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You do not really need it if you avoid risky sites in general. From my experience, I've seen people invaded by the virus and / or viruses – get free music downloads, and so on. In any case, it is probably true that music companies, companies specializing in textbooks – are at the origin of viruses. purpose – and maybe it's despicable – BUT, those who do not go there – just have little / no virus problem.

Now, myself, as mentioned in another thread, I use an anti-malware, even if I do not surf on P2P software (Napster, etc.).

Exchange Forum – What's going on? Promotion Forum

Hello friends of FP!

I wanted to express my enthusiasm for the opening of Forum exchange. Forum exchange is a new website for webmasters / exchanges with one goal in mind: to help you succeed as a webmaster!

As this is our official opening, a few things are happening.

First, since this is our opening month, anyone who registered from 01/04/2018 to 01/05/2018 will receive 300 site credits to register! This is our "grand opening" thanks to those who sign up.

Secondly, we are organizing our first contest called "Name On!" It is for us to engage our community to give a name to the virtual currency of our website. Each person submitting a name will receive 50 site credits only for their submission. Our winner will get 500 credits.

Third, we are looking for team members for a package team. We are currently looking for a team leader for the package as well as members of the team for the package.

Stop by, say hello and get free site credits that you can use later for services.

IWFHosting – KVM Packages – Reduced price and double promotion RAM !!!

IWF Hosting appears here for the first time! They have an outstanding sale to share with the LEB community. So we hope you enjoy what they offer us today!
The sale that they currently have is on KVM VPS packages, with discounts and additional benefits on the 4 packages that they offer, such as a special Double RAM promotion on each of them!

As always, we want to know your opinion. If you decide to buy a package at IWF Hosting, be sure to share your experience below!

You can find their ToS / Legal Docs here.

Here is what they had to say:

"IWF Hosting, a trademark of H4Y Technologies LLC and formerly iWebFusion Technologies LLC of Oregon, is based in Indialantic, Florida.
iWF Hosting specializes in shared web hosting solutions based on virtualization. We are a group of engineers, web designers and programmers, but most of all we are genuine people who want to help you. Since 2001, H4Y Technologies LLC has been a leader in all aspects of the web hosting industry.

iWF Hosting has 100% network equipment and dedicated machines with only current software and hardware, to ensure that all users are as up-to-date and secure as possible. Reliable scalability is easy with iWF Hosting with packages ranging from shared hosting / enterprise to reseller accounts, VPS (virtual private server), colocation, dedicated servers and colocation. All this at its best financial performance. We do not overload our servers with loads and loads of customers; instead, we allocate the accounts reasonably on powerful servers and we avoid excessive sales.

iWF Hosting is proud of our availability statistics! With our servers running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and an average availability of 99.99%, you will not have to worry about the breakdown of your website. "

Here are the offers:


  • 1 processor core
  • 2 GB of RAM
  • 25 GB of SSD storage
  • 1500 GB bandwidth
  • 1 IPv4 / 64 IPv6
  • $ 8.99 / month
  • [ORDER KVM 1]


  • 1 processor core
  • 6 GB of RAM
  • 30GB SSD storage
  • Monthly bandwidth of 2 TB
  • 2 IPv4 / 64 IPv6
  • $ 12.99 / month
  • [ORDER KVM 2]


  • 2 processor cores
  • 12 GB of RAM
  • 60 GB SSD storage
  • 3TB monthly bandwidth
  • 3 IPv4 / 64 IPv6
  • $ 23.99 / month
  • [ORDER KVM 3]


  • 2 processor cores
  • 24 GB of RAM
  • 120 GB of SSD storage
  • 4TB monthly bandwidth
  • 4 IPv4 / 64 IPv6
  • $ 33.99 / month
  • [ORDER KVM 4]


DC74, Charlotte, NC

IPv4 test:
Test files: |

USSHC, Monticello, IA

IPv4 test:
Test files: |

Divide Waterfall, Bend OR

IPv4 test:
Test files: |

Peer1, Los Angeles CA

IPv4 test:
Test files: |

Please let us know if you have questions / comments and enjoy!

Selling – Forum Replies / News Feeds & Blog Comments (UPDATE) – 15% Selling | Promotion Forum



1. All payments must be made in advance and in full by PayPal. By purchasing anything, you agree that all transactions are final and non-refundable.
2 You must send the payment as a gift, otherwise you must cover the costs.
3 After placing an order, you will receive an approximate time (if not indicated) in which the order will be completed.
4 I have the right to refuse any order for any reason whatsoever. It will probably be because I do not know your kind of forum or blog.


15-day versions of active packages are also available. They will come at half the price and half the content.

