europe – Questions regarding Belgian/Schengen long stay student visa-D

I’m starting to lose my mind over this so I thought I’d post on a forum to see if someone can help confirm some things for me. This is regarding a Belgian visa specifically but I imagine this rule would apply to all Schengen-area visas as well.

I’m an American, currently back in the US, and just finished my first year of a two-year master’s program in Belgium. A year ago I applied for a Belgian Visa-D long-stay student visa, and it will be set to expire before the next school year. Thus, my current visa needs to either be extended for a year or I need to apply for a new one.

My understanding is that I can’t apply for an extension on my visa as I don’t meet the requirements (I’m not in Belgium and I am experiencing a force majeur, medical issue, etc.), so an extension is off the table and I need to apply for a second visa.

The school I am enrolled in requires that I arrive at their office in person at the beginning of the school year to re-register for the next academic year, and after the exchange of several passive-aggressive emails from le secrétariat-étudiants, it seems that they’re unwilling to electronically send me the certificate of enrollment for next year (a required document for the long-stay student visa). According to them, I’ll need to travel to Belgium, just to sign a piece of paper and pay a nominal fee in person in mid-august, to receive this certificate. No way to work around it.

Given the current situation with the coronavirus and recent restrictions set out by the EU, I don’t believe I can return to Belgium without a valid student visa. So I’m in a cyclical issue where I can’t return to Belgium to get this essential document, but this essential document is needed in order to return. I hope that makes sense…

Le secrétariat-étudiants seems to believe that I can just hop over to Belgium on a tourist visa (even during coronavirus times) and once I’m there, I can apply for a long-stay visa. This is confusing to me and I have a couple questions:

  1. As an American, do I really not need a student visa at this moment to go to Belgium? Can I just return on a tourist visa but say I am a student? I understand that the EU is allowing students to come, but can I really return without a visa or any documentation that I am enrolled for this coming academic year? The Belgian and EU sites make me believe that this is not true, though perhaps I am missing something.

  2. Is it possible for me to apply for a long-stay student visa outside of my country, specifically in the country where I am planning to study? I’ve spent hours scouring the Belgian Office of Aliens/Immigration (both in English and French), the EU website, forums, travel blogs, anything on the subject. All sources seem to say that, I have to apply for this visa from my home country. This is what I did last year, as I needed to travel to complete an entrance exam, and then I returned to apply for my visa after receiving the documents.

I am hoping to avoid having to fly to BE, quarantine in a hotel room for two weeks, go to the school to register, fly back to the US, quarantine again, lodge by visa app, and then return to BE after my visa is complete… It’s very possible I am missing some key information and perhaps I’m looking at this the wrong way, but the way I see it, it doesn’t seem possible to avoid.

evaluation – Grid questions: text-wrapping / copying and pasting expressions

I want to make a list of functions like this:

functionList = 
  {{Style["Function", Larger, Bold], Style["Notes", Larger, Bold], 
 Style["Source", Larger, Bold]}, 
  {"f[n]=a", "Long long long long description - I'd like it to wrap within the cell", "Wikipedia"}, 
  {"g[n]=b", "I'd like to be able to select this function and copy-and-paste", 
  {"[VerticalEllipsis]", "[VerticalEllipsis]", "[VerticalEllipsis]"}}; 

Grid[functionList, Alignment -> {Left, Top}, Spacings -> {2, 2}, Frame -> All]

enter image description here

I have two questions:

  1. I need a way of setting the cell-widths, and then instructing text to wrap within that width. Is this possible? I don’t think this answer is quite what I’m after – at least, I can’t see how to apply it.
  2. I’d like to be able to select a function from the outputted Grid and copy it so I can paste it elsewhere. Is there a way to do this, without actually forcing Mathematica to evaluate the expression? I could write f[n]==a instead of "f[n]=a", for example, and it would appear in copy-and-pastable form; but then Mathematica would evaluate it, which I want to avoid.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Proper Educational Facilitates – General Forex Questions & Help

If you want to become successful in the forex market, you need to be perfect on your strategy and planning. Wrong strategy can put you in danger. To make a profitable strategy, you need to have knowledge about forex market. Education is the main key to success in this platform. If you want to get all kind of education about forex you can open a demo account.

I also opened a demo account in Forex4you when i was starting trading. This demo helps me to understand all the tools and techniques about forex easily and practically. It also helps me to know all the basics of the forex market.

