[Article] Promote your Twitter profile with ten simple and free methods – Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The opportunities on Twitter to grow your audience are likely to outnumber any other network and it is easier to promote your Twitter profile. Because Twitter is an informal social network, you can increase your audience very easily. When you follow someone on Twitter, it is more than likely that he will follow you.

However, because the Twitter audience is so important, it is even more important that you precisely define your audience in order to create a highly targeted audience.

Many companies start by following indiscriminately as many people as possible in the hope of catching potential customers. In this way, they find themselves in an area of ​​Twitter subscribers with an audience of people who are not at all interested in what they have to say or sell. Twitter allows everyone to follow up to 2,000 people.

After reaching this number, the number of people you are allowed to follow depends largely on your next account / next ration. Another reason why it's so important to follow the right audience is this: If you decide to promote your account with Twitter, the advertising suggestions are based on the types of accounts you follow.


In order to create a nice active audience on Twitter for your content, you must first create a list of subscribers. When you start, it's quite difficult because you are neither a recognized authority nor a big brand in your niche. But here are ten easy methods to promote your twitter profile. You should implement them in the right way to start having followers.

1. Post your Twitter profile URL on all your sites

Make sure your Twitter link is on all your marketing materials – your website, your blog, your Facebook page, and your LinkedIn page. Twitter provides the code for the buttons at this URL https://twitter.com/about/resources/buttons. There are also third-party developers who create plugins that can be integrated into your page. They also offer plugins for several social platforms.

2. Integrate a calendar into your website

You can easily view your recent tweets with images on your website or blog by visiting this page. https://twitter.com/settings/widgets . It's really tempting for visitors to your website to press the Follow button if they can see the value of your tweets. You can also embed public tweets from any user on Twitter, any user's favorites, lists you have or subscribe to, and personalized search results.

3. Add your Twitter account to all your promotional information.

Be sure to add your Twitter URL to marketing materials, business cards, brochures, transportation, product packaging, storefront, receipts, or wherever you promote. your company.

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user profile – They are committed to dreaming of the perfect wedding dress

Many brides begin to dream of the perfect wedding dress well before getting engaged. Choosing the perfect wedding dress is crucial because it is the only day when all eyes are on you. A dress that is beautiful without appearing too showy and that also flatters your silhouette, ensures a beautiful appearance on the day of your wedding. With so many choices of styles, colors and fabrics, choosing the perfect wedding dress can be a daunting task, but fortunately most brides just know when they found the perfect wedding dress. From the moment they put on the evening gown, their instinct tells them it's the perfect wedding dress for them.

The most important tip when shopping for your perfect wedding dress is to start shopping for your dress at least six months before the date of your wedding. Finding the perfect dress can take time. Once you have found the dress, the order and delivery of the dress can take up to four months. Once the dress has arrived at the store, you may need several accessories to make sure the dress fits you perfectly. Take your time and buy your wedding dress. It is therefore important that you start early so you do not feel overwhelmed and overwhelmed.

Another valuable tip for finding the perfect wedding dress is to try many different styles of clothing. Even if you are convinced of wanting a particular style, the style that looks so appealing in magazines may not match your morphology. You may also find that a style you have never chosen can flatter your figure. For this reason, it is important to try a variety of styles before a certain style is excluded.
The old adage, you know, unless you try after six wedding dresses, applies to wedding dresses. There were countless wives who found that their perfect wedding dress differed greatly from what they had imagined.

linkedin – How to change the main profile?

This is not an option available:

enter the description of the image here

Creating or deleting a profile in another language
You can create your profile in a language other than your default profile. Although you can not change the language of your main profile, you can create as many additional language profiles from the available options.

Multiple language profiles make it easy to find members and recruiters.

Source: linkedin.com/help

Add profile image to Auth register of laravel

I'd like to add to the default generated code when creating the Laravel user name a profile picture, but the code does not look anything like what I'm using in the rest of the controllers, the page is online and I can not start testing because the client does not want the page to fall.

That's the register.blade.php (it's not changed as it appears when running the command and the commented code matches what I've added, but it's not finished in the controller).