Active response / discussion package within 30 days — $ 40 USD
The description:
This active package is a combination of both: responses and thread. You will receive new discussions that other members of your forum can answer and you will also receive answers to already existing discussions.
Daily answers: 3
Daily sons: 2
Total content: 90 replies + 60 discussion threads

Active Package Response 30 days — $ 30 USD
The description:
This active package consists only of responses. It will provide new messages to existing discussions in your forum.
Daily answers: 5
Total number of replies: 150

Active 30 day wire pack — $ 20 USD
The description:
This active package is composed of only threads. It will provide new discussions to which other members can respond.
Daily sons: 2
Total number of threads: 60


Bronze Package — $ 4 USD
Answers: 15
Son: 5
Total content: 20
– FOR BLOGS: 10 Comments

Money Package — $ 8 USD
Answers: 30
Son: 10
Total content: 40
– FOR BLOGS: 20 Comments

Gold Package — $ 12 USD
Answers: 45
Son: 15
Total content: 60
– FOR BLOGS: 30 Comments


Website URL:
Package name:
All special requests:

Send via a private message (PM).


1. A completed profile will be provided. Please, note that I will not put personal details.
2 If I am a new member of your forum, I will of course post an introductory thread.
3 A minimum of 40 words per answer and 60 words per thread is guaranteed. However, I almost never stay close to the results and I mainly do 60 to 120 posts. Sometimes more.
4 I try not to do punctuality, grammar or other mistakes. But we all know that we are humans and a typo could happen here and there. I double check all the errors and if I find them, I repair them, but if you also notice something that I forgot, do not hesitate to send me a message to fix it .
5 As I like the forums and discussions on the posts I'm going to do, it'll look natural. In addition, I will never mention that I do a paid service.
6 You will receive daily progress reports.


The prices you see are not really the cheapest you can find but they are also not the most expensive. I believe that services are billed at medium and fair prices and based on quality There are also discounts and special offers that arrive from time to time.


For starters, do you think you would even need to hire me? To answer this question, you have to ask yourself a question: do I really need a paid display service? Will I benefit? Well, the answer could be yes or no. If you plan to create a new community, the paid publishing service can help you create new content in the beginning so that the forums do not appear empty and do not return potential members. And for already established communities – it really depends on the level of activity. If you are satisfied with the amount of content you receive, you may not need to buy paid publications. But if you have trouble maintaining a constant level of activity, the service can help you by adding additional messages here and there.

So, the paid display is exactly what it is. You pay a freelancer to post content on your forum. It can not make the activity level go on the moon and back, heh I'm not a wizard. What I can promise you is that if you choose to hire me, I will try to do a great job and you will receive beautiful conversations on your forum.

A flawless stay

Gray on Black for Text | Promotion Forum

I do it on my forums – because it's easier to read. Also, I'm doing 17px size. Whatever it may be, it may sound too much, but just my style! Whatever it is, the white on a black background looks stained – not sure of the word here. Someone sees the same thing?

Whatever the case may be, at least one free XenForo theme style will not accept 17px (dark default for the default XF 2.1 theme), so beware.

Startup Cash Promotion | Promotion Forum

Well, the $ 20,000 needed to create a Facebook page in many niches are still small potatoes compared to building a McDonald's or even one of the franchise businesses the cheapest!

O.K ,, who tried to earn start money – and how did you do it? Myself, I guess there's no way around it – you'll have to work on a job – even if it's just sweeping the floor.

Whatever the case may be, there is Kickstarter, Indegogo and other sources of crowdfunding – but honestly, for my niche of percussion lessons, I can not offer anything as a benefit. Well, who tried these crowdfunding sites and what benefits did you imagine?

Admin Hut – Chilling Place for Administrators | Promotion Forum

The first time I heard about ElkArte : eek:

Something in a thermal thicket of thorns and thistles of 30 thermal acres was quivering and threatening threatening the three-dimensional thoughts of Matthew the thug – though, theatrically, it's only the 13,000 thistles and thorns across the underside of his thigh old thug thought of this morning.

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Hi guys, I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we will not accept more package requests at the moment. This service is temporarily offline. Let us catch up on that backlog, and then we'll see where we are. Thank you! Sincerely, Cam

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Révillution is an entertainment website and a forum that covers games, streaming, technology, movies, music and all kinds of entertainment. We offer something for everyone at Revillution, even if you're not a gamer, you'll find something you'll like on the site! We offer many customization options to our members, ranging from changing color palette to the ability to enable and disable forum-specific descriptive images. Profile covers, wire covers and much more! Revillution has a rich history and we decided that it was time to bring it back. It matters a lot to me and Shortie861, and it made sense to me. I wish you all welcome in the new and improved Revillution!

Domain Registrar Price Comparisons | Promotion Forum

I guess we can all find this site with a simple search on Google, but this is the site I liked to use whenever I was looking for an agreement on a domain. I used to have domains on 5 to 6 different registrars, but I decided to migrate them all to NameCheap at one time. Keeping in touch with domains on multiple registrars can be irritating. Still, I just came across this website, so I thought I'd share it.

Which site (s) do you use to find the best prices on the domains or do you always stick to a single registrar, whatever the price?

When you try other recording desks, be sure to pay close attention to all the details. There are many registrars who charge a dollar for this initial registration, but renewal fees are outrageous beyond that. You can expect to transfer your domain to this situation, but I would be reluctant to deal with these types of registrars. In addition, if you are interested in Whois protection, some registrars (such as NameCheap and Dynadot) tell you with the cost of the domain. If you absolutely need Whois protection, you should also pay close attention to the cost.