Why do the Liberals give no proof that Trump is "racist"?

He said that a judge of American origin could not be impartial because he "is Mexican".

Jake Tapper, of CNN, then asked him: "If you say that he can not do his job because of his race, is not this the definition of racism?"

Trump replied, "No. I do not think so at all."

https://www.cnn.com/videos/politics/2016 …

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security – Proof of work

I am new to this community and new to Bitcoin.

I think I understood the concept and purpose of the proof of work, but also that the high energy consumption of work proofs is a major problem of Bitcoin systems (and other blockchain-based systems).

The puzzle to solve for proof of work must be complex:

  • calculation of the cryptographic nonce (used in the Bitcoin system)
  • solve complex differential equations
  • operations on dense matrices

I wonder if my impression is correct that the only purpose of these puzzles is to provide authentication, in particular. for the right to exploit new bitcoins – and that they are otherwise "useless".

More than that, I wonder if it is tempting to define complex riddles of proof of work that fulfill other more beneficial / useful / useful objectives – for example society – that would justify high energy consumption.

You can compare this with Google's ReCAPTCHA, which next to authentication, "help with the scanning of books or improve machine learning".

Boolean algebra (proof with identities) X = X.Y + X.Y & # 39;

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Measure Theory – Proof that the intersection of Sigma algebras is a Sigma algebra

For $ A subset 2 ^ { Omega} $,

let $ sigma (A): = bigcap _ { mathcal {F} in {F}} mathcal {F} $,

or $ F = { mathcal {F} subset 2 ^ { Omega}: {F} $ is a $ sigma $-Algebra and $ A subset mathcal {F} }. $

The goal is to prove that $ sigma ({A}) $ is a $ sigma $-algebra.

It seems to me that we can define $ sigma {A} $ as $ bigcap _ { mathcal {F} _ {k} in F} mathcal {F} _ {k} forall k in K $.

Then if $ A in mathcal {F} $, $ A in mathcal {F} _ {k} $ for everyone k $And the same is true $ A_ {c} $.

So, to show that $ sigma ({A}) $ is a sigma algebra, we simply show the following: that if $ A_ {n} in sigma ({A}) $ for everyone $ n = 1,2, dots $,

then $ A_ {n} in mathcal {F} _ {k} $ for everyone $ n, k $, and

$ bigcup_ {n = 1} A_ {n} in mathcal {F} _ {k} forall k $,

which implies $ bigcup_ {n = 1} A_ {n} in mathcal {F} $.

The only thing that puts me off, is that we have $ A subset mathcal {F} $, do not $ A in mathcal {F} $.

Is it true that if A, F are both $ subset $ $ 2 ^ { Omega} $, and $ A subset F $, this $ A in F $? I think that's true, but does it have to be proven?

Deposit of a large sum of money with proof of sale of land documents, British visitor visa

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Verification of proof that a form is a parallelogram.

So I tackled the following problem:

enter the description of the image here

And here is my job:

enter the description of the image here

However, I'm not sure that my proof is complete, because I think the shape could still be a rhombus? So I'm just wondering if the evidence is satisfactory for part a.

Help with gcd proof and modular arithmetic

Let $ a, b, n $ Z $ with $ n> $ 0 and $ a equiv b pmod n $.

CA watch $ gcd (a, n) = gcd (b, n) = d $.

I tried to rewrite $ b = a + ny $ for some people $ y in Z $. Now if I have $ d mid a $ and $ d mid n $then $ d mid b $. However, I do not know how to continue.

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