What former free message board services did you use? | Forum Promotion

What former free message board services did you use?

I used mostly invisionfree and zetaboards, and other message board services that used IPB, although I forgot which one they were now. I was part of that invisionfree/zetaboards community in the late 2000’s/early 2010’s before they merged with tapatalk LOL

(Paid/Free) Looking for people who have used productivity apps before | Forum Promotion

Looking for people who have used productivity apps before in some capacity.

I need people who will be able to write articles in the “blog” section of my site.

Feel free to ask me anything, because this is a pretty niche thing. I will pay on certain conditions, I just need to know a couple of things.

Pinky and Friends | Forum Promotion

Pinky and Friends is a fun and friendly general chat forum with lots of interesting topics where you can chat, play forum games, meet new friends, let your hair down in a relaxing and welcoming friendly atmosphere, register for free, and join the fun today.

Info – Package Service Temporary Closure | Forum Promotion

Hello Forum Promotion,

As of May 8th, 2021, the Package Service will be temporarily closed to all new requests to allow for revisions to the Package Service to be made. All existing package requests will be completed, while any new package requests submitted while the Package Service is closed will be rejected.

Thank you for your continued support of Forum Promotion.


Package Team Leader

PG rated Romance Movies Recommendations please! | Forum Promotion

Well, none of those Hallmark Cinderella ones please. Some teenage themed romantic thrillers movies recs for me please on either Youtube premium or Netflix Canada. Kissing, flirting and touching are okay for me personally, just nothing too graphic please thanks. I can’t stand sex or nudity in entertainment. Thanks for helping me, you guys.


Note Canvas | Forum Promotion

Hello user! Welcome to Note Canvas!

Note Canvas is a notes app (web-based) that I have been working on for years! You can store notes from business notes, school notes, among other things. Available in all browsers, web and mobile.

The main reason that I even wanted to start the application in the first place was because I found a common pattern amongst most of the traditional note-taking apps. One of the main reasons were curiosity, but the other is that I found that the more features a notes app had, the steeper the learning curve is for said app. This is not a slight towards any well-featured app in particular, but rather just an observation on the user experience of the apps and who they are targeting to. My approach is that I want a notes app that both has a lot of functionality AND has practically no learning curve, because it is based on familiar user interfaces that computer users have been using in the past.

All that being said, however, our current target market aren’t users of those apps, or people who use apps like that, but rather a demographic who may not use it at all–students.

Here is the link to notecanvas.com to be able to try it for free.

It’s available across all browsers, desktop or mobile.

We also have a blog related to productivity, if that’s something you’re into.


Staff Needed – Yaketys | Forum Promotion


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Fries or Chips? | Forum Promotion

I do personally love : Mcdonald’s fries and Brits and Chips’ fish and chips. Fries with ketchup, steak, a club sandwich or a poutine. Chips with fish and chips, curry sauce, chili or ketchup and malt vinegar. What about you? And how do you like them and where do you have them?


The Package Team is Hiring! | Forum Promotion

The Forum Promotion Package Team is looking for at least two new team members!

As a package team member, you will be required to complete posting packages on other members’ forums and blogs when they are requested. It is expected that you have good grammar and are able to make excellent quality posts on package requests. Before you apply please be sure you have the time to commit and pull your own weight. If you are interested, please send @Gio a private message.

Applications may be left open after we have filled all positions, this is to ensure we have someone ready when positions become available. Please note if you are not chosen when you first apply you may be contacted later down the road, and please do not send in another application unless it has been over 2 months since your previous application or you have something to change.


Being a Package Team Member also entitles you to payment based on your package completion. You can earn 0.07 US$ per topic and 0.05 US$ per post/comment which will be sent out through your PayPal account.


You must be registered on Forum Promotion for at least one month.
You must have at least 50 posts.
You must not have received any official warnings in the past 6 months.
Good grammar and spelling is a requirement, with the ability to communicate effectively with high quality content.


(b)Name(Not your username)
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(b)Are there any commitments (e.g. school) that might prevent you from fulfilling your duties?(/b):
(b)Extra Info(Anything you want to add at all):(/b)

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Favourite psychological Thrillers? | Forum Promotion

All the “Lifetime Movies” are great for me personally. I love those very dark crime and psychological thriller with a little dark romance on the side to spice things up in my very quiet and boring life currently. And btw, it’s a movie producer that makes movies based on true events from real life, so you have a pretty realistic feel of it. I love it and those are my personal favourites for I myself.