unit – Occasional increase in highly optimized game performance (including profiler screen captures)

I have been working for a few years on a mobile platform program. I have spent more than a year optimizing as much as possible mobile gaming. Almost every one of my stitches uses the Mobile / Diffuse shader. When I test the performance of my game (on my phone) with the profiler, the frame rate remains clean at 60 fps for most. The CPU time varies between 16 ms and 17 ms. Rendering statistics are also excellent, with drawing calls ranging from 18 to 25, triangles between 1.0k and 2.0k, and vertices between 2.0k and 3.1k. Below is a screenshot of the Rendering Profiler when the game is working properly. I think for a mobile device, these numbers should be very good.

Statistics of Render profiler

However, from time to time, I see a peak in the profiler window (see below):

Occurrence of a peak

According to the profiler, the peak is caused by Render.OpaqueGeometry.


In normal scenarios (when performance is fluid), Render.OpaqueGeometry takes between 1ms and 2ms of CPU time. However, as you can see in the screenshot above, Render.OpaqueGeometry takes 5.36 ms of CPU time and the total processor time is 24.16 ms.

According to my observations, this peak appears once or twice per minute. Sometimes, several minutes go by without any point. And on very rare occasions, the spike can appear 3 times in a minute (though I do not think it has happened the last two times I've tested it).

So, why do you think this happens even though the game is highly optimized? I've read in an article from Unity Answers that Render.OpaqueGeometry picks are common in all games and that there is nothing to worry about. But do you think 2 picks per minute are too common for a simple platform game?

SQL Server – Can not Draw an Error "Arithmetic Overflow Error When Converting Numeric to Numeric Data Type" in Profiler

I have a .net application. Its task is to create tables, views, and insert / update data in many tables. when running the application, I had an error.

I tried to plot the query in the profiler. But the profiler did not show the error. Is there a way to track the error statement or are there any other events that I need to add to the profile editor?

I used Elow events:
Exception, RPC: terminated, RPC: started, SP: started, SP: terminated, SP: Stmtstarted, SP: StmtCompleted, SQL: Batchstarted, SQL: BatchCompleted,

SQL Server – How to use SQL Profiler to capture a single stored procedure

With the help of SQL Server SQL Profiler, which configuration can be used to monitor a single stored procedure? I would like to capture everything EXEC sprocName include the list of parameters. I would like to capture this procedure to be able to test it using realistic parameter data.

I have tried the following in a new SQL Profiler trace:

Events Selection > Column Filters > Text Data > LIKE: 'exec sprocName%'
Events Selection > Column Filters > Text Data > LIKE: 'exec sprocName'

None of the above configurations capture my procedure. I have also tried to delete the name of the procedure with the following configurations:

Events Selection > Column Filters > Text Data > LIKE: 'exec%'
Events Selection > Column Filters > Text Data > LIKE: 'exec'

The above configurations do not capture any procedure.

Finally, I tried to run the same profile without all column filters and I can confirm that it captures all SQL queries sent to SQL Server.

I envisioned a workaround consisting of capturing ALL of the stored procedure executables and performing a post filter on my sproc of interest, using SQL queries or Excel. Power Query. However, the high frequency of sproc executions in the environment that I want to model makes this operation impractical.

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Instances in the Unity profiler timeline

What does Instances mean when you click on an operation in the Timeline section of Unity Profiler?

In this example:

Total: 11.90 ms (10 instances)

enter the description of the image here

Is SQL Server Profiler different from SQL Trace?

In the image below, you see how SQL Trace collects traces on events. SQL Server Profiler is a way to view these events. So, these are phases in the same process, making each task different.

First link note:

SQL Trace and SQL Server Profiler are deprecated. The Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Trace namespace that contains the Microsoft SQL Server trace and replay objects is also deprecated.

This feature is in maintenance mode and can be removed in a future version of Microsoft SQL Server. Avoid using this feature in new development work and plan to modify applications that currently use it.

Use extended events instead.

For extended events, look at my last link.