Why did Facebook put my website on the blacklist?

I have a helpmen.org site that I use to sell domain names. I had been in the habit of linking to it since my Facebook page, but now it's blacklisted and all the posts presenting it have been automatically deleted. Since my domains are redirecting to the site, this is most of my posts. Facebook is the same odious anti-user company as it has always been, so I can not get an answer from them.

One possibility that I have thought (not at all sure that is the case) is that Facebook does not like the amount of links to the site. However, I do not do spam and do not publish multiple times.
The other possibility I see is that an FB administrator views the site as a sort of landing page (of which he is a part) and hates it. The blacklist was shortly after I changed the name of the page, which required a revision. Could that have provoked him?

I do not believe there is any good reason for the blacklist, but as there is no argument (or communication) with Facebook, is there any reason? a knows from personal experience with Facebook pages or general knowledge on Facebook what could be the reason for this blacklist?

Android – How to put 2 RecyclerView in 2 columns?

I'm trying to make two lists to scroll independently. I want something like this:

two recycleviews

When nothing is displayed on the screen, here is my xml code:





Note: With a single RecyclerView if it displays the list.

usability – Where should I put the delete button?

I have a sidebar that shows all the links that users have saved. Since it's only a box, I want it to be as simple / clean as possible. So, I'm using the cross-shaped icon next to the link for the deletion.

Option 1

advantages: easy to know which link to remove

disadvantages: the delete buttons are not aligned

Option 1

Option 2

advantages: easy to know which link to delete, delete buttons to align

disadvantages: it seems strange to put the delete button at the beginning

Option 2

Option 3

advantages: the delete buttons align, also align with the reduction icon, which looks good.

Disadvantages: Deletion buttons are far from the link and may result in incorrect deletion. (Adding a border around the line or separating each line using a different color may alleviate this problem, but the sidebar looks messy)

Option 3

Overall, I prefer option 3, but how do you ensure that users click on the appropriate delete icon?

plugin – Unreal: Where should I put a DLL to be copied when it is compressed or compressed?

I am currently using the FPaths::ProjectPluginsDir() directory to store a custom DLL for Unreal. However, when I build or compress the project, I have to manually create a Plugins folder and copy the DLL in this file.

Is there another folder that would be a better directory to store my plugin in order to have my DLL copied automatically when it is compressed or compressed?

Excellent supplier but I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket … suggestions?

Hello colleagues,

I have two configurations, one in Jacksonville Florida with an OK provider, it looks like they are being fired from other DCs and there is a forced migration. That said, it's time to move. Some time ago, I found WholesaleInternet on this forum and I picked up a very cheap bare metal for my backups. In fact, the service was excellent and the prices undoubtedly seem to be much better than most offers but I do not want to put all my eggs in one basket. I've already been burned by that.

There are offers every minute, but they are all more expensive if it's 2x the price.

Can any one recommend a US provider offering a 12-core / 24 GB / 1 TB raid at a good price? I have a lot of virtual machines and I need hearts. My Jacksonville provider is $ 59 per month for this configuration. But I can not find the hearts, if I do the price is 2X.

No suggestion?


server – How to put a python socket online

I'm doing a simple conversation, using python sockets, I've created a client and a server, but how can I put the server online, so that's another computer one? another place can connect to the server, for the moment it only works in localhost.


I'm trying a TO PUT on the Magento 2 REST API via POSTMAN like this:

https: // domain / remainder / V1 / products / IP_X

With only a price change on the JSON content.

I receive the following error message:

    "message": ""%fieldName" is required. Enter and try again.",
    "parameters": {
        "fieldName": "product"

The specification of the REST API https://devdocs.magento.com/guides/v2.3/rest/list.html indicates that the URL is "PUT / V1 / products /: sku" and that the JSON must include only the parameter to be modified. .

An idea?

How can I put bitcoins on a wallet from a voucher?

Okay, I went to a Bitcoin ATM and I bought Bitcoins. They even printed a receipt with the refund number, but I do not know where I put the refund number to remove them from the voucher and my wallet?

How can I put bitcoins on a wallet from a voucher?

Okay, I went to a Bitcoin ATM and I bought Bitcoins. They even printed a receipt with the refund number, but I do not know where I put the refund number to remove them from the voucher and my wallet?

mobile – If you put a notification preference in your Inapp preferences (Android)

Although users can choose whether or not they wish to receive notifications (and in some newer versions of Android, they wish to display notification balloons on the icon) of your application, they can not choose the types of notifications that they wish to receive. It's a binary all-or-nothing decision.

If, for example, you have two types of notifications, one when the user receives a message and the other when it is added to a group discussion, he might be interested to be notified only when he receives a message and would appreciate a disabling setting. other notifications.

If you have several types of notifications that may not all be equally important / interesting, it's always a good idea to let the user choose what he wants to see.