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Battle madness of the 2019 site
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Do not hesitate to use this topic to discuss everything related to the various activities of our Site Battle Madness Contest.

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Last edition: March 13, 2019

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Admin Alts | Promotion Forum

I think we all went to one of these sites where people appear as people from nowhere, speak the same way, always flock to the defense of the administrator, sometimes cover topics really generics that everyone knows so-called solely for SEO purposes, and have suspiciously patterns of activity similar to those of the administrator.

Sometimes, the administrator will even go so far as to assign them different personalities and will have a conversation like his eight and another as he was a little more educated. This may look like a rabbit, as I have seen with some administrators.

Alternatives, however, are probably one of the best choices for starting a new forum, bringing friends, etc. as the latter gradually fade away as real members take their place and they are not used in an obvious way. ways all the time.

It's sad to say, I've never really used alts, although the result of seeing others using them almost makes me want to have it : p lol
Has anyone used any alts here? Has anyone seen any alts? How often? Are they really obvious or more subtle?

Uh … Hi! | Promotion Forum

I am a beginner on Forum Promotion, but certainly not on the forum scene in general.

I have recently launched a new project (the first one for quite some time!) And I hope to be able to collect some useful tips and advice from other administrators, as well as perhaps from other people. one or two members en route. :)

I am also a player in the soul, so if you are on PSN, do not hesitate to add me to a game: iXanon

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Mind Piff Community Discussion | Promotion Forum

Site Name: Mind Piff Community
Informations on the site:

Hi guys, Brad, I want to share with you my new discussion community, Mind Piff. These are essentially general discussion forums, but the types of topics vary, allowing us to broaden and broaden our range of ideas and topics. It's a new site, but we have a very good start for a site that just touches the base of the Web. Until now, at the moment of posting this, we are close to 1700 messages.

We use Xenforo 2 and now use the Dohthemes nubia style. I've recently posted an add-on on the Xenforos website for a style selector / light switch. When you are on the site, just click on the light bulb on the right to switch to the dark version of the style.

But outside of the theme, we have topics ranging from console, computers, and mobile games to politics, religion, movies, music, web technology, programming, and even the paranormal and aliens. It's basically a very wide range.

Interested to hear what you think about it. Thank you for having me :RE

How to add Backlink and promotion on Forum?

Discussion in & # 39; Internet Marketing & # 39; started by Lynndo, March 19, 2019 at 23:04.

  1. Lynndo




    New member

    I like receipts:

    Hi everybody!
    I am a beginner! I am a SEO intern on a website development company. Now I'm studying how to share information about the 2019 International Happiness Day discounts on other forums. We have banners such as
    [​IMG]"data-url ="
    But after that, they forbid my account. Is my job False? I think so. However, how should I do? How to advertise on the forum? My company makes themes, plugins, extensions for WordPress and the Magento platform.

    # 1

    March 19, 2019 at 23:04

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Flarum | Promotion Forum – Best Forum for Webmasters, Administrators and Internet Marketing

I've personally tried to forget that this terrible thing exists, but as people seem to be intrigued by it on Adminloop, I'll come back to it briefly:

It is essentially a Discourse clone with a slightly better theme, although NodeBB can beat it instantly, just like Discourse themes.

Beyond that. It's worse at every level. It's basically a me too.

He did not experience anything. I think you have to refresh yourself to get something out of it.

When you scroll down for more messages, Discourse loads the next block in the background when you need it. Instead, Flarum makes you wait 10 to 20 seconds for the next block to load.

Discourse remembers where you are on topics, which is extremely important for infinite scrolling software.

No 2FA.

It is developed by developers who do not really know what they're doing compared to Jeff Atwood and his friends.

It is not audited by security experts and uses a basically insecure battery. I could probably come across security loopholes, if I wanted to watch.

The Kickstarter seemed to be someone who was trying to scam me. They tore Laravel's slogan and repeated it over and over, it was a bit shocking. In any case, it was canceled because no one gave them money.

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