States and behavior of progress bars in tables

Nowadays, it is not uncommon for data tables to contain more complex user interface elements (not just data), with items such as pills (or tags), call-to-call buttons action, icons and even graphics to be integrated.

However, I have not yet seen the specific behavior of these embedded UI elements specified in the context of a child element in a table cell.

So the question is what happens to a progress bar (and other elements of the UI) when the row of the table passes from different states (hover, active, selected, etc.) and how the Does style and behavior change compared to outside a table?

A specific example is to consider what happens in a table cell containing a progress bar (which is actually not unusual to see) if it is selected. Should it be:

  1. Unchanged (even though there may be contrast problems with the selected state of the table cell).
  2. Changed by changing the color or style
  3. A custom rule to the behavior of the table to support the interaction

If you can include screenshots of real-world application examples (rather than CodePen or design concepts), this would be very useful to illustrate the answer.

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unreal 4 – Progress bar visibility issue

I have a code with several elements. One of these items I would like you to initiate hidden.

So I did it, set for the progress bar to start hidden. It started going bad when and I called its visibility (bind) the same stopped to start hidden.

I did a test with this problematic progress bar and another created in time:

enter the description of the image here

The progress bar with the visibility definition function appears even if I set it to be hidden at the beginning:

enter the description of the image here

As I said, I think this strange behavior is due solely and exclusively to the fact that there is such a function:

enter the description of the image here

Even though I've created a Boolean variable that imposes a condition, the bar insists on appearing:

enter the description of the image here

The quoted variable defaults to false:

enter the description of the image here

I thought the fault might be on the back node, but as you can see in the fourth image, even putting "hidden", the progress bar still appears.

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interaction design – Visual tracking of work in progress

I may not have understood the question, but in most modern processes, there are several types of pipelines or steps in place.


One way to solve the visualization could therefore use one. I would suggest Kanban – known from the Scrum methodology.

  • Your workflow has clear steps
  • you can see where most transactions are accumulating (aka the bottleneck)
  • there is a pre- and following step defined
  • You can name the progress 3/5 steps

enter the description of the image here

Progress indicator

In terms of visualization, you can relate to carousel points or progression:
several points indicate progress / step

Process chart

The most defined approach would be a BPMN chart in which you highlight the current position of the transactions. But not everyone can read them easily.

Sample BPMN Chart

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Aggressive Geometry – Progress of the Equivalence Conjecture Derived from Bondal-Orlov

In their 1995 article, Bondal and Orlov posed the following guesses:

Yes $ X $ and $ Y $ are two varieties of projective dimension smooth bivalently equivalent $ n $, then their related derived categories of coherent sheaves are equivalent to triangulated categories, that is, we have $ D ^ b ( mathsf {Coh} (X)) cong D ^ b ( mathsf {Coh} (Y)) $.

Tom Bridgeland proved that this was valid in the $ n = $ 3 case by showing that the three layers of projective Calabi-Yau birational smooth are derived equivalent. The conjecture follows because any birational transformation between two $ 3 $-dimensional Calabi-Yau varieties can be broken down into a sequence of flops.

Ed Segal also built an example in the $ n = $ 5 case, and Daniel Halpern-Leistner sketched proof of the conjecture for the case of Calabi-Yau varieties, which are
equivalent to a space of semi-stable Gieseker coherent geometry modules (of some fixed primitive Mukai vectors) on a K3 surface. There are also other cases in which the conjecture is valid and I did not mention it.

I have heard, however, that the proof of this hypothesis in general seems rather remote at this stage. I am interested in whether progress has been made in the general case and what approaches / techniques may be involved in potential evidence?

Samsung S9 Plus showing the phone number of the text message in the call log for calls in progress

I use Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. When I send a text message, the S9 Plus records the cell number in the call log for phone calls. He never had the habit of doing this before all this mess when Samsung screwed up the S9 with the patches. If I send 200 SMS, it puts these numbers 200 times. How can I stop it.