seo – Purchasing a high Domain Rating domain for a 301 redirect

I’m considering purchasing a domain that has a high Domain Rating (78) by ahrefs (

The domain is a good domain in terms of not just its domain rating but also its name. It’s short, and has good keywords in it.

The domain was owned by a company which does essentially what my company does. The competitor’s company went out of business a few months ago.They were a much larger and much more successful company than mine at this point. I’m just starting out with sales.

I am considering purchasing the domain but it is quite expensive. If I were to purchase the domain, I would want to make sure I could turn the positive aspects of this domain into something positive for my business.

My intention was to do a 301 redirect, but I’m not sure how that will help me. I don’t want to assume the other company’s name, I just want to point potential visitors to MY company’s domain and also am hoping to catch a bump in authority or rating myself. That said, I’m not sure that is how that works.

Is it possible to do what I mentioned above and have it be of significant value to my company?

Do you have any other suggestions or alternative angles to best benefit from the purchase of a domain like I’ve described above.

What kind of fees do we need to be aware of, from purchasing a fraction of bitcoin to transferring it to our own wallet?

Is it typically

  1. Commission (Trading fee), or bid / ask spread (1% for example)
  2. Withdrawal fee
  3. Transfer fee (Network fee?)

that we have to aware of? I am comparing between Coinbase Pro, Binance, and OKCoin.

domain – Can I start to develop my website on before purchasing my web hosting?

I am currently in the process of starting a blog, but as of right now I only want to start designing the site, creating the layout before I go live. Is there a way that I could do that on, and then place my domain name to my web hoster? I only ask because I don’t want to purchase everything at once and waste the money that I spent on web hosting while my site wasn’t active yet due to the design process

Is there any downside in purchasing high-speed train tickets in China via the official website, instead of third-party agencies?

I read that high-speed train tickets in China might be purchased online either via the official website or third-party agency such as or Is there any downside in purchasing high-speed train tickets in China via the official website, instead of third-party agencies? I wonder whether purchasing via the official website is always preferable or going through some third-party agency has some upside (e.g., price, ticket availability, etc.).

8 – How can I require customers to fill out a custom field when purchasing certain products?

I’m using the Commerce framework. I use the commerce_license and commerce_recurring modules to sell subscription memberships to users.

I’m trying to implement gift memberships, so that User A (the “purchaser”) can pay for a subscription for User B (the “recipient”).

So, when the purchaser checks out, I need to prompt them for the recipient’s email address. How can I do this?

(I can imagine other scenarios where you might want to prompt the customer for a “gift message”, or a line of custom text to print on a personalized mug, or something like that.)

I know that the Commerce framework has product attributes, which allow customers to specify things such as color, size, etc. However, as far as I can tell, this doesn’t support free-text fields – only radio buttons, select boxes, and the like.

Any ideas?

Bonus question: I’ll need to validate the recipient’s email address before allowing the purchase, so I can make sure they don’t already have a subscription. Any thoughts on how to approach that?


Purchasing a registered domain

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to purchase a domain that is already registered. It is .com TLD, and I wish to use that for personal use, blo… | Read the rest of

ddns – Purchasing a domain name and pointing to a dynamic IP

I designed a small hardware device that will need to periodically check for updates over wifi. I am looking into getting a proper domain name, as currently I am using one of the free ones from noip that requires confirming every 30 days.

The free domain from noip works well as my modem/router has support for their services built in. Looking through their site, it’s not immediately evident if purchasing a top level domain will allow me to have it updated when my IP changes as the free one does.

I am wondering if I am comparing apples with oranges here… Is the “free hostname” the same as a paid domain name in terms of supporting dynamic dns?

When I look into their “enhanced dynamic dns” service, I still have to pick from a list of subdomains, I can’t seem to enter my own .org. Then when I click on the “domains” service, I can enter exactly the domain name I would like.

What am I missing?

linux – A definitive Stools Purchasing Aide from Vanity Living in Dubai

Stools, for some, are the core of your kitchen/kitchen dinner. Regardless of whether it’s a dinner with the family, breakfast without anyone else or others or basically some place to sit while you read a book and drink espresso, stools that coordinate a counter in your Kitchen won’t just spare space in your yet in addition cause your kitchen to show up significantly more current.

The time of huge tables and enormous chairs isn’t really behind us, however there are currently some new alternatives to take a gander at. The kitchen fever of stools and counters in your kitchen eating territory, while not new, seems to have been making a rebound with recharged life throughout the most recent couple of years. They’re sleeker, more present day and much of the time, significantly comfier than only a wooden kitchen seat. Click now and visit our online store today.

Assortment of most recent stools which cause you to astonish in our online store in Dubai

The area of your stools can enormously affect the style of your kitchen or feasting region. Prior to settling on this choice, you should consider how you are going to utilize the space. Check here if you want to buy the stylish stools from our online store now.

There are a wide range of components influencing everything when settling on this decision. The shading plan you decide to go with will likewise have an influence by the way you structure your assessment on which style to go with. A few people pick to have two or three stools toward the finish of their counter, while others will have an equivalent sum on either side to make an eating space.

This has been a manual for help you with the most recent kitchen seating plans that are on the expansion. Thes stools are available to be purchased on our online store. Reach us today at to check our most recent assortment.
Members Area
Business Name: Vanity Living
Al Barsha1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Business website:
Business number: +971504592614

transactions – What is the best platform for quickly purchasing bitcoin without a long, drawn out verification process?

What is the best platform for purchasing bitcoin quickly and with relatively low fees? I have been using Coinbase for years now but I am finally fed up with their convoluted terms, long waiting periods (that they barely even forewarn you about), giant transaction fees, and their seemingly random decisions to block my transactions or “freeze them for further review” that last days to weeks at a time.

I tried to make a moderately large transaction the other day and there was simply no way to get it done. I was tying to buy $600 worth of bitcoin and Coinbase told me the “transaction cannot be completed because of suspicious activity,” despite the fact that I was using the same completely verified account on the same IP address I’ve been using for years. I tried again later about ten times and received the same message every time. What are some alternatives that won’t put me through all of this? Preferably an alternative where I can quickly buy and send btc via my bank account or debit card. Security and verification processes don’t have to be great because I won’t be holding any coins on the site’s account. Thank you for any help provided.

sql server – how to sum sales after MAX purchasing date in SQL

Select “Item No_”,
MAX(case when (“Entry Type” IN (0,4)) and (“Quantity” >0) then “Posting Date” else 0 end) as “PUR DATE”,
MAX(case when “Entry Type” =1 then “Posting Date” else 0 end) as “Sales Date”,
Sum(case when (“Entry Type” IN (1)) then “Quantity” else 0 end) as “Sales QTY”
From “HONAV”.”dbo”.”HO$Item Ledger Entry”
where (“Location Code”=’MAZ’) and (“Item Category Code” IN (0101))
Group by “Item No_”
having MAX(case when (“Entry Type” IN (0,4)) and (“Quantity” >0) then “Posting Date” else 0 end)>”Posting Date”