Purchasing a registered domain

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to purchase a domain that is already registered. It is .com TLD, and I wish to use that for personal use, blo… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1827147&goto=newpost

ddns – Purchasing a domain name and pointing to a dynamic IP

I designed a small hardware device that will need to periodically check for updates over wifi. I am looking into getting a proper domain name, as currently I am using one of the free ones from noip that requires confirming every 30 days.

The free domain from noip works well as my modem/router has support for their services built in. Looking through their site, it’s not immediately evident if purchasing a top level domain will allow me to have it updated when my IP changes as the free one does.

I am wondering if I am comparing apples with oranges here… Is the “free hostname” the same as a paid domain name in terms of supporting dynamic dns?

When I look into their “enhanced dynamic dns” service, I still have to pick from a list of subdomains, I can’t seem to enter my own .org. Then when I click on the “domains” service, I can enter exactly the domain name I would like.

What am I missing?

linux – A definitive Stools Purchasing Aide from Vanity Living in Dubai

Stools, for some, are the core of your kitchen/kitchen dinner. Regardless of whether it’s a dinner with the family, breakfast without anyone else or others or basically some place to sit while you read a book and drink espresso, stools that coordinate a counter in your Kitchen won’t just spare space in your yet in addition cause your kitchen to show up significantly more current.

The time of huge tables and enormous chairs isn’t really behind us, however there are currently some new alternatives to take a gander at. The kitchen fever of stools and counters in your kitchen eating territory, while not new, seems to have been making a rebound with recharged life throughout the most recent couple of years. They’re sleeker, more present day and much of the time, significantly comfier than only a wooden kitchen seat. Click now https://www.vanityliving.com/ and visit our online store today.

Assortment of most recent stools which cause you to astonish in our online store in Dubai

The area of your stools can enormously affect the style of your kitchen or feasting region. Prior to settling on this choice, you should consider how you are going to utilize the space. Check here https://www.vanityliving.com/collections/stools-seating-dubai-uae if you want to buy the stylish stools from our online store now.

There are a wide range of components influencing everything when settling on this decision. The shading plan you decide to go with will likewise have an influence by the way you structure your assessment on which style to go with. A few people pick to have two or three stools toward the finish of their counter, while others will have an equivalent sum on either side to make an eating space.

This has been a manual for help you with the most recent kitchen seating plans that are on the expansion. Thes stools are available to be purchased on our online store. Reach us today at https://www.vanityliving.com/pages/contact-us to check our most recent assortment.
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Business website: https://www.vanityliving.com/
Business number: +971504592614

transactions – What is the best platform for quickly purchasing bitcoin without a long, drawn out verification process?

What is the best platform for purchasing bitcoin quickly and with relatively low fees? I have been using Coinbase for years now but I am finally fed up with their convoluted terms, long waiting periods (that they barely even forewarn you about), giant transaction fees, and their seemingly random decisions to block my transactions or “freeze them for further review” that last days to weeks at a time.

I tried to make a moderately large transaction the other day and there was simply no way to get it done. I was tying to buy $600 worth of bitcoin and Coinbase told me the “transaction cannot be completed because of suspicious activity,” despite the fact that I was using the same completely verified account on the same IP address I’ve been using for years. I tried again later about ten times and received the same message every time. What are some alternatives that won’t put me through all of this? Preferably an alternative where I can quickly buy and send btc via my bank account or debit card. Security and verification processes don’t have to be great because I won’t be holding any coins on the site’s account. Thank you for any help provided.

sql server – how to sum sales after MAX purchasing date in SQL

Select “Item No_”,
MAX(case when (“Entry Type” IN (0,4)) and (“Quantity” >0) then “Posting Date” else 0 end) as “PUR DATE”,
MAX(case when “Entry Type” =1 then “Posting Date” else 0 end) as “Sales Date”,
Sum(case when (“Entry Type” IN (1)) then “Quantity” else 0 end) as “Sales QTY”
From “HONAV”.”dbo”.”HO$Item Ledger Entry”
where (“Location Code”=’MAZ’) and (“Item Category Code” IN (0101))
Group by “Item No_”
having MAX(case when (“Entry Type” IN (0,4)) and (“Quantity” >0) then “Posting Date” else 0 end)>”Posting Date”

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Purchasing Wgrt (Waykichain) – Cryptocurrencies Corner

I am guessing that majority might already be aware of the WGRT’s listing on OKEx. It has created kind of mixed reaction with some extremely pleased while others still thinking about it.