Dollar Eases Marginally As Forex Auction Gains Confidence – General Forex Questions & Help

The Zimbabwe dollar eased slightly by 3.2 percent to $65.80 to US$1 in the third weekly auction run by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) yesterday with most bids moving into a tighter range and private businesses now expressing far more confidence in the new system.

The ruling rate, which is a weighted average of auction deals, has drifted from $57.36 in the first week, to $63.74 last week and now to $65.80, with the downward drift slowing as the market, designed to match export earnings to import demand through pure market forces, become more established and gains the confidence of both buyers and sellers.

The number of applications submitted yesterday dropped to 264 against 316 received for the second weekly auction but was still well above the just over 90 in the first auction.

The total of bids fell from roughly US$18 million to US$15.8 million while the successful bids went down to US$13.6 million from about US$16 million last week.

Part of this was the rejection of 92 bids, partly for duplicate bidding but also because some bidders simply do not offer enough to make the list.

Companies are allowed just one bid at each auction, with all bids from operating units and subsidiaries being consolidated.

This measure was put in place to reduce the risk of speculative bidding. But under bidders now also risk rejection.

The lowest bid in yesterday’s auction was $30, but all bids below $55 missed the cut as the RBZ enforces the rule that bids are allocated in order from the top-down, once any bids that do not fulfill bidding rules are eliminated.

This means that those who bid in very low ranges are highly unlikely to be allocated anything.

The top bid is also falling as bidders continue to move closer to what markets suggest is likely to be the average rate.

Yesterday’s top bid was $90, down from the $92 last week and $100 in the first auction. Successful bidders have to pay what they offer, and yesterday’s top bidder paid almost 37 percent above the average.

The insistence on making all successful bidders pay exactly what they offer, while at the same time eliminating those whose bids are too low to make the list for allocation from the available currency on offer, are both designed to push bidders into making realistic bids based on economic fundamentals.

Yesterday the most successful bids were between $60 and $70 as more bidders read the markets and study fundamentals such as the balance of payments, local currency money supply, and government budgeting.

They then try and calculate the price that will ensure their bid is successful, in a market built around supply and demand, but without paying too far above the average.

Authorities have indicated that they expect the new market-determined exchange rate to guide pricing by businesses as new stocks with the foreign currency component paid from auction allocations reach the shelves.

Many producers and retailers were using the black-market rates in the last few months following a freeze in the official rate in a desperate attempt to calculate replacement values, but that market is small compared to the official market, is easy to manipulate, and can fluctuate wildly.

As the auction system moves increasingly into the desired equilibrium between export earnings and import demand, producers and retailers should be able to make far better predictions over what pricing levels will keep both viabilities and make products more affordable to their customers.

The desired pricing process has been jump-started with bread prices, which now track the auction-rate following an RBZ decision to allocate currency from its own reserves to flour millers at this ruling auction rate to import wheat.

A total of US$13.6 million was allocated to various industries and sectors of the economy through the auction system yesterday, which was opened to the media for the first time as well as observers from the major organizations representing business sectors.

Once again raw materials and similar imports, such as spare parts and chemicals, required by producers dominated the allocations.

The openness is part of the RBZ program to boost confidence that the auctions are open and transparent and are not being manipulated.

Business groups confirm that the confidence in the auction system is growing.

Confederation of Zimbabwe Industry chief executive officer Ms. Sekai Kuvarika said there was positive feedback from CZI members that have been submitting bids. CZI groups industrialists, and especially the leading industrial concerns, and probably represents the majority of successful bidders.

“In my view, there is a steady increase in demand for the forex in the auction. Between the auction sessions, you can see the market is responding to this opportunity to procure forex formally,” Ms. Kuvarika said.

Contrary to what has been circulating on social media, CZI said bidders were receiving their allotments between 24 and 48 hours after the auction.

“What we have received as feedback is that for all companies that were awarded their bids, their money has been paid and that brings confidence that they get their bids approved as well as early transfers of the money to their accounts.

“You can see an incremental increase in that the demand is increasing which may mean that the confidence is also increasing,” said Ms. Kuvarika.

Top economist and member of the RBZ Monetary Policy Committee Professor Ashok Chakravarti said circumstances surrounding the current auction are different from the 2004 setup and therefore must not be judged based on that past failure.

