pagination – What is the right method to show the user progress of a dynamic questionnaire with a variable number of questions?

What are the best practices for showing the length and the stage of a questionnaire, where the length of the questionnaire changes and branches dynamically depending on the responses? I will create a quiz in which the user will see one question at a time. I want users to know how much time they have and how much they have their place in the process, but without misleading them. I do not want them to think that a single questionnaire could have 50 questions to answer. But to give a tangible figure, they might have to answer 7 questions or 15 questions could be asked based on their answers.

pci dss – Which PCI self-assessment questionnaire to choose?

We have to complete a PCI self-assessment questionnaire and I wonder whether to fill out SAQ A-EP or SAQ D.

We are an online merchant who receives credit card information via an API. We scan them and send them to a PCI-compliant third-party service provider. We do not store any credit card details.

ease of use – Is it valid to administer an SUS questionnaire after a system training session?

We would like to do some tests to determine the ease of use and learning of the new system we have produced. We have a very short period of time, so for the moment we are only looking for something fast and high level.

We will have some training sessions with new users. During these training sessions, they will learn how to use the new software. (This is a very complex system requiring specific knowledge, and it is unlikely that users become more skillful during the training sessions) They are required to attend the training session. So I can not really test users who have not taken the training.

I am thinking of administering an SUS questionnaire at the end of the training sessions. Would it still produce valid results? From what I understand, it is usually used after tests of use with structured tasks (and not after training in the system).

IPv4 Questionnaire | Talk Web Hosting


By completing the IPv4 questionnaire, I would like to reply to my provider:

Network diagram
Please provide an ASCII map indicating how the requested block will be subnet.

Option1: File


Option2: manual entry

Can someone help me on this?


Signing Registration – Should I use a questionnaire or guided forms for the process of registering new members?

I have been responsible for designing a membership process for a non-profit organization.

Is there a best practice / procedure for developing a multi-step registration process that also needs to validate user selections? Should I use a guided assistant that asks the user about his identity, then determines / "explains" his options based on his answers (which seems slower but more user-friendly), or just give him the options with descriptions and let them choose (faster but less intuitive)?

I am thinking of a multi-step guided form such as Turbo Tax that presents your options based on your answers, as opposed to a multi-page registration form that asks you to complete / select all options and describe each selected selection . are you.

The tricky part is "who they are" determines their type of rating / member and their location determines their chapter selections (and is also part of their members' pricing).

Thank you for any help!

heuristics – Questionnaire to determine the usability of a system

As part of an argument, companies determine the usability of two software packages and have developed a questionnaire to ask a set of end users.

They asked me to comment on the questionnaire and I said that I would ask 5 to 10 questions that test the usability of the two software systems in different ways.

Software systems are applications for searching and tagging documents.

My question is: what are the best questions to ask?

The minute I look for answers about the ease of learning the software, about the ease of running common actions, about how quickly users can perform common actions, and so on.


If you think about it, the questionnaire should say "comparing the two systems, which one did you find easier to learn, why?"

How to re-record the result calculated on the Google sheet each time the questionnaire on the Google sheet each time the questionnaire

I used Google Forms to create a quiz. And I've created a formula for responses to Google Forms with the help of Google Scripts. Then, I want to re-record the result calculated on the Google sheet each time the questionnaire is filled. Please let me know what you can do.

forms – Is a delay between the questions of a questionnaire reasonable?

I would like my users to answer several questions. They came to my site with the intention of doing it. is a good example. Most questions are multiple choice.

The best is to switch between the questions immediately (<10ms) or to have a delay (eg 400ms) and to move between the questions (pages).

I can pre-read any possible questions that might follow the current question, so it's not a technical question. Is there any research on this?

Questionnaire Questions Options Percentage – Drupal Answers

I created a questionnaire with multiple choice options and no randomization. Now, I want to show the percentage of particular options that how many times the user has selected this option in front of all the options of each question.

I've checked the relationship between the questionnaire and the options in the database, but I'm unable to find a relationship with the outcome and the options. it shows the relationship between question and result. Can any one please suggest how to reach this one?

Thank you.

Table of replies to the questionnaire by question

I would like to know if there is a way to display a graph (using the Graphics module and Quiz module) of all the answers tested for a question contained in a survey. I found a finished view made by a guy in another forum that shows an average of points per question. Using his point of view as a mold, I could not find any fields for "selected answer" or something.

Example: A question has 2 options: a) Banana b) Apple
The user selects apple and applies.
A graph (bar), in a different page, intended only for administrators, indicates:

apple -> 1 time.

banana -> 0 times.

My point of view now is like this:
enter the description of the image here

And the table that I have but that I would like to show with different results:

enter the description of the image here