magento2 – How to manage the var magento 2 directory on several Web heads without activating "Allow symbolic links"

We have multiple web heads running our Magento instance and have previously used NFS to share directories such as pub / media var / log var / report, etc. We have an NFS mount on a shared server to a single NFS mount point on each web head with pub and var. For each deployment, we link the newly deployed directories of var / log and var / report to the shared directory var / log and var / report which works well however:

I noticed that there are files in the root directory of the var application such as * .pid files and .lock files, which makes me think that we should be sharing everything var directory via NFS, not just var / log and var / report. Sure, it's easy to change my nfs timeline and symbolic links, but as soon as I do, var / view_preprocessed stops working, unless the Magento setting of "Allow symbolic links" is enabled. If I enable this setting, everything works as expected and the var directory is shared without problems, but the setting "Allow symbolic links" is not a recommended setting for production for security reasons.

So, in short, my question is whether these .pid files should be shared between web heads and if so, what is the best approach to do so so that all web heads can be synchronized without compromising security by enabling " Allow symbolic links "?

Themes Development – Why is the meta of a CPT for "Allow Comments" false in Gutenberg?

So, I just spent hours trying to figure out why my call to comment_form () in a theme was not rendered at all.

This was a custom publication type that supports comments but did not render anything.

I finally debugged and the value of comments_open () for all posts of this type returned false. I have not found the "Panel" discussion anywhere in the publisher Gutenberg when editing these types of articles.

I then inserted this code to force comments_open () to true and the bloody comment form now displays:

  function my_comments_open( $open, $post_id ) {
      return true;

Why on earth, comments_open () returns false for a CPT created two days ago? Absolutely confused.

Thanks in advance!

WordPress version: version 5.2.2

settings – My Samsung Galaxy Note 8 does not display "Allow USB debugging?" Quick. Is there a fix?

Towards this morning, I had the idea to transfer all my WhatsApp cats (from android to ios)

Not so complicated, right?

Well, I was in a rude awakening. Not only did I spend literally 7 hours trying to fix it … I could not fix it!

That's basically why I'm contacting you. My last hope. My knight in shining armor.

Here are the more technical details:

  • Before you say it, and I know you will, I'll tell you – I restarted my phone about 10 million times.
  • I've enabled and disabled USB debugging about 10 million times less 1.
  • I did not play with adb so I do not live with my Android system. However, if it is necessary, I will do what needs to be done.
  • I specifically use my own Samsung Galaxy Note 8 since I've already tried it on another phone (LG v20) and it did not work either.

So, I have to ask you, are you ready for this challenge? Can you fix what seems irreversible?

P.S. Here is a preview of what should appear on my own Android device but is not:

enter the description of the image here

2016 – Can I disable "Allow Double Escape" on a SharePoint website?

We are currently working on strengthening our SharePoint server. STIG V-76825 IISW-SI-000229 states that "dual-coded URL requests must be prohibited by any IIS 8.5 Web site". Basically, edit the Filtering requests feature settings in IIS and unchecking the Allow a double leak check box.

Will this limit SharePoint operations, given the source parameter is escaped and used in many operations? Or things like document names?

I have done some tests, but I do not have the means to test all possible SharePoint URLs, and I have not yet found a definitive answer by searching the Internet. If we have to leave it checked, I must have good documentation to explain why.

"Allow USB debugging" continues to display even when the "Always allow this computer" option is checked in the automation tests

We perform automation tests on mobile devices with Appium, but the tests fail because of the "Allow USB debugging" window, even if the device is already connected via "adb connect" and "adb devices". I've already checked the "Always allow from this computer" box, but sometimes a pop-up window that occurred caused the test to fail and sometimes it failed if it did not show up. Can any one enlighten me on how to tackle this problem?

2013 – "Search field" search does not work on the "Allow multiple values" parameter

Trying to do search list content, as usual simple search (another list column) is a job, but there is a parameter column set "Allow multiple values" is an error.

"HRESULT exception: 0x80131904"

Tell me what to correct in the code? Thank you.

public partial class ListSearchUserControl: UserControl
private list GetSharePointListFieldItems ()
listing fieldItems = new list();
fieldItems = new list();
OptionEntity element;
SPField field;
StringCollection viewFieldCollection = SPContext.Current.ViewContext.View.ViewFields.ToStringCollection ();
foreach (viewField string in viewFieldCollection)
field = SPContext.Current.List.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName (viewField);
item = new OptionEntity ();
item.Id = field.InternalName;
item.Title = field.Title;
fieldItems.Add (item);
return fieldItems;
protected replace void CreateChildControls ()
base.CreateChildControls ();
listing items = GetSharePointListFieldItems ();
DdlListFields.DataSource = items;
DdlListFields.DataTextField = "Title";
DdlListFields.DataValueField = "Id";
DdlListFields.DataBind ();
void protection void OnLoad (EventArgs e)
base.OnLoad (e);
if (! IsPostBack)
if (Request.QueryString["FilterName"] ! = null)
DdlListFields.SelectedValue = Request.QueryString["FilterName"].ToString ();

if (Request.QueryString["FilterMultiValue"] ! = null)
TbSearchText.Text = Request.QueryString["FilterMultiValue"].ToString (). Replace ("*", "");
BtnClearFilter.Visible = true;
Void Protected BtnSearch_Click (Object Sender, EventArgs e)
string redirectUrlFormat = "{0}? FilterName = {1} & FilterMultiValue = {2}";
chain[] selectionCollection = TbSearchText.Text.ToString (). Split (new string)[] { ";" }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries);
StringBuilder sbValues ​​= new StringBuilder ();
foreach (string selection in selectionCollection)
sbValues.Append ("*" + selection.Trim () + "*;");

string urlToRedirectTo = string.Format (redirectUrlFormat, Request.Url.GetLeftPart (UriPartial.Path), DdlListFields.SelectedValue, sbValues.ToString ());
Response.Redirect (urlToRedirectTo);
BtnClearFilter_Click protected void (Object sender, EventArgs e)
Response.Redirect (Request.Url.GetLeftPart (UriPartial.Path));

security – Does the "allow full access" setting of the IOS keyboard allow use of default keyboard data?

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