Google Search Console – Article Schema Error with "Name" and "Publisher

I am using the OceanWp WordPress theme and I have activated the scheme option from the theme panel. When I checked the structure data via a structured data tool, the whole diagram works correctly but the diagram of the article gives these errors (in the screenshot below). I am using the free version of the theme and there is no support for me. I have no knowledge about coding, etc., but help me solve the problem.

Here is the screenshot.
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dialog – Should I remove the "Name" field from my newsletter subscription form?

To personalize the email or not?

Well, there is a lot of controversy around this issue. Here is a list of studies:


Studies (Heerwegh et al. 2006, Experian study, 2013) on the subject suggest that personalizing an email leads to higher response rates (around 5-10%). There are many studies on the subject – look for studies on email personalization.

Here is a brief summary of the Experian study:

  • Custom emails generated six times higher transaction rates and email revenue than emails that weren't

  • Personalized promotional emails had 29% higher unique open rates and 41% higher unique click rates.

  • Likewise, personalized triggered emails had 25% higher unique open rates and 51% higher unique click rates.

  • Personalized triggered email campaigns have demonstrated more than twice the transaction rates of non-personalized campaigns.

  • Emails with custom subject lines from multichannel retailers had unique opening rates 37% higher than emails without
    custom object lines.


Entering name reduces subscription rates

An additional input field must be presented in the subscription form to obtain the name of the subscriber. But we know that the more fields there are to fill in, the lower the conversion rate. Therefore, to get the name of the subscriber comes with a price – slightly lower conversion rate. This leads to fewer subscribers due to the more complex form.

Users sometimes put false names just to fill out the form

Imagine sending an email with the following greeting:

Hello Dawdasda,

Confidentiality issues

Some users may not want to share personal information such as name. Therefore, this field must be optional.


The best thing to do is to do an A / B test. Put one form that asks for the name and one that doesn't ask for it. Put 50% of the traffic in the first variant and 50% in the second. Try to track everything you can, like click-through rate, conversion rate, etc. To see which of these two variants earns you the most. This way you will have objective data to base your decision on.

I advise you to design an A / B test because your case is unique and different from the studies described above. So you can't take their data and expect it to work for you. Count on your data.

2013 – Get the calculated SharePoint Survey "#NAME" column

In the results of a survey conducted in SharePoint 2013 (survey list – type what I am trying to "inherit", if you know what I mean).

I've noticed that we're getting "#NAME" in some of the areas we're deleting.

Here are the details of the survey and the field in question:

  • The columns of the survey where we get #NAME are calculated
    columns based on some of the answers in the other questions.
  • These answer fields are CHOICE columns (radio buttons) ranging from 1 to 9.
  • The calculation looks like this:

    =AVERAGE(0+(Item A value),0+(Item B value),0+(Item C value),0+(Item D value),0+(Item E value),0+(Item F value),0+(Item G value))

From this information, what do you see that could be causing the error?

Calculated column displaying "#Name?" – SharePoint stack exchange

I try to display KPIs indicating how long an item in the list goes into each status.

Column Name = Time In 5.

= IF (OR (ISBLANK ([Date entered 6. ]), ISBLANK ([Date Entered 5. ])), "No date KPI", DATEDIF ([Date entered 6. ],[Date Entered 5.],"RE"))

Some items display an (expected) number, some display the "No KPI Date" message, but some display "#Name?". What would make it appear?