[ Politics ] Open question: How great would it be if Trump organized a rally in a Democratic debate?

But instead of his usual speech, he watches the debate and provides live commentary.

laravel – I have a question about "OAuth Grant Types", which one should I use?

In the backend, I am using Laravel with the Passport package for the Oauth server, but I have some doubts about the type of Grant to use.

Right now, I want to have an endpoint for logging in and one to sign up for.

For connection, I'm clear (or at least I think) that the one I need is the password granted with an "API proxy", but for registration, I don't know which one, i don't want to leave this public endpoint, i want to restrict it that only created clients can use it. In principle, in theory, I should use Implicit, but I don't know how to use it.

The other question is whether when the user registers and then logs in, what happens to the token created with the implicit, should he revoke it?

[ Politics ] Open question: am I the dumbest child in my class?

according to race science, blacks have the lowest IQ of all races.

I am the only black child in my class. does that mean i am the dumbest kid in my class?

[ Family ] Open question: I was raped .. ???

So this is a man who is currently becoming a singer. I'm not trying to get anything out of it. I just tried to tell her how I felt and how to treat the woman better. Anyway

I invited him and his friend to a party I had. The only bathroom was in my room and I saw that he was going up there alone and I didn't really know this man so I went to make sure he wasn't flying etc . He kissed me and made me fall on my bed and trying to take off my clothes. I said no maybe 20-30 times but it persisted and persisted. Again, I don't know who this man is or what he's capable of. He started pulling on my clothes when I said no and I let it happen. I did not know what to do at that time. I was so uncomfortable and in shock.

I confronted him about it a few weeks later. He accused me of being ridiculous and that this is untrue, etc. I think he acts this way because he is afraid that I will ruin his musical career as a fast actor. But he accuses me of being the fool. What can I do by removing the "what can I do"? What we are looking for is whether or not this is considered rape in the eyes of others. Another update. I'm not trying to gain from this, but I know he has a habit of mistreating his ex and if he can do these things to me etc. etc. he can do it to others. I want to speak so that it doesn't happen again

[ Politics ] Open question: why can't Republicans and Democrats force Trump to resign now?

He has broken the law and will be removed from office.

[ Politics ] Open question: what is your political point of view?

I am very far from the right.

[ Politics ] Open question: are you happy that Ukraine has finally announced the investigation that was sparked by Trump's efforts?

You know, the one where they're now going to investigate if and how Trump's associates were chasing the US ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch?

[ Politics ] Open Question: Are we all praying that Trump will get cancer and die?

[Politics] Open Question: Are we all praying that Trump will get cancer and die?

[ Baby Names ] Open question: What do you think of the name Nancy?

[Baby names] Open question: What do you think of the name Nancy?

[ Politics ] Open question: does this sound like a cult?

[Politics] Open question: does this sound like a cult?