sharepoint server – A home provider has not been configured properly. Check the web.config settings for this web application

The SharePoint 2010 environment with form-based authentication gives the error below which worked when accessing the "FBA User Management" in the site settings. I tried to restart the SharePoint and IIT timer services but that did not help.

Error: "A membership provider has not been configured correctly. Check the web.config settings for this web application."

nolock – if it exists (select the top 1 1 of the table name ……) does not work properly in the SQL server

My request is like this –

if exists(select top 1 1 from tablename where userid = @user and ruleid = @rule)

    @errormsg = ' you are no longer part of this queue'

The above code is part of the procedure and the user receives this error message intermittently. Sometimes it receives this message and other times the functionality works as expected. He definitely has access to the queue but the if exists (…) does not work properly all the time.
I am unable to reproduce this error on my side. tried to duplicate it by asking multiple users to perform the same operation simultaneously, but no luck.
I have identified that the table name is missing a "nolock" hint which I have added. But I don't know if that solves the problem.

Any ideas that could go wrong?

javascript – The submission of the publication form does not work properly

More specifically, my form (which is not automatically validated) does nothing when I try to submit it, I just want to insert data from a form into a database.

Here is my HTML:



and here is my javascript / jQuery:

$("#contact-form").on("submit", function(event){"use strict";

    var serialData = $("#contact-form").serialize();


//validate fields
    if(!$("#name")(0).validity.valid){$("#one").addClass("fa-remove text-danger");
    $("#one").removeClass("fa-check text-success");
        return false;}
$("#one").addClass("fa-check text-success");
$("#one").removeClass("fa-remove text-danger");

    if(!$("#email")(0).validity.valid){$("#two").addClass("fa-remove text-danger");
    $("#two").removeClass("fa-check text-success");
        return false;}
$("#two").addClass("fa-check text-success");
$("#two").removeClass("fa-remove text-danger");

    if(!$("#msg")(0).validity.valid){$("#three").addClass("fa-remove text-danger");
    $("#three").removeClass("fa-check text-success");
        return false;}
$("#three").addClass("fa-check text-success");
$("#three").removeClass("fa-remove text-danger");

    $.post( "php/form-control.php", serialData).done(function( data ){
        var result;

            result = JSON.parse(data);

            if(result.success === "yes"){


        }catch(error){console.log("catch"); alert(error.message);

Although I think the problem is related to javascript (as the php file never returns JSON data to start with), I will include the php used to manage the form just to be sure:


  $pre = $conn->prepare("INSERT INTO redzoneb_cli (id, name, email, message, submitted) VALUES (NULL, :name, :email, :message, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP);");

        $pre->bindValue(":name", $name);
      $pre->bindValue(":email", $email);
    $pre->bindValue(":message", $msg);

              $response = ("success"=>"yes", "comment"=>"Thank you, I will get back to you as soon as possible via the email you  provided.");
       $conn = null;
       exit();} catch(PDOException $e){
    // if no connection can be made to the database display this message.

     //$response = ("success"=>"no","comment"=>"Currently the system is down. Please try again later.");
      $response = ("success"=>"no", "comment"=>$e->getMessage());

echo json_encode($response);

I already used a similar code and it worked, that's why I don't understand what I'm missing here, does anyone have any suggestions on how to reach the root of this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Are there tools to rename a custom module that is already activated properly?

I want to rename a custom module to a more meaningful name but I'm afraid to do it manually because the name is distributed over the files. . The module is already activated. I want to know if there are drush commands or drupal console commands. Even IDE tools would be great.

My website home page does not open properly. The cursor continues to roll

I made my website under wordpress and i am facing a problem to open it properly.

I tried to clear all the cashes and reduce the Java script and CSS. Bu still has the same problem.

Can anyone help?

macos – The touch bar does not work properly

I have a 13 inch MacBook Pro with touch bar model at the end of 2018. Have macOS Catalina 10.15.2.
Recently I started to experience problems with the touch bar. Now it happens quite often. He starts working alone without even touching him. I keep pressing the ESC key without even touching it. When sometimes I try to slide through the volume key, it doesn't respond to my touch, but continues to increase the decreasing volume on my own. Its similar functions on the touch bar often work alone.

python – (Godot) Touch does not perform bow animation and does not work properly


I am a multimedia student and I am working on my proficiency test.

