What is the purpose of the Semrush tool?

What is the purpose of the Semrush tool?

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  1. What is the purpose of the Semrush tool?

    What is the purpose of the Semrush tool?

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User Management – What is the purpose of the group "wheel" on the FreeBSD operating system (FreeNAS)?

I am setting up a new server based on FreeNAS, a FreeBSD based operating system. The system has a group, wheel. I have a vague idea that system administrators need to be added to the group wheel, and that the group confers the ability to use su (Root). However, I do not find this written anywhere.

What is the purpose of the group wheel? When should I add my users? If you can direct me to a FreeBSD System Administrator manual that explains it, fine. Otherwise, ServerFault becomes this manual.

gdpr – Can we assume that a user has chosen to receive emails in an application whose main purpose is to send notifications

I am working on a web application whose main purpose / feature is to warn users when changes have been made to the regulations in a particular area.

The application is subscription-based, meaning you have to pay for an account and use it is a choice. The email addresses of the accounts we hold are active users and we do not collect this data anywhere. Thus, all email addresses we have are intended for real users who actively use the software.

We are designing a configuration wizard that allows users to set preferences for the information they receive.

One of the parameters is Yes or no as to whether the application should send email notifications. This raised a debate about what the default setting should be.

The argument in favor of "no" was that users had to explicitly give their permission to receive automated e-mails. This was the correct default setting.

The argument in favor of "yes" was that the users had implied consent because they used an application whose sole purpose was to inform them about the changes, and the email transmission was the primary means of informing them about the changes. to achieve it.

The application is still usable if the user does not receive e-mails, because the data present in the e-mails are visible in a Web interface. The disadvantage of using the application in this way is that unless the user logs in, they will not necessarily be aware of the updates. Therefore, disabling e-mail is preferable.

The pre-sale marketing materials for the application clearly indicate that delivery by email is the primary method of transmitting information and that it is advantageous to receive it directly into your inbox, which is an advantage of using the system.

What do people think about this? We are based in the UK but deal with customers around the world. Is it covered or mentioned by the GDPR?

google – What is the purpose of the recovery of user agent node, only retrieving the base URL on our site?

The user agent node-fetch/1.0 (+https://github.com/bitinn/node-fetch)
was looking for the base URL of the IP belonging to

It is quite aggressive and comes from a large number of IP addresses. I wonder why the user agent only retrieves the base URL and that no other resource is loaded.

user agent

I would like to block it but I'm not sure it would be wise.

Change of the purpose of the visit to the UK after obtaining the UK standard visitor visa

I applied for a UK visitor visa and got my visa. I was going to attend a two-day training at the University of Cambridge. But because of a problem with the course, I would not like to attend the class this time. As I have already bought my return ticket, is it possible to use my ticket only for tourist purposes (Visit London) instead of attending the course?
During the interview with Landing, should I mention this problem? Should I provide the new hotel reservation and is it sufficient?
Thank you!

What is the purpose of Java Script on the Web?

Hello friends,

What is the purpose of Java Script on the Web?

virus – What is the purpose of checking a file with a signature uploaded to the same server?

It would be possible for a hacked website to host a fraudulent key that has signed fraudulent software. However, one could verify that they have the correct key from other places on the Internet, and many times these signing keys are signed as valid by someone else. Once their validity is confirmed, they will be used for years, until the expiration of the key or the revocation of the certificate. These keys are often available on a key server, with a verification signature, or you may already have the key in your keychain in advance, as previously stated. In addition, if an attacker acted in this way, it would act as a key used unexpectedly, while it would sign software out of two, which would be very noisy and detectable. This would be primarily an attack against anyone who does not already have the real key.

Since there is a wide range of places in which the public key can be verified and acquired, it is much less likely that someone will receive and use a wrong public key and if that attack succeeds, it will be short-lived.

5th dnd – Which creatures count as "shadow entities" for the purpose of the origin of a magic wizard from the shadows?

The description of the sub-class of "Shadow Magic" wizards (XGtE, p.50) begins with the following paragraph (underlined by me):

You are a creature of the shadow, because your innate magic comes from the Shadowfell itself. You could trace your lineage to an entity of this place, or maybe you have been exposed to her energy fallen and transformed by her.

From memory, I can only think of Shadar-Kai (MToF, 62). Apart from that, I can not think of appropriate creatures – Darkmantles or Skull Lords among those who are not even humanoid, and it's hard to imagine Meazels (MToF, p.214) or Skulks (MToF, 227).

Are there entities known in Shadowfell from 5th or earlier, apart from Shadar-Kai, who are known to breed with other humanoids?
Or does "entity" include an immaculate conception of the queen of crows? :RE

life that has no purpose! | Promotion Forum

Some people believe that if life does not make sense, there is no reason to live. While others think that if life has no purpose, it allows a person to find / create and follow his personal goal. What is the most valid point of view, or are both equally valid?

design – What is the purpose of event sources and asynchronous message queues for sending commands?

So what is the use of keeping events as a sequence when we are unsure of their order?

Well, we are sure of the sequence of events – they are ranked in the order in which they are written, which is determined by the order in which the commands finish processing. (If you are using a single order handler, this is equivalent to the order in which the orders arrive at the handler).

What the asynchronous queue offers you is the ability to transport messages to a (currently) unavailable recipient. The queue itself is made up of piping, with increased availability because we do not need to exchange it for business reasons.

Since orders may arrive "out of order", the recipient's logic must include coverage for this eventuality (assuming this is important to the business). Distributed messaging basically means that you never know if you have received all the messages you will eventually receive. at some point you will have to guess that you have all the messages, or be forever paralyzed in the inaction.

Think about email. You receive an email from Bob, you act, and later you receive an email from Alice that she sent earlier that Bob's mail, but his was delayed somewhere. Now what? You do the best you can and keep going.

See also Race conditions do not exist.

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