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A quick understanding of how cryptocurrency exchange development works – Cryptocurrencies Corner

There is no doubt that the passion for cryptocurrency businesses among entrepreneurs have widely expanded over recent years. But it is also a known fact that cryptocurrency exchanges are still considered quite risky and unpredictable. Despite this perception still prevailing among a certain number of investors, crypto exchanges have managed to prove that it one of the most profit yielding businesses, and the constantly increasing value has benefitted the investors. The key to making yours profitable as well is to accomplish an authentic cryptocurrency exchange development. 


Now, to develop a cryptocurrency exchange software of your own, There are different ways to go about. The first one is developing from scratch. This involves undergoing a set of processes such as, 


  • Deciding exchange operational location and complying to the regulations based on the area. 

  • Obtaining license 

  • Partnering with bank/payment processor

  • Inducing liquidity 

  • Best features and security integration

  • Constant Maintenance, customer support


To accomplish all these steps will involve a lot of time, money, and proper technical assistance. So, with the rapidly evolving demand and competition, this is not a viable option. Instead, the better choice will be to hire a well-experienced cryptocurrency exchange development company, who will offer reliable ready-made cost-effective solutions. For more information, reach out to Blockchain App Factory, one of the top-liners in the market. 



sharepoint online – Clicking on Quick Links opens incorrect links

I have a SharePoint Online Modern page that has multiple Quick Links web parts.

Over the last two days users (using Chrome browser) have started reporting that the links they are clicking on are opening incorrect links (they open other Quick Links from the same page).

The issue is temporarily resolved by opening Chrome dev tools and doing a hard refresh, or a work around is right clicking and opening links in new tab.

My theory is that clicking on a Quick Link to open a list or document and then pressing back in the browser is somehow modifying the links (from the browser perspective), or they they aren’t being handled properly (maybe something to do with pop or pushstate?).

Has anyone else experienced this and know of a solution?

I am currently researching how I can set all quick links to open in target="_blank", but it looks like that is not an option in Modern pages.

My Iphone SE only boots on quick charge

When i try to boot it it shows the apple logo for a second and then gives up, same with recovery mode.
When i put it on quick charge it boots up and works but when i unplug it, it slows down and then shuts off.

I’ve managed to do a quick change from quick charge to the Laptop usb port while it was in recovery mode and am currently reinstalling the software.

Any Ideas?

Is it possible to recover data from a Western Digital TRIM supporting disks (not SSD) after quick format?

I have a western digital blue disk, which is one of the SMR variations. I’ve heard that they support TRIM command. The disk is accidentally quick formatted on Windows 10, and now seems to be all zero. But, I’m wondering, for a disk it would take illogical amount of effort to actually set all sectors (1TB) to zero. I don’t really understood how TRIM applies to such disks, and suppose to see something like a list of safely deletable sectors or something like that in the disk’s firmware.

So the question is: Is there any way to recover the data from my disk? Including firmware tweaks or hardware tweaks?

is gcp really very quick ?


siteground begin to use gcp to host their site,

is gcp really very quick ?

how can gcp offer good speed ?

because NVMe ? or ?… | Read the rest of

recovery mode – Moto E gen2 phone does not turn on and quick start does not work

I have a Motorola E gen2 phone. While charging, it displays the screen for about a second, then restarts without starting completely.

When plugged in, it does not even display the screen even if it is charged for an extended period of time.

Quick start mode is activated by pressing the power and volume buttons during charging, but selecting an option will cause the screen to be reactivated and deactivated in cycles.

Quick start mode does not open when the phone is not charging (the battery may be involved here, but I'm not sure).

It would also be very much appreciated if someone could suggest a way to use the phone as a whole without the built-in battery, since replacing it in the current epidemic is not an option and I also don't have any designated tools needed to unscrew the screw on the phone

Docker Toolbox Quick Start Failure

I downloaded Docker to my computer, but it doesn't install because I get errors.
‘ERROR WITH PRE-CREATED VERIFICATION – this computer did not activate VT-X / AMD-v. Enabling it in the BIOS is mandatory.
It seems that something did not work during the step "check for the existence of a machine by default" … press any key to continue … "

(I have already activated virtualization is the BIOS and checked each time in -> task manager -> CPU)

please help me.
Thank you

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