hyperlink – Copy of the "normal" link (classic) of an item in SharePoint Online (New experience)

I want to copy the classic old school link from a document resembling http://team./sites/sitename/libraryname/imagename.PNG.

However, SharePoint Online generates a link such as "https://tenant.sharepoint.com/:x:/r/sites/EcBgGUOtGLZAnWAxNhPEAl4BYd_hDxjbWMKuO0U1XZqwxw?e=aTcmoD" that is not human readable. Can I get the classic link in Sharepoint Online?

A blog article provides an "SPFx extension" as a solution, but I was wondering if we could find a simpler solution.

How would you call a font size between "small" and "normal"

I have these chips in a design system for font sizes:

  • tiny
  • small
  • ???
  • ordinary
  • way
  • great
  • huge
  • mega
  • giga

The design must add a size between small and ordinary and I'm stuck trying to find something that makes sense … Any suggestions?

Thank you!

terminology – Is there a "normal" working distance?

I do not think it's a commonly accepted or standard term. The term "normal distance" does not appear in the Focal Encyclopedia of Photography and Google searches for "photography" at a "normal distance" "shows no real pattern of use. (Most references are either as opposed to the macro distance or actually referring to normal observation distance for prints or screens.)

Since the perspective is solely determined by the distance between the camera and the subject, there is at least one common sense answer: a normal distance is the same distance that you can take to the distance. observe or interact in real life. For people, this can go from a conversation distance to the other end of the room. Closer than it sounds strange, as is an ultra-telephoto perspective. The same can apply to buildings, insects, cars or anything you photograph.

crash – How can I extract my MacBook Pro Notes files so that the data becomes "normal" again after the file system crash of my computer?

My MacBook Pro from 2011 to 2013 or something like a "crash" – the computer's file system was crumbling – when I made a forced manual shutdown because the Notes application did not answer. When I reactivated it repeatedly, it was in MacOS recovery mode and I sent it to a computer expert who examined it. It has been able to save / restore many documents – documents Pages, audio files, images and videos, etc. – and also says that the data is not gone, it's as if they were scrambled or arranged differently now or something of the sort. However, he does not know how to extract the files from my Notes application, which are my most important documents. He says that there could be several ways to proceed but he's not an expert on the Mac file system or the model / operating system in question. How to extract Notes files and recover my data as legible Notes files?