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windows 7 – Installed programs hidden after virus

I got a new windows so it didn’t have antivirus yet
I was browsing and I got few viruses but I think I destroyed them with every program in the internet
But I got the installed programs hidden
And my service pack 1 got removed and windows update service got hidden
And I can’t install any thing cuz I don’t have .net and I can’t install it I think because of those things

Moreover I think finding hidden installed programs will help me
So any ideas?
IAM windows 7
Sorry for the bad language

color – Why are word processors blue and spreadsheet programs green?

I believe that this is just following the idea that the market leader (in this case: Microsoft) had.

There is an interesting article about the history of MS Office software here: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/history-evolution-microsoft-office-software which may explain more.

Originally, teal colour was used in the icons of both MS Word and MS Excel applications. The icons had a different shape, though. At some point (as the article screenshots show: in 1999) the developer decided to use different colours to easier tell one from another.

At that time, due to the obvious market leadership, the applications themselves were equated with their purpose (so instead of saying: “Send me that rich text document!” we used “Send me that Word (file)!” and similarly “spreadsheet” = “Excel (file)” etc.).

What was behind the choice of a specific colour may be hard to identify now, but the sole fact of making them different allowed to make easy connection between the application icon and the file icon, as both of them contained the same elements (namely: the file icon contained the icon of the app opening it). This reduced the cognitive load used to identify the right subset of files in a long list of them (look for green if you want a spreadsheet and blue if you want a text document).

From now on the convention was followed about using green for Excel, dark blue for Word, and other dedicated colours for the rest of the applications in the package. The competitive solutions started following many conventions regarding the UX of the software, compatibility, formats etc. Between them, the colour convention was apparently followed as well.

One more thing regarding the choice of colours is that for the User who, in many cases, was familiar with Excel greens and Word blues, leaving the same convention would, again, limit the cognitive load when moving from one solution to another.

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We added ad networks and affiliate programs that you can track

Easy passive income in 2020 with OctaFx Copytrading(10-100$ Daily) – Hybrid Programs

Hi Guys, Today i will introduce a method a earn passive income from Forex industry. If you think if you don’t have the idea to trade. Don’t worry let me help you in this. This time you don’t have to trade. You will earn money by copy trading. Its automatic process.You don’t have to do any thing. Just have to join under a good trader whose have good return track, that’s it.

Find out below steps how you could be a part of copy trading.

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4> After selecting the trader, click on start copying, then you have the option how much you want to invest do that according your choice, next select 1:1 if your investment is equal to trader, proportionally if your investment is lesser than or greater than trader. And last select drowdown is 0%.

Thats enough to start earning. After that when trader star trading it be automatically be added in your account.

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[ Government ] Open Question : Why do republicans hate social security, welfare and other programs ?

I heard that by 2034 Social security will end, and guess who’s killing it? Republicans. 

ubuntu – GUI slow when changing programs or opening apps list

I think I have problems with a cache or something similar.

This results in the following problem: When I try to toggle the open program using (Alt) + (Tab), the program overview takes a while to display and it takes a while until the new program is opened.
If I click on the "Search your computer" icon at the top left, even the mouse will start to slow down and I can watch the list of programs slow down.

I found this question: task change in Ubuntu is painfully slow, but the accepted answer doesn't seem to apply to Ubuntu 16 (I can't find this tab “ Visual Effects '' & # 39;).
However, the second answer completely solved my problem – unfortunately, only for a day.

After disabling the "Viewport Switcher", everything became as fast as I expected. And after a day, it was as slow as before. So now I've reactivated the "Viewport Switcher" – and for now, it's still fast.

Obviously, the "Viewport Switcher" is not causing my problems, but switching this setting seems to reset something else, maybe restart a service or delete caches? How can I permanently fix this problem?

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