How to manually open the twitter "more tweets" page?

Once or twice a day, the Twitter app on my phone displays a notification that shows me a highlighted tweet followed by "More tweets".

How do I manually access this list of tweets? If I reject the notification, I cannot access this page.

The media reports that "more people died from the Corona virus than in September 11", why don't they report this every year for deaths from the flu?

I make a living from the evening news

Just give me something, something I can use

People love when you lose,

They like dirty laundry

Well i could have been an actor but i found myself here

I just have to look good, I don't need to be clear

Come whisper in my ear

Give us dirty laundry

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Kick them when they are u

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em all arounD

We have blondd in the head with bleach

Who comes at five

She can tell you about the plane crash with a glint in her eyes


Give us dirty laundry

Can we film the operation?

Is the head still dead?

You know, the boys in the press room had a bet in progress

Get the widow on the set we need dirty laundry!

You don't really need to know what's going on

You don't really wanna know how far it went

Just leave pretty well alone

Eat your dirty laundry

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Hit them when they're stiff

Kick them all around

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Hit them when they're stiff

Kick & # 39; em all around

Dirty little secrets

Dirty little lies

We have our dirty little fingers in everyone's pie

We like to cut you to size

We like dirty laundry

We can do "The insinuation"

We can dance and sing

When it's said and done, we haven't told you anything

We all know that CRAP is king

Give us dirty laundry!

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Kick them when they are up

Kick & # 39; em when they down

Kick them when they are up

Kick them when they are down. .

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seo – Google "More Domain Results"

Okay, Google has what it takes so that when you search for a company, it presents the result, a few categories from the result, then a link stating "More results".

enter the description of the image here

My domain is, however, for me, this little thing "More results from" shows only, which is only partial. So now, when this link is clicked, the referencing done on each page is neglected and replaced by the search term.

enter the description of the image here

If you consider the highlighted result in the above snapshot, you will notice that although the resulting page has a complete meta-title and a description defined in the backend, it instead displays the search term.

enter the description of the image here

This does not seem to happen for every page that has been referenced, and it seems to be random, that is, when I try again tomorrow, different results will show an incorrect title.

I know this happens because of the search terms and the search term is My question is therefore: how can I change the word "More domain results" to it's my full domain name, ie and not just za .com?

I've read stuff and things and deduced that a robots file could be what is needed. Only, I'm not quite sure what to put in this robots file to correct this link "More domain results" to include my fully qualified domain name.

My site is built in WordPress using Yaost for SEO.

facebook – You can not change anything under "More info" for the page

I'm trying to change things like Current location and Kind under the section More information. This section is the last in the About tongue. My page has the category Musician / Group (not sure if it makes a difference)

Before any information, a link appears allowing you to add this information. Once added, however, it only displays as text. There is no Edit or Change link to update this information later.

I've checked using the Mobile and Desktop versions. I've navigated to the page settings where page information is found as well as on the page directly. It's strange. I remember updating my current position three months ago.

Someone else experienced this phenomenon?

dnd 5th – How does the "more favored enemy" of the revised Ranger of the UA interacts with the "favorite enemy" variants of the UA class entities?

If a Revised Ranger chooses to use the preferred enemy variant of the last ungrounded arcane, it replaces its original favored enemy device. How does this interact with their existing Grand Enemy Favored feature?

Even when the ranger does not have access to the privileged enemy, does the benefits that he offers still apply to the favored upper enemy?

Privileged Enemy (original)

Starting with the 1st level, you have considerable experience in the study, tracking, hunting and even conversation with some type of enemies commonly encountered in nature.
Choose a type of privileged enemy: beasts, fairies, humanoids, monstrosities or undead. You gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with weapon attacks against creatures of the chosen type. Aditionellement,
you have an advantage over the Survival controls to track your favorite enemies, as well as intelligence controls to recall information about them.
When you get this feature, you also learn a language of your choice, usually that spoken by your favorite enemy or creatures associated with it. However, you are free to choose the language you want to learn.

Privileged Enemy (variant)

You can use your link with nature to mark a creature as your favorite enemy for a while: you know the hunter's spell and Wisdom is your ability to cast spells. You can use it a number of times without spending a spell box and without requiring concentration a number of times equal to your wisdom modifier (at least once). You find useless uses when you finish a long rest.
When you get Spellcasting at the 2nd level, the Hunter Mark does not count in the number of guard spells you know.

Superior privileged enemy (original)

At level 6, you are ready to hunt even more deadly game. Choose a larger type of enemy: aberrations, celestials, constructions, dragons, elementals, demons or giants. You gain all the benefits you normally earn against that chosen enemy, including an additional language. Your bonus of attacks against all your favorite enemies increases to +4.
In addition, you have an advantage over saving throws against the spells and abilities used by a more favored enemy.

(it's me who emphasizes)

5th dnd – Lucky Exploit: How can "more than one creature spend a lucky point to influence the outcome of a throw"?

Fortunately, an attack jet, a capacity test, a saving throw or an incoming attack jet can be beneficial for you. Lucky can only affect a jet from multiple sources as it is an attack jet, as it is the only type of jet that can be handled at both ends ( source and target); there is no such symmetric combination for capacity checks or save throws because no one can perform a capacity check or throw "at" you.

If an attacker with the lucky exploit attacks you, he can benefit from his own throw, while enjoying the same result. This is the only situation to which the special cancellation rule applies.

It is very unlikely that the cancellation rule can be used at the table because generally, only PCs have donations and PCs usually do not attack, but the cancellation rule is there to handle extreme cases. Here are some situations covered by the rule:

  • Two PCs engage in player-versus-player combat.
  • A PC attacks an allied PC currently under mental control that allows a backup to terminate the effect when the target is damaged.
  • An NPC enemy designed with character characteristics attacks a PC.
  • A PC traitor becomes an NPC enemy in the middle of a meeting.
  • A PC applies Lucky to a spell attack against a spectator and misses it, and the viewer returns the spell to another PC with the lucky exploit (the Spell Reflection feature of the viewer indicates that the attack is relaunched, so it's the same attacker as the original one Lucky, the second PC could not use Lucky to avoid thinking).

There are certainly other extreme cases, and the rules for the lucky exploit allow for ambiguity and possible shenanigans by including a fix just in case.

By default, "More options" in Google Calender

In Google Calendar, when creating an event, I always use the options listed in "More Options" (creating a one-day event, changing notifications, etc.). I know this is only an extra click, but with the number of events I create, it becomes annoying. Is there a way to set it up so that the new event appears and "More Options" is already open?

Thank you!

Best message for "more messages" at the end of the page (no pagination involved)

During my free time, I build my website / blog from scratch using Jekyll (a template engine). Despite Jekyll's first class support for pagination, I want to avoid it, only the last X the messages are visible in my home page. If a user wants to see old publications they should use the archive or do a search.

My question is: How can I invite users to do this?

That's my work in progress attempt:

no pagination

Any suggestion? Is there a better way? Thank you!

Looking for one word for "more work than necessary"

I'm looking for a single word to describe more work than necessary, something like spending a lot of time / effort in something that usually produces very limited results. .
Any help is appreciated