Spoiler: I hold some WGRT and WICC already!!! Now don’t ask me how much, I am not revealing that!

As someone who has experience piloting the Waykichain system (creating and closing CDPs, trading in WaykDex, using WUSD as payment, I am happy to offer you guys my insights on the project:


The system enables you to easily purchase US, China, and Hong Kong stocks. They plan to expand to other territories in the future.

It can be used for lending. Before they only accepted WICC as collateral, but now ETH and BTC are included. Pretty soon, other currencies can be locked up as collateral as well.

It allows paying for cross-transactions at a fraction of the rate of traditional finance without worrying about price volatility like other cryptocurrencies

The system has contingencies in place for catastrophic scenarios or “black swan events”, giving users confidence in the platform.

WGRT holders have the right to propose changes in the system parameters, receiving a share of the revenue generated from the penalty fee and stable fee and are regularly being burned, which means its value keeps rising indefinitely.

The Waykichain system has probably the fastest transaction throughput in all of crypto


Their system is not the easiest to digest. It’s quite complex.

Anyhow, as from the past experiences of IEO on OKEx, it is certain that this project too is going to rock much like most of the projects listed there. WGRT is sure to go to the moon!

Insight on HawkHost Plans – Specifically Purchasing the Plans

Got an email today about a spring savings event from HawkHost. Very good price. Memcached caught my eye. I thought I would add two services from HawkHost today. One would be Shared Hosting, the other would be Cloud Hosting. Whichever of our site needs redundancy could go on the Cloud Hosting.

I added both to my cart but I was confused, as there wasn’t anything different in my cart. The nomenclature was identical. Both were labeled Shared Hosting. I returned to the landing pages listed in the email. They are https://www.hawkhost.com/shared-web-hosting and https://www.hawkhost.com/cloud-hosting. I noticed that the Sign Up Now for the Shared Hosting Primary package is essentially the same link as the Cloud Hosting Primary link. This is what they are:

Primary option on Cloud Hosting:



Primary option on Shared Hosting:

Notice how both of them have pid=113. Same product ID. The Cloud Hosting link at least has the &configoption parameter. Perhaps that is what lets HawkHost know you want to purchase Cloud Hosting instead of Shared Hosting. Cutting through the marketing lingo, you are letting HawkHost know you want to purchase the service that includes redundancy and fault-tolerance. Is the parameter all that is needed? Perhaps, but I found it odd that I was about to pay yet “Cloud Hosting” wasn’t mentioned anywhere, instead both things I added to my cart were labeled Shared Hosting.

Seeking reassurance that I was in fact adding two separate services, I opened a pre-sale ticket.

The reply to my ticket was two paragraphs. I have to admit, because of the first paragraph, I completely ignore the second paragraph. The first paragraph was explaining to me the differences between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting. I was annoyed (I know I shouldn’t have been) because that wasn’t something I was seeking clarification on. I know they are different, and I was aware of most of the differences. My annoyance stems from a decade of reporting bugs to companies such as broken SSL on their homepage, mixed https and http content on their homepage, missing knowledgebase redirects, etc.. only for the person replying to think I needed typical end-user assistance (try un-plugging it and plugging it in again) which is just a waste of time.

Anyway, I replied back letting them know I wasn’t looking for information about differences between the hosting options, rather I wanted confirmation that HawkHost was able to know which of those differences I wanted to purchase if both services had the same product ID.

