selenium – Protractor replaces the Chrome driver version with a previous version

Hello, my chrome version is 76 .. but the web driver manager of my protractor uses the chrome version 78. I changed the chrome version to 76 in the configuration files, as shown below in the configuration of webdriver-manager config & build folder.

"webdriverVersions": {
"selenium": "2.53.1",
"chromedriver": "2.27",
"maxChromedriver": "76",
"geckodriver": "v0.13.0",
"iedriver": "2.53.1",
"androidsdk": "24.4.1",
"appium": "1.6.5"

I've tried to run it by running webdriver-manager update – = ChromeDriver 76.0.3809.126.
It downloads the driver, but when you run the Web Driver Manager, it always uses the latest version 78.
can anyone let me know how I can use the chrome driver 76 because my chrome version is 76?

selenium – How to locate an element containing a front in a protractor

I've tried to locate an item in different ways but I can not find it

I leave the HTML code to see if you can help me with that

:: before == $ 0 == 0 $
== 0 $

cucumberjs – Sessions or cookies are not cleared when using localStorage.clear (); or sessionStorage.clear (); for cucumber protractor

After using brackets in the cucumber, I use deleteAllCookies (), localStorage.clear () and sessionStorage.clear (), but when I retrieve the session id, we get it. expects to receive "no session or cookies", but still localStorage.clear. () and sessionStorage.clear () do not delete the local storage session or cookies? Any advice would be useful