How to create curve like this programmatically?

I want to make a curve like this.


But I do not know the theoretical basis used by this curve.

I have tried by following something like
in this scribe, but still not enough. Does anyone know?

Thank you very much

Dodo L.

sharepoint online – When adding an item programmatically the workflow 2013 will raise access denied

I have defined a workflow which gets fired when adding items on listA. and if i directly add an item inside listA using the UI the workflow will work well. but on listB i have a remote event receiver which programmatically create a list item inside listA.

but when the remote event receiver create an item inside listA, the workflow will raise this error:-

Retrying last request. Next attempt scheduled in less than one minute. Details of last request: HTTP Forbidden to https://****/_api/web/lists(guid'd20db253-4447-4133-99b0-757eee9eb37e')/Items(212)?%24select=ID%2CProjectCurrentUpdate Correlation Id: 4590651d-d586-53c6-9ebc-5db114ddcfbe Instance Id: 1cf54ed9-97ee-4de3-b361-edbef338b249 

Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource. 

How render view with programmatically passed parameters of contextual filter

I am using Drupal 8. Added new view My Vocabulary and created a contextual filter with paragraph ID. Now I need to render the view with passed parameters to contextual filter. What hook to use to solve my problem. Thanks.

8 – Programmatically validate a user

I have created a webform which when submitted will create a new user for my Drupal 8 site.

The user must enter his username, email, and some additional data.

I am using below code to validate a user that I am programmatically creating his account:

// Validate the user for possible errors.
$violations = $new_user->validate();
if (count($violations) > 0) {
  $property = $violations(0)->getPropertyPath();
  $msg      = $violations(0)->getMessage();


  return FALSE;

However, every time I try to create a new user using the webform, I got the below error:

This value is not a valid email address.

I have tried with:


What is wrong with my code ?

views – Search api Solr add fulltext search fields programmatically

I need to change fields in fulltext search fields programmatically.

I try this codes but nothing change:

function MY_MODULE_search_api_solr_query_alter(SolariumQueryInterface $solarium_query, QueryInterface $query) {

    $fields = $query->getFulltextFields();
    $fields() = 'field_competitor_code';


or this:

function MY_MODULE_search_api_solr_query_alter(SolariumQueryInterface $solarium_query, QueryInterface $query) {

    $query->setFulltextFields(('title_1', 'field_competitor_code'));


How can achieve this change?

Thanks in advance.


8 – Programmatically set the format for each value of a multi-value text field

I am trying to programmatically set the format of a multi value text field to ‘full_html’.

I have tried:

$Links = array (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);

$node->field_article_links() = $Links;
$node->field_article_links->format = 'full_html';


$Links = array (1, 2, 3, 4, 5);

foreach ($Links as $Link) {
$node->set('field_article_links', $Link);
$node->field_article_links->format = 'full_html';

But the results are always the same, only the format of the first value of the field is set to ‘full_html’ and the others remain unchanged.

node edit

What am i doing wrong ?

Check wallet address balance programmatically in PHP using Blockchain wallet api

I’m tyring to fetch my wallet balance programmatically using the Blockchain wallet api. Currently I was expecting that a simple api call to https:/$my_guid/balance?password=$my_blockchain_password would have returned the value but it currently returns this page.

Is there something I’m not doing correctly?

Edit pages document programmatically – Ask Different

I want to know if it’s possible to edit pages document using Python or other scripting tools.
I need to modify the paragraph style of lines containing a date (e.g. 2020/05/02), which can be easily done by a script. But I don’t know how to do it in Pages.

Thank you.

theming – How to preload a css / js library programmatically after installing the module? is there an API to change the * .library.yml file?

i would like to develop a module where i internally cached html, css, js statically for the pages.
1] in an administrator configuration page, I can add a bundle with 1 html page + css / js files.
2] for each package I have a different path
3] Normally, in drupal8, I can define a * .library.yml file where I can define css / js but in this case is not defined statically when I install the module, but is changed each time Once in the admin section, I add a bundle.

Is there a Drupal API to programmatically load the registry where the saved libraries are and where I can change and save the configuration again? this is not possible do you have any other suggestions?

magento2 – get program_id from admin user logged in programmatically in magento 2

I want to check if the user currently logged in has the role of administrator.
For this I want to get the value of resource_id in the authorization_rule table for the currently logged in admin user.

enter description of image here

Note: please suggest a method to achieve this using the magento2 method. The use of the SQL query is not allowed.