windows 10 – Run as a different user, but ONLY for some explicitly allowed programs

On my Windows 10 system, Alice is developer / administrator and Bob is a standard user. Alice has written a set of programs that Bob can use (.bat files and / or shortcuts that work py files in python.exe). When Bob double-clicks these programs, they must run using Alice's file system permissions (or any other privileged user), without Bob needing to know the password for the program. that other user, or even perform something special beyond that initial double-click. But at the same time, Bob should not be allowed to execute anything other as a different user.

Here is a minimal example of the program I want to run, let's call it WhiteHat.bat:

:: this is WhiteHat.bat
@echo User% 1 runs this program as% USERNAME%

All my research so far has shown run like. So, for example, Alice prepares the following file in the same folder as WhiteHat.bat:

:: it's RunWhiteHatAsAlice.bat
@runas / noprofile / user:% COMPUTERNAME%  Alice / savecred "% ~ dp0WhiteHat.bat "% USERNAME%  ""

The first time Bob double-clicks RunWhiteHatAsAlice.batAlice is here to type her password. Subsequently, Bob can double-click on it without Alice's presence and he will see:

The user Bob runs this program under the name of Alice

Until here everything is fine. But the problem is that Bob now seems to have permission to do it no matter what like Alice. When he writes the following two files in his own home directory:

:: it is BlackHat.bat
@echo user% 1 deletes all files as% username%


:: this is RunBlackHatAsAlice.bat
@runas / noprofile / user:% COMPUTERNAME%  Alice / savecred "% ~ dp0BlackHat.bat "% USERNAME%  ""

He seems to be able to use the saved identity information, which Alice had to use only to execute WhiteHat.bat, to also execute any arbitrary code in BlackHat.bat.

I guess so run like Is not the way to do what I want? Unless I have somehow missed the part of his documentation that explains how to limit the scope of what a user is allowed to do with registered identity information. What is the proper way to do this?

c – Is it possible to exchange programs displayed in stdout?

I would like to write a program in C that forks then execs three different processes.

Then two of the programs will be suspended and only one of the three will be broadcast to the public. stdout. It is possible to later suspend the running process on stdout, resume one of the other suspended processes and display it on stdout instead of?

csv – What are some examples of injection attacks in databases that abuse common programs other than SQL?

Excel is a very popular and popular program that contains a vulnerability to CSV injection attacks.

To start: Excel (and other spreadsheets), try to be smart. If an element of a CSV file begins with a +, -, @, or =, it will be interpreted as a formula.

Ok, that's not too bad. What damage can an attacker do with a formula?

S & P, a little. Excel has a feature called dynamic data exchange, which allows it to communicate with other parts of the computer.

One of these pieces is the command prompt, which allows a malicious attacker to execute arbitrary code on the machine.

An example of this (I do not find the article so far), according to which the Dutch police managed to seize a dark website that was selling drugs and replaced the file .txt transaction history by a transaction history .csv file, including a CSV file injection to "phone home" once the user has opened the file.

CSV injection attacks are not particularly new, and the following link describes some methods to prevent them: Link

Of course, Excel is only one of the vulnerable platforms, and it raises problems when it notices a CSV attack. Google Sheets is another common spreadsheet software. The attacks on their platform run immediately without any warning.

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antivirus – Are there any computer programs that can scan for viruses on an Android device?

As far as I know, there is no virus reported so far that replicates itself as a PC virus, and specifically on Android, that does not exist, so, technically, there is no Android virus . But these are malicious apps that can steal your secure credentials.

As long as you install Google Playstore apps, you are safe from these malicious apps. Google analyzes the apps before letting them enter the Google Play Store, using a tool called "Bouncer" that provides automated analysis of Google Play Store for potentially malicious software without disrupting the user experience of Google Play Store or require developers to follow an application approval process. The service performs a set of analyzes on new applications, applications already in progress Google Play Store, and developer accounts.

Here's how it works: Once an application is downloaded, the service immediately starts scanning for known malware, spyware and Trojans (source: Google Mobile Blog).

There are many antivirus applications that can detect malicious applications on the PlayStore such as Avast, 360 Security, AVG, and so on.

Affiliate Programs for Electronic Magazines

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macos – Hide an application for third-party uninstallation programs

Is there a way to hide an application from third-party uninstaller such as MacKeeper?

I'm using an application that blocks websites and everything I want. When its blockers are running, I configured it so that I can not uninstall the application natively. However, third-party uninstallation programs such as MacKeeper can easily uninstall the application without any problem.

So, I wonder if it is possible to hide an application to third-party Uninstallers.

Thank you to all of you.

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