For that, I decided to create a 2D RPG game like Zelda (for Android devices).
For this, I used the Godot platform which uses GDScript (Python's own language, optimized for games).

I have created a full interface for gamers which has some minor bugs.

By clicking on the button to shoot, the player should start a small animation and only then the arrow would be created for the moment, the player simply shoots the arrow and jumps all the animation.

func get_attack_input():
if Input.is_action_pressed("ui_accept") and not charging_bow and can_shoot || attack and not charging_bow and can_shoot:
    charging_bow = true
    velocity = Vector2.ZERO"Attack_Bow")
    tween.interpolate_property(self, "bow_power", 3, 8, 5, Tween.TRANS_LINEAR, Tween.EASE_IN_OUT)
elif Input.is_action_just_released("ui_accept") and can_shoot || attack and can_shoot:
    charging_bow = false
    tween.stop(self, "bow_power")"Idle")
    var arrow_instance = arrow.instance()
    var direction = -1 if sprite.flip_h else 1
    arrow_instance.init(direction, bow_power)
    arrow_instance.global_position = global_position
    arrow_instance.global_position.x += 16 * direction
    bow_power = 0

    #Optimize Arrow
    if get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("arrows").size() >= 3:
        for arrow in get_tree().get_nodes_in_group("arrows"):
            print("deleted arrows")

    #Disable Shoot
    can_shoot = false

    #Start Timer

can't get python to work properly on Visual Studio code

this is the mistake i get

Set-Location: unable to find a positional parameter that accepts the argument "s".
Line: 1 character: 1
+ cd & # 39; c: Users Sean & # 39; s awesome Documents Python Projects Test Prject & # 39 ;; $ …
+1 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
+ CategoryInfo: InvalidArgument: (:) (Set-Location), ParameterBindingException
+ FullyQualifiedErrorId: PositionalParameterNotFound, Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.SetLocationCommand

c ++ – why does pre-decrement generate a problem as an argument to a function? Why does ex1 not work properly?

using namespace std;

int fatorial(int num);
int main(int argc, char const *argv()){

cout<< factorial(5);

return 0;

int factorial(int num)`{`

if(num > 1)


Ex1: // output: Is the factorial of 4, I don't know why "wrong", and always one less, for example if the function call was factorial (6), the result would be the factorial of 5, if it was factorial (10) the output would be the result of the factorial of 9

ex1: return num* factorial(--num);

Ex2: output: 120, it works perfectly.

ex2: return num* factorial(num - 1);


return num;

sharepoint server – Approval workflow is not working properly and I do not have a test ID to verify its functioning at the moment

I have created a workflow with sharepoint designer 2013 in which several notification emails will be sent. 1st of all emails sent to the initiator that the form is submitted after it will be sent to the reviewer to review the form when the review status is accepted, it will be sent to the reviewer approver to approve the form or if the revision status is rejected, the mail will only be sent to the initiator who will rework it necessary. Once approved, the last step is to close the form. I am new to sharepoint. This workflow is not working properly, please help me get there and I also want to interrupt this workflow in steps like review task, approval task and close task.

If Current Item:Review Status is empty value
    Email Current Item:Created By; Variable: Reviewer
    Set Form Status to WaitingforReviewal
    Set Variable: Reviewer to Current Item:Display Name
    Set Variable: Approver to Current Item:Display Name
    Set Variable: DMR(QA) to Current Item:Display Name
    If Current Item:Review Status equals Accept
        Set Form Status to ReviewalAccepted
        Email Current Item:Created By
        Email Variable: Approver
        Set Form Status to WaitingforApproval
        If Current Item:Approve Status equals Approve
            Set Form Status to Approved
            Email Current Item:Created By
            Email Variable: DMR(QA)
            If Current Item:DMRstatus equals Closed
                Set Form Status to Closed
                Email Current Item:Created By
        If Current Item:Approve Status equals Reject
            Set Form Status to Rejected
            Email Current Item:Created By
        If Current Item:Review Status equals Reject
            Set Form Status to Rejected
            Email Current Item:Created By