Why are Trump voters so racist?

I think that they are afraid of replacement. One of the things that amazed people is the resurgence of racism. Some people, naively, felt that we had left it in the 1960s when Jim Crow was dismantled. For a moment, things seem to be going pretty well. Of course, there are still many problems, but demonstrations against racism are completely taboo. Ten or fifteen years ago, I do not think anyone like Trump, who was openly racist, would have gotten the GOP nomination.

I think that has changed his realities of demographics and power. In this sense, the election of Barack Obama did not represent for Harold a post-racial future, but rather an awakening of racial awareness among some conservative whites. I think the consensus that emerged after the Civil Rights era and that has stood for the rest of the 20th century, is that parade races are considered taboo, even among the Conservatives, was based on the notion that giving blacks basic civil rights, such as a boat, would not change much. This is something that Southerners have discovered as a result of the Civil Rights era. During Jim Crow, they assumed that allowing blacks to vote would be a jackpot that would overthrow the white rule. Blacks who are still a minority in the South and can not control almost anything. Many whites, not only in the South but elsewhere, respected civil rights in the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, because it was largely academic. African Americans may control some urban enclaves, but that's all. While these whites might worry about Klein's supposedly small towns like Detroit under the African-American regime, it does not have much impact on their daily lives, as they could always have gotten rid of the controlling minority. the enclaves. I think the election of Barack Obama has changed that for some people. The rise of an African-American president, the work to which we are all supposed to offer respect and deference, closes him. They suddenly became more aware of the evolution of racial demographics. Suddenly, African-Americans and Hispanics were no longer a power of this minority that would not have an impact on the daily lives of conservative whites. With the minority of politically liberal whites, they make up the majority of the country and can now control the government. Moreover, these minorities are increasingly asserting themselves and demanding a fair share of power. African Americans no longer simply want to support the white candidate the Democratic Party has chosen. They want African-American candidates to have at least a chance to succeed. I think it disturbed a group of whites who thought that African Americans would remain a permanent minority whose interests should not usually be taken into account. This is what kind of anxiety that Donald Trump has been appealing.

Is it true that leftists really think that only whites can be racist? Really? ?

They use a critical racial theory, to which only sociologists and warriors of social justice believe.

Whites are not even a majority anymore.

Generation Z is already a white minority.

Millions of whites study in schools, colleges and live in neighborhoods where they are already a small minority. To say that these people can not be victims of racism because of institutional power is nonsense.

[ Politics ] Open question: Trump is a racist. Do you disagree?

[Politics] Open question: Trump is a racist. Do you disagree?

How did we go from electing our first black POTUS to the most racist POTUS in US history?

Obama won because he was black. That's all.

The most racist? I do not know. The founding fathers had slaves. Then we have to go back to notice presidents who did not want to end slavery or segregation. Even Lincoln wanted to send freed slaves to Liberia. Tell me when Trump advocates slavery or takes away the rights of blacks.

Republicans are so stupid to let go of blacks. It's a waste of time.

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