Is it allowed to look for a job (not work) while I’m in the US under Visa Waiver Program


  1. I know there are similar questions here already but the answers are a bit conflicting and I didn’t find quite the same question I have. Most were also quite old.
  2. I know that during current COVID-19 times getting work VISA is pretty much impossible for foreigners but let’s please focus on the case when the country opens up more.


I have been thinking about working in the US (among couple of other options) in the near future (when COVID permits hehe) but would like to also make a round trip for couple of months to see the country before. If I do decide for the US as my next work destination then can I continue using my free time during tourism as a time to also research job offers?

So, is it allowed to look for job (NOT WORK) while visiting the US under the Visa Waiver Program? What I mean is that a person has a ticket to fly back home bought and is planning to switch to work VISA before starting.

I’d imagine no-one can prohibit the person to explore the positions while searching the internet as it isn’t different from researching positions online from anywhere else? How about interviews? Online? In person?

Additional question:
If the case above is allowed then is it possible to switch from using VISA Waiver Program to work visa while being abroad? Not really seeing this case happening even if possible but would give a better picture of possibilities.

Thanks! 😊

How to add extra speech marks in C scripting program

I am trying to write a C program that will create lines of code on the console window when the program is ran. I can then copy this code and use it to initialise RAM in my VHDL project code.

I have attached images below to show what I am trying to do.

The image of the C code and console show me trying to initialise RAM location 0 with 4 zeros, but in VHDL, these 4 zeros need to be around speech marks, like so: 0 => “0000”;

I will then use a for loop as I need the same instruction 1024 times. I can then copy and paste the code in. Is this possible?

C Image

VHDL Image

Facing error in OOPS program

class Stack:
def init(self):
def is_empty(self):
return self.items==()
def push(self,item):
def pop(self):
def peek(self,i):
return self.items(len(self.items)-i-1)

def size(self):
    return len(self.items)

stack = Stack()
for c in "yesterday":

reversed_string = ""

for i in range(len(stack.items)):


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c program to print number of letters entered

i have been trying to solve this assignment given to me for the whole day, i have tried every code that came to my head but non of them gave me the wanted result, i’m a beginner in the C language so i’m still practicing but i’m literally stuck now so if someone can just explain to me what should i do i would be really thankful.

enter image description here

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software – How can a non-root program cover your entire screen with a window?

This year, since much of students are online, College Board (the company that administers AP Exams in the US, along with the SAT) recently released its Digital Testing App. Once installed, and going through a setup, it allows you to go through a test demo to mirror the actual test conditions. However, once you do, it covers your entire screen and prevents you from Alt+Tab to another window. This ability could make sense if the program was given administrator privileges on install (like Respondus Lockdown Browser, I believe), but the Testing App wasn’t, and yet still could. This could just be a trick like just a really big window, but I’m not completely sure. Could anyone shed some light on this and how could they do this?

customs and immigration – Is there a program for Malaysia-Singapore commuters to avoid passport stamps (so the passport doesn’t get full)?

Next year I’ll be in Singapore for a month with school, visiting a university as a guest, but will have my hotel in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, and commute by bus CW2 or SJE to central Singapore.

I know there are numerous Malaysian cross-border commuters, who need passports to cross, meaning their passports would get full really soon.

Is there any program to register for that exempts you from having to have your passport stamped four times a day (i.e. 122 stamps in total including the inital entry and final exit from Singapore)?

If there is such a program, is a visa-free foreigner (in both countries) eligible?

UPDATE: Okaaayyy, so I called both immigration authorities today. The Malaysians obviously wanted to know why I booked a hotel in JB, whereby I said that the price difference AFTER adding the transport costs is 2,500 ringgit, which is a lot of money that could definitely go towards food etc. instead, and I’d still have some left over. I also made it clear I used to commute for 1.5-2 hours per direction as a teenager in my home country, and that I’d be happy to send screenshots of the search engine Trivago to show what I mean, but they essentially said it was fair enough.

For the Singaporeans, the instant red flag was the fact that I’m visiting the Duke-NUS Medical school. They said if I’m either a guest for a maximum of 90 days or an actual student for a maximum of 30 days, I don’t need a student pass, whereby I said I’m a guest for 31 days. They then asked why the hotel in JB. Said the same thing. They then said they’d be interested in seeing the invitation letter once I get it. I said I’ll gladly send it via email if they gave me an address. They finished by saying again that as long as I only do what I mentioned, it’s OK.

Regarding the original issue, there seems to be something called MACS (an electronic Malaysian “visa” sticker), and EIACS in Singapore. I’m clearly not eligible for EIACS, but regarding MACS I was advised to contact the application office in Singapore. To save money, I’ve now emailed them. Those programs apparently exempt you from passport stamps.

python – This is a Seat Reservation System. How can this program be able to print tickets of more than 1 customer and the ticket should be “Name, Seat No.”?

available_seats = (‘1A’, ‘1B’, ‘2A’, ‘2B’, ‘3A’, ‘3B’, ‘4A’, ‘4B’, ‘5A’, ‘5B’, ‘6A’, ‘6B’, ‘7A’, ‘7B’, ‘8A’, ‘8B’, ‘9A’, ‘9B’, ’10A’, ’10B’ )
user_tickets = {}

def print_tickets():
“””Print the tickets of the user.”””
for user_name, seats in user_tickets.items():
print(f”nCustomer, {user_name.title()}, has chosen {len(seats)} seat(s).”)
for seat in seats:
print(f”tSeat number: {seat}”)

print(“Welcome To The Seat Booking Portal!”)

start = input(“Would you like to book a seat?”)
if start.lower() == ‘yes’:
while True:
seats = ()
wanted_seats = input(“How many seats do you need?”)
wanted_seats = int(wanted_seats)
if wanted_seats > len(available_seats):
print(f”n–I’m sorry, we only have {len(available_seats)} ”
“seats available–“)
print(“–Please try again–“)

    user_name = input("Enter your name:")

    while True:

        print("nHere are the available seats:")
        for seat in available_seats:

        seat = input("Please enter the number of the seat you would like to book:")

        if seat in available_seats:
            print("n--I'm sorry you have chosen an invalid seat--"
                "n-Please try again-")


        if wanted_seats > 1:
            print("nYou can now choose another seat.")

    user_tickets(user_name) = seats

    if available_seats:
        go_again = input("Would you like to let someone else book their tickets? (yes/no)")
        if go_again == 'no':
print("nWe will now redirect you to the payment portal."
    "nThank You for choosing us.")

print(“You can always come by later!”)

windows 10 – Need to re-install “CMD” program

windows 10 – Need to re-install “CMD” program – Super User

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