“I think we need to understand that the situation in 2004 and today is fundamentally different. In 2004 the RBZ tried to fix the rate but now that is not the case as we have a clear policy which is anchored on free adjudication,” Prof Chakravarti said.

In 2004, Zimbabwe had no control over the national budget deficit and accelerating money supply, which increased pressure on the foreign exchange resource, a situation he said is now quite different.

The RBZ reiterated its commitment to ensuring the auction dynamics continue to be determined by forces of supply and demand.

Central Bank Governor Dr. John Mangundya said the auction is a process of price discovery. “There is no bias because we are allotting at their own price (what bidders offer). We are using the Dutch auction system. Everyone who is buying foreign currency is suggesting their own price,” Dr. Mangundya said.

RBZ invited foreign currency holders — exporters and NGOs —to join the auction and add to the foreign currency supply.

Credit: TopAsiaFX

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Are You Happy In Forex Market Business? – General Forex Questions & Help

The Fx market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week with the most important world trading centers being located in London, New York, Tokyo, Zurich, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Singapore, Paris, and Sydney. Forex trading can be done by anyone, as long as there is a desire and ability to analyze market movement, high risk offers a great opportunity to be able to make money. Today, many people join for this business, because we can get started with a little minimum deposit.

success in business is the hope of all forex traders. traders who have discipline and maximum trading capacity will greatly help the development of their careers in the forex business. wether use their own money or manage investor’s fund. my current brokers keep improving their service, Tickmill has a duty to provide services to retail traders in Armada Markets before. Armada Markets it self will focus mainly on providing liquidity and services to banks, brokers and hedge funds.i’m sure they will continue providing first-class trading services.

Unnecessary Emotion Make Loss – General Forex Questions & Help

Obviously, if we do our trading without proper logic unless market emotion, then definitely we’ll crash our trading balances. First of all, my intension is to find out logical areas of market. Live market review on Technical and fundamental sector that I get from TradingBanks broker is my main source of pure knowledge. So, when I get good points then, I open my trade with SL and TP.

The Actual Financial Solution Of 2020 – Forex Trading – General Forex Questions & Help

Forex trading has proven to be a steady source of income for many traders across the globe.

The amazing statistics in 50+ Forex & Trading Industry Statistics & Trends show why Forex trading is gaining increasing popularity in the business world.

Sadly, many traders are not getting a corresponding value for their efforts. They mistakenly chose the wrong trading platform, a costly mistake.

This article provides addresses this issue, gives some practical trading tips, and intimate you with the benefits of Forex Trading.

Why Forex Trading?

If you are still skeptical about creating a source of income from Forex trading, consider some of the reasons why it will turn out to be a good investment decision:

1. High Liquidity

Liquidity is one of the hallmarks of the Forex market. No other market comes closer. This implies that the market enjoys an influx of sellers and buyers who are looking for an opportunity to trade on the market.

Thus, companies, individuals, and banks make $5 trillion worth of transactions daily. With its high liquidity that ensures swift transaction completion, the market offers you the opportunity to trade in your preferred investment idea with ease and make some money for your efforts.

2. No Time Restriction

Forex trading is done around the clock because the Forex market has a global presence. Regardless of your schedule, you can participate in the market at your convenience once the market is open for transactions in any part of the world.

To leverage this, be conversant with market activity in countries that are active. That way, you are guaranteed to make money at your convenience without the unwanted time restrictions associated with most businesses.

Thus, if you are looking for an investment opportunity without time restriction, Forex trading is your best choice.

3. Several Investment Opportunities

With Forex trading, you have several investment opportunities to invest in. Some of the available investment options in the market for investors and traders with different investment needs are:

Commodities: Stocks are not the only available investment options in Forex trading. You can trade commodities such as agricultural goods, livestock, coffee, gold, and others too. Other commodities include beef, grain, precious metals, crude oil and its derivatives such as gasoline.

Stocks: Stocks are great investment assets for shrewd investors. As an investor, including stocks in your portfolio, is a surefire way to increase your financial power. You can purchase companies’ stocks and make impressive Return on Investment in the future.

Crypto assets: If you are a Cryptocurrency enthusiast, invest in digital currencies. Since the first cryptocurrency was developed a decade ago, several others have been released into the Cryptocurrency market.