{{ __('Register') }}
@error('name') {{ $message }} @enderror
@error('email') {{ $message }} @enderror
@error('password') {{ $message }} @enderror

And that's the RegisterController.php:


     * Get a validator for an incoming registration request.
     * @param  array  $data
     * @return IlluminateContractsValidationValidator
    protected function validator(array $data)
        return Validator::make($data, (
            'name' => ('required', 'string', 'max:255'),
            'email' => ('required', 'string', 'email', 'max:255', 'unique:users'),
            'password' => ('required', 'string', 'min:8', 'confirmed'),

     * Create a new user instance after a valid registration.
     * @param  array  $data
     * @return AppUser
    protected function create(array $data)
        return User::create((
            'name' => $data('name'),
            'email' => $data('email'),
            'password' => Hash::make($data('password')),

I usually make the name of the image with a query in the object of the table and the image itself if I do it with an image :: make, it's the first time i'm trying to connect with the command beyond laravel and i do not know how to modify it

User Profile Windows 10 5.4 GB normal?

I just noticed today that I have a 5.4 GB user profile. Is it normal to have such a profile?

This is Windows 10, Profile under System Properties Advanced.

ios – error: exportArchive: "DEV.app" requires a supply profile

I'm trying to generate a .ipa and continue to get the following error:

2019-09-12 14:57:35.595 xcodebuild[44585:13953180] [MT] IDEDistribution: -[IDEDistributionLogging _createLoggingBundleAtPath:]: Created bundle at path '/var/folders/nd/6b67gs7n3wg6714rx36q0r140000gn/T/ENGAL-INT_2019-09-12_14-57-35.594.xcdistributionlogs'.
error: exportArchive: "DEV.app" requires a provisioning profile.

Error Domain=IDEProvisioningErrorDomain Code=9 ""DEV.app" requires a provisioning profile." UserInfo={NSLocalizedDescription="DEV.app" requires a provisioning profile., NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion=Add a profile to the "provisioningProfiles" dictionary in your Export Options property list.}

I have installed all the required supply profiles that you can see here:

enter the description of the image here

and here:

enter the description of the image here

ease of use – Integration with many fields of user profile – long and detailed vs short and essential?

So, if you can imagine a dating app, the essential is the following: kind, location, age, name, photo

Then say that you have optional fields that are very useful, such as "search" – their purpose of using the application.

And then, let's say you have 20 other interesting areas, but you do not need to have: religion, politics, languages, diet, type of relationship / status, etc.

If you force the user to inform them during the integration, the integration becomes a bit long and becomes painful. If you stay brief with the essentials, you will get many minimal profiles, for example. people who have just downloaded a photo, do not complete their biography and stick to it.

What do you suggest?

list – Viewing a profile picture in SharePoint (modern view)

You can accomplish this by using column formatting. An example for working with a people field and displaying a profile picture is available at the following address: https://github.com/SharePoint/sp-dev-list-formatting/tree/master/column-samples / person-roundimage-format.

You can modify this example so that it also displays the name of the user with the help of this JSON:

  "$schema": "https://developer.microsoft.com/json-schemas/sp/column-formatting.schema.json",
  "elmType": "div",
  "children": [
      "elmType": "div",
      "style": {
        "width": "32px",
        "height": "32px",
        "overflow": "hidden",
        "border-radius": "50%"
      "children": [
          "elmType": "img",
          "attributes": {
            "src": "='/_layouts/15/userphoto.aspx?size=S&accountname=' + @currentField.email",
            "title": "@currentField.title"
          "style": {
            "position": "relative",
            "top": "50%",
            "left": "50%",
            "width": "100%",
            "height": "auto",
            "margin-left": "-50%",
            "margin-top": "-50%"
          "elmType": "span",
          "txtContent": "@currentField.title"

You can find a guide to apply the format above to your column here: https://sharepoint.github.io/sp-dev-list-formatting/gettingstarted/columnformats/

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office 365 – What will happen if we change the "Manager" property in the SharePoint user profile service?

I am not sure how AD synchronization works with the online sharepoint user profile service. Let's say that I am changing the ownership of the share point user profile service named Manager for a user. In AD, no handler has been specified. Then, will the manager value specified in the share point user profile service be replaced by a value identical to AD (which is null or empty)? I mentioned the Manager property as an example, but I am referring to the properties of the full online sharepoint user profile service.

In our case, we use DirSync for our Office 365 users.