views – How to apply the "superior to equals" operator to a field (whose type is text) in the drupal 8 exposed filter

I have a field "Date" in my type story, which is of type "text". I know that it should be of type date, so for that I converted this type of field to "date" by modifying it using the code below: –

function MODULE_NAME_form_views_exposed_form_alter (& $ form,
 Drupal  Core  Form  FormStateInterface $ form_state, $ form_id)

if ($ form['#id'] == & # 39; VIEW_ID & # 39;) {
$ form['FIELD_NAME']['#type']            = & # 39; date & # 39 ;;

Now I've used this field in the filter exposed inside a view. The problem is that I want a range for this field, for which I want to use the "Greater Than Equal To" operator, but the options available to me do not include "greater than equals". Refer to the link below.

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Is there a "superior Segal conjecture"?

Segal's conjecture describes the double Spanier-Whitehead $ D Sigma ^ infty_ + BG $ it's safe $ G $. Is there a similar description of $ D Sigma ^ infty_ + K (G, n) $ when $ n geq 2 $ when $ G $ is finished (and abelian)?


  • I would be happy to understand the case of cyclic groups $ G = C_p $.

  • $ K (G, n) $ can be modeled by an abelian topological group, but I'm not sure that this falls under the guise of other generalizations known to the Segal conjecture, although $ G = mathbb Z $ and $ n = $ 2 there is a known decomposition (see Ravenel). For $ G = mathbb Z ^ n $ and $ n = $ 2 there is that too.

  • Let me remind you that Segal's conjecture (proven by Carlsson) says that when $ G $ is finished, the double Spanier-Whitehead $ D Sigma ^ infty_ + BG $ is a certain completion of $ vee _ {(H) subseteq G} Sigma ^ infty_ + BW_G (H) $ or $ (H) subseteq G $ ranges on subgroup conjugation classes and $ W_G (H) = N_G (H) / H $ is the Weyl group of $ H $ in $ G $. In particular, when $ G = C_p $ he says that

    $$ D Sigma ^ infty_ + BC_p = mathbb S vee ( Sigma ^ infty_ + BC_p) ^ { coin} _p $$

    or $ mathbb S $ is the spectrum of the sphere (corresponding to the subgroup $ C_p subseteq C_p $; the other term is the trivial subgroup $ 0 subseteq C_p $) and $ (-) ^ wedge_p $ is $ p $-completion.

dnd 5th – Is this spell "Superior Darkvision" balanced?

The spell would read as follows:

Darkvision Superior
2nd level of transmutation
Casting time: 1 action
Range: Touch
Components: V, S
Duration: 1 hour
You tap a willing creature to give it the ability to see in the dark. During the time this creature lasts, she can see as if the area was lit at a range of 30 feet, dealing with areas beyond that as usual.

The reason I want this spell is that, as shown in the link below, most basic races have darkvision, which makes the typical "Darkvision" spell less useful. The idea with this spell is to replace the normal spell "Darkvision".

What can or should we change to make a balanced spell? (Change the level of the spell, change the duration, add concentration, etc.)

Ideally, I would like to keep the spell level as is.

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