8 – Multi-page web form that publishes on an external URL?

I have a multi-page web form whose results must be published on a specific URL. I see in the web form settings that you can set a custom URL for POST. However, this seems to break the behavior of several pages. After setting this option, the button that normally takes me from the first page of my web form to the second page is sent to the given URL.

The option also seems to break the post-submission page I've defined in the web form settings. Any suggestions on how to remedy these problems?

WP Rest API Get X publishes each category with only 1 endpoint

I want to show all categories, including 3 posts each, so it will be like that




Is it possible to get an example of 3 publications of each category with a single API WP REST endpoint?

because if i request api for each category using http://www.example.com/wp-json/wp/v2/posts?categories=1, will be a lot, example 10 categories, then i have to call the l & # 39; API 10 times. If I try to filter all the publications, I do not think this is the best solution, because if the publications already contain 10,000 articles, it will slow down the performance.

recommend everything? Thank you

How do the Conservatives feel after Roger Stone publishes a photo of the judge in his file with a cross?

Roger Stone is SUPER PYSSED OFF.

His arrest was a circus show presenting him as a danger to the public. But they allowed a team of journalists at 30 feet. And then, the judge orders him to gag and forbids him to raise funds for his defense.

No matter which of us would be unhappy to be treated as a culprit even before the trial begins.


Web server – Is an open source web application server that publishes its version on a public endpoint a security issue?

If an open source web application publishes the version through a public, controlled header / API without access, is it considered a security issue?

The premise of the question is that if a particular version contained a vulnerability that was fixed in a later version, attackers could target the vulnerable version if it is public.

This is similar to other web servers (such as nginx, express), etc., defining a header as X-Powered-By: Express / 1.0.

Php script that decodes Base64 data and publishes it in JSON format

I like to create a WordPress page that displays the data of a sensor from a text file containing the data encoded in Base64. I can not make the following code work. It takes data from a payload.txt file located in the same directory.

<? php
// publish_payload_in_json.php
// Remote monitoring with Nova hologram
// Publish the JSON load
// Decodes the Hologram payload and publishes it in JSON format. JSON data is
// later loaded by the Remote Home Monitor dashboard with JQuery.
// Luis Ortiz - luislab.com
// January 5, 2018

$ whFileName = "./payload.txt"; // Payload Home Monitor

if (is_readable ($ whFileName)) {// better than file_exists ()
$ whFileHandle = fopen ($ whFileName, & rd;) or die ("1815");

$ data = trim (fgets ($ whFileHandle));
$ data = base64_decode ($ data);

fclose ($ whFileHandle);

if ($ _SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == & 39; GET & # 39; &&! Empty ($ _ SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])) {
header (& # 39; HTTP / 1.1 200 OK & # 39;);
header (& # 39; Content-Type: application / json & # 39;);
echo $ data;
} other {
header (HTTP Service / 1.1 503 temporarily unavailable);
header ('Status: Service 503 temporarily unavailable');


For reference, the content of the payload.txt file is:


WordPress plugin or service that automatically publishes from YouTube

I need help!

I need a WordPress plugin or service to automatically post new subscription videos containing keywords in the title and publish them in the appropriate category.

IFTTT does this, but can not choose videos with certain keywords. I also find various plugins, which only have a part of this feature.

Do you have an idea of ​​how can I achieve this goal?

Thank you!!