As a booming industry, investing in crypto assets will be a smart move. The article “Crypto Trading: What is Cryptocurrency Trading?” gives a detailed guide on trading crypto assets. The covers how it works as well as factors that move the market.

Hence, if you are not passionate about any of the above options, you can move to the next. You’re not stuck with an investment idea you are not comfortable with.

Forex trading platforms have a well-defined mission. They are dedicated to providing well-researched resources that include data, useful news, and content that will not only empower readers and prospective traders cum investors but will equally allow them to boost their chances of making it through Forex trading.

On a daily basis, you can update your Forex trading knowledge through the available information provided by these platforms, a necessity if you desire to be on top of your game and increase your success chances.

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar is a must-have tool. It helps you to stay connected with economic events in the industry. From the convenience of your device, you can track market indicators and explore valuable historic events too.

Keeping up with developments in the market can make a huge impact on your trading since you are conversant with every piece of information that can help you to make wise trading decisions.

Holidays Calendar

Since Forex trading is done on a global scale, the Calendar intimates you with holidays around the world. It also provides an overview of stock exchange status across the globe as well. With this piece of information at your fingertips, you can identify exchanges that will soon be close to the business.

You can also get relevant information about the exchange of a specific country by filtering your search by country. The Calendar will display all upcoming holidays in the country of your choice.

Currency Converter

The Converter comes in handy when trading currencies. You can make conversions from one currency to another with ease. This tool enables you to know the real-time value of currencies you want to trade.

You will also find the Converter useful as a Cryptocurrency trader. Making payments in different currencies is easier when you can make conversions swiftly.

The article “Top Nine Forex Trading Tools That Every FX Trader Must Have” gives detailed information on the nine must-have Forex trading tools you must-have in the tour toolbox.

What if you have zero trading knowledge and will need a little professional assistance?

Well, not everyone is a pro trader. Yet, your lack of the required trading knowledge shouldn’t be enough to prevent you from earning an income from trading. You can hire the services of a proven broker to cover your inadequacies.

Also, if you work with a regulated brokerage company then you’ll also be getting a lot of advantages such as the latest trading news, effective Forex strategies, daily Forex signals, and what not?

Hence, regardless of your location or trading experience, you can find a broker that meets your investment or trading needs. Go through the options before you make a choice.

Forex trading offers you a steady stream of income once you are familiar with the concept. You can trade from the convenience of your room or hire an experienced broker to handle your trading.

Regardless of your trading choice, rest assured that you have a global market to trade and make passive income for as long as you wish.

However, before committing your hard-earned money to Forex trading, do a background check of the available trading platforms, investment opportunities, and credible brokers, especially if you won’t personally handle the trading. This increases your success chances in the Forex trading market.

While you have an avalanche of trading platforms to choose from, the MetaTrader5 comes very handily in the picking.

MT5 offers high-quality features that include the provision of all the necessary trading tools and a comprehensive review of brokers to enable you to hire the services of a tested and proven professional.

Thus, you can leverage its zero charges to kick-start your trading. You’ll find its guide useful while its updated trading-related pieces of information will keep you abreast of the development in the industry.


Forex analysis – General Forex Questions & Help

Forex traders typically use two analytical techniques to analyze the market. Technical analysis and fundamentals analysis. Fundamental analysts, primarily as a tactical tool for making trading decisions based on basic data and finding the right entry and exit points. Technical analysts use price charts to make a trading decision. Whatever analysis you choose to step into the Forex market, always use Stop Loss orders for all trades and only risk a small percentage of your trading account in a single trade.  

forex currency market – General Forex Questions & Help

The forex market is the world’s currency market. There are more than 100 currencies traded, but only a handful of the major currencies have the highest daily trading volume in the FX market. These currencies are US dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds, euros, Swiss francs, Japanese yen, Australian dollars, New Zealand dollars. all of these currencies are the most traded currencies in the world. 

wordpress – General questions relating to deployment of website and plugins ( important )

let’s suppose you have a application with database and google authentication client id and password in your config.env file how would you push that app on GitHub for deploying it later on with netlify also hiding your environment variables containing your mongoURI ( just an example ) in your github repository how would you deploy that app safely while hiding the important stuff ?

also how could I add plugins In my website I have seen it’s simple with WordPress you just have t o install it but how can I add them in my own custom made website ?