They replied back and this is where I realized I missed the second paragraph earlier. Since Cloud Hosting is only provided in select locations, choosing your location at checkout is what determines if you get Cloud Hosting or not.

This was not what I expected. Cloud Hosting and Shared Hosting have their own landing pages on the HawkHost website – look at the site right now – and in the marketing email. To me, it is odd that in the cart and checkout process that they do not have their own first-class selections/distinctions, instead piggy-backing off the location you select.

Furthermore, I now realize you could set out to purchase Cloud Hosting after reading about it, but screw yourself up by choosing a location that doesn’t support Cloud Hosting. This would be easy to do to yourself since the locations aren’t labeled.

I didn’t find that very intuitive. If Tony or Brian want to clarify things, a quick win would be to append -Shared or -Cloud to the location drop-down on the cart page, “confproduct” section. Example: (New York City – Cloud) and (Toronto – Shared). I assume if you could easily give them their own product ID’s, you would have already. Something should probably be done though. Ordering is ambiguous, the order summary shows shared hosting no matter what.

Luckily, with prices between Shared Hosting and Cloud Hosting being the same, the worst a client can do is experience downtime when they realize that to their surprise, they didn’t purchase Cloud Hosting as intended because they unknowingly picked location that didn’t support it.

If any of this was incorrect, then the ticket I opened probably needs to be looked into as the information would be incorrect there too. I think the ticket was accurate, it was It is just odd that Shared Hosting and Cloud hosting are distinct in the navigation on the HawkHost website, yet pre-sales is trying to drill into my head how they are virtually identical.

tl;dr I am also in ecommerce.

Having the same product ID’s for two different products that get their own dedicated product pages on your website, would throw up a red flag to me. I just wanted clarification. But perhaps for future clients, they too may benefit from some improved labeling.

Epilogue: Getting two identical plans sans redundancy isn’t as interesting of a test as it could be, so ultimately I want to get Cloud Hosting and Semi-Dedicated hosting.

Domain Squatters & Purchasing | Web Hosting Talk

Hi WHT members, as anyone ever tackled domain squatters?

With the internet the way it is, it seems like that every dotcom domain idea I’ve come up has been pre-registered with “This domain may be available! Inquire for more information”.

Of course they’re not going to hand it over for free, nor do I expect them to hand it over for the normal registration price either.

Knowing your interested gives them the catch to bait you and my thinking is that if you inquire with “I would like to buy this domain because I am to run a web hosting company” they will end up charging you a lot more then “I’m using this for a personal blog” or they could just rip you off the same.

So I am curious to know; has anyone on the forum bought a domain from such squatter? How much did you roughly pay for the domain or how much should I be prepared to pay?

Is there any particular way I should inquiring, can lying for the reason of the domain get the domain taken off me?


Purchasing – Search for an article writer


I am looking for an article writer who can write an article in my wordpress blog.

Subject that you must write on one or more subjects, depend on your knowledge:
– WordPress guide (WP SEO, security, configuration of plugins, theme, etc.)
– Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing.

Note: If you don't know a topic like SEO, you can always write on other topics that you know well.

Requirement: (Must read before responding with your price)
– Good English grammar.
– Post it on my WordPress blog with screenshot. You shouldn't write in a hurry and use fewer pictures. It should be a quality post.

Please provide the price for 1000 words with the full price included. I will give you access as a writer to my blog.

Thank you.

Purchasing – daily creation of email templates

need someone who is savvy in html / css and has the imagination to create 2-3 sentence content for emails (around a financial topic) and a line of inquiry 39; object every day.

It is totally acceptable to provide various modifications from predefined templates such as from https://beefree.io/templates/. All you need is a small change in appearance and content (2-3 sentences, a few 20-30 words, not much)

will start paying at the rate of $ 3 for 2 models per day, once you understand what I need and start providing satisfactory models without my advice – will start paying $ 5 for 2 models per day.

it is an ongoing project and i need it every day. The work is very easy once you get on the rails, it's mostly copy and paste.

please PM me only, i will not read this thread.