pane is my evaluation of the exam.

How do your users rate the scoring formula?

I know this is not part of your question, but visually, the total score of the exam (or average) is a bit visually hidden from me.

Then I have to go down again to see how we arrived at this formula.

Some design / hierarchy of information

Is it possible to keep the rating (and its formula) nearby?

You can also consider the score as only the final number, but let them visually evaluate the categories. In this way, I can see immediately how is the formula calculated and some categories may be more important for me to make my decisions.

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Review of Travel Advisors and Hierarchy of Information

This is not a 1: 1 match, but trip advisor gives both an overview and a breakdown. They do it at Aggregated level not the individual examination level. However, the note is very clear and catches the eye quickly:

enter the description of the image here

For example, the location can be very important, but the service does not matter to me (I just need a room to sleep). It shows me that from the beginning, I do not have to read if I do not want to.

How to get rid of the mobile scan function for WooCommerce unique product pages?

On mobile, is there a way to remove the function that allows you to slide your finger to scroll through the product images? I just want users to be able to touch the thumbnails and show the main image.

magento2 – Move the recently viewed product or delete it completely

Magento has a nice feature for displaying the recently viewed product, but I now need to move this item (recently viewed product) exactly to the top of the footer.

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I do not know how to show / hide or move this recently viewed product in another area of ​​the page?

Any help would be very appreciated.

magento2 – Magento 2 remove specific product categories

how do i delete specific categories for a product in Magento 2.Forex: i have a product with categories a, b, c, some conditions are met if the conditions match those in my category but if these conditions fail, I have to delete b, category only not one, c categories. How can I get there?

seo – woocommerce Products – Google Search Console Error: Missing Product ID, Missing Brand Name, and Missing Availability for

I am looking for a solution to repair the Google Search Missing Product Id console, the missing brand name and the missing availability issue.

I visited the discussion and found a solution

At the present time, our site also contains user reviews that are grouped into rich Google snippets. My question is this: Will the above code also remove reviews from the Search Console assessments? If so, how can I avoid that?

the version of woocomerce that I use is 3.5.7 and wordpress 5.1.1

or just update woocommerce again solve this problem?

magento2 – Hide product price for specific products

I'm using an extension to enable the "Add to quote" option instead of "Add to cart" for some specific products.

How to hide the price of activated products "Add to quote" (attribute ves_enable_quote) and display the text "Price on request"? (as in the picture below)

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