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dnd 5e – When specifically stated “this weapon is magical for overcoming resistances” does that mean it does full damage against a character in rage

Generally speaking, such a feature would not overcome the barbarian’s resistances from their Rage feature.

First, for an example of such a feature, let’s refer to the (NPC) archdruid’s Wild Shape feature, which states:

The new form’s attacks count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistances and immunity to nonmagical attacks.

Most of the features I’m aware of are phrased similarly enough to not make much of a difference.

The resistances that are part of the barbarian’s rage are described as the following:

You have resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage.

This resistance does not care about the magical or non-magical status of the damage dealt to the barbarian, so “magical for the purpose of overcoming resistances” doesn’t apply here. In the same vein, magical ‘physical’ damage from a spell like catapult, or from weapon attacks with a magical weapon would be halved against a raging barbarian as well (see this Q&A for a more thorough breakdown on this).

This is in contrast to things like air elementals’ resistances, which are phrased as the following:

Bludgeoning, Piercing, and Slashing from Nonmagical Attacks

Such a set of resistances would be overcome by a feature like the archdruid’s, as the attacks counting as magical means that those resistances are inapplicable. Similarly, those resistances would be ineffective against magical attacks causing ‘physical’ damage, such as thorn whip, or weapon attacks with magical weapons.

For another point of comparison, effects that intend to bypass general resistances that normally would apply seem to be more direct about it- for an example, see the vorpal sword:

In addition, the weapon ignores resistance to slashing damage.

This would bypass the resistances from Rage.

dnd 5e – Can I start a new rage before the previous one ends?

So the PHB says:

“On your turn, you can enter a rage as a bonus action.”
“You can also end your rage on your turn as a bonus action” PHB 48

So from a RAW perspective I’d probably say no because to enter a rage you most likely cannot already be in a rage. That would be similar to trying to enter a house that you are already inside of if interpreted literally. And I think that the fact that you can forcefully end your rage (essentially exiting it) supports this.


From a RAI perspective I think that it is okay to extend your rage duration by expending another rage slot. Consider this:

“A barbarian can draw on this reservoir of fury only a few times without resting, but those few rages are usually sufficient to defeat whatever threats arise.” PHB 46

I believe the emphasis for this lies in that rest is required to replenish a barbarians fury. However, until depleted, that reservoir can continue to be tapped. One does not simply stop being furious because a minute has passed. The main thing to take into account with this mechanic is the limited reservoir of fury.

Consider also, the rage timer could reach its end, kicking the barbarian out of rage at the beginning of their turn, only for them to immediately pop another rage. There is technically no significant amount of time between the first and second rage. It would not make sense for the barbarian to experience a single moment of clarity spanning the bridge of one solitary second before becoming consumed by a furious rage once more.

In summary:

RAW is most likely a no, but from the perspective of RAI I’d give it a yes.

Can a Barbarian stay in rage while polymorphed? [duplicate]

If a raging Barbarian gets polymorphed into a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Mammoth or something, to give it more hp, does the rage drop? Polymorph says:

The creature is limited in the Actions it can perform by the Nature of its new form, and it can’t speak, cast Spells, or take any other action that requires hands or Speech.

The Barbarian has already taken the rage bonus action. Rage says the following:

Your rage lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven’t attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then. You can also end your rage on your turn as a bonus action.

This says nothing about the rage ending if you change shape. So would this work?

dnd 5e – Would it break things to allow a Barbarian to cast spells in rage?

It would break concentration by never breaking concentration.

This is the biggest concern. Rather than reinvent the wheel, I will echo Ruse’s response to this question – Is this barbarian Rage Mage subclass balanced compared to the official barbarian subclasses and the eldritch knight?:

The fundamental problem with casting spells while raging is concentration spells. The Barbarian class has great incentives to have a high Con modifier and grants proficiency to Con saves, but what really sets it apart from other gishes (such as the Eldritch Knight) in this regard is the Rage.

Rage halves most of the incoming damage, so if the Barbarian can concentrate on a spell while raging, then breaking that concentration will be an order of magnitude more difficult. Moreover, Rage is an amazing buff and every other buff of this caliber requires concentration.

For these reasons, any subclass that lets a Barbarian concentrate on spells while raging is fundamentally unbalanced. It’s not the kind of thing that you can balance out by making other features weaker.

A raging barbarian, especially if they take War Caster, which they will, will almost never lose concentration. Ever.

dnd 5e – Can you Invoke a Rune during a Rage?

The only thing you can’t do while raging is cast or concentrate on spells

The Barbarian’s Rage feature states:

(…) If you are able to cast spells, you can’t cast them or concentrate on them while raging. (…)

This is the only sort of restriction the feature applies on anything magical. The runes do not involve casting spells, if they did, they would explicitly state as much like the Way of Four Elements Monk does with its Fist of Four Thunders feature (and many others):

(…) Some elemental disciplines allow you to cast spells. (…)

(…) You can spend 2 ki points to cast thunderwave. (…)

This feature explicitly states that you cast a spell, and since the Rune Knight’s Runes do not include a similar wording, they are not considered to be casting a spell and thus a Barbarian can use them while raging. There is a somewhat similar case with an Artificer’s Spell-Storing Item where since it does not explicitly state that you are casting the spell, you are not actually casting it.

dnd 5e – Can a raging barbarian carry live rabbits to kill them, in order to keep his rage going?

No, that’s not how rage works.

Murdering random rabbits does not fuel rage. A barbarian’s rage works as follows:

It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven’t attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then.

First of all, if you’re carrying rabbits around and treating them nicely, then the rabbit presumably is not hostile. It may become hostile if the barbarian suddenly attacks it, but by then it will be dead.

Second, this will require the serial killing of many, many rabbits. Eventually you will run out.

By comparison, it would be more efficient for the barbarian to maintain the rage by damaging themselves. This would fulfill the “or taken damage since then” clause. On rounds where they can’t attack an enemy, they smack themselves with an unarmed attack, or use the hilt of their weapon as an improvised weapon. They have resistance to physical damage during a rage, so this probably won’t hurt them very much.

Recommendation: Make attack rolls anyway.

In general, the barbarian should be attacking every round in a rage. If you really need to keep the rage going, then make attack rolls. They don’t have to hit.

For example, the barbarian could carry some spare throwing weapons or some ranged weapon. That way, if your enemies are out of your movement and melee range, then the barbarian can make a thrown or ranged attack each round while moving toward the enemies. Even if these attacks miss the enemy, they will keep the rage going until the barbarian has closed in.

dnd 5e – Can a barbarian maintain rage by attacking a creature that is not present?

Suppose a raging barbarian does not see any opponents on the battlefield but is attempting to maintain rage by attacking a hostile creature, according to the following:

Your rage lasts for 1 minute. It ends early if you are knocked unconscious or if your turn ends and you haven’t attacked a hostile creature since your last turn or taken damage since then.

If there was a successfully Hidden opponent on the field, the barbarian would be permitted to attack it by guessing its location. Even if they were incorrect, that would be sufficient to maintain their rage.

But how far ‘off’ is the barbarian allowed to be in their guess and still have the attack count?

Suppose the successfully Hidden opponent has actually left the field without the barbarian knowing.
Does the fact that the opponent is not actually there prevent the barbarian from making an attack on an unseen opponent?

If yes, and the rage ends, the player then gains information about the fact that the opponent is not present (which seems to go against the spirit of “If the target isn’t in the location you targeted, you automatically miss, but the DM typically just says that the attack missed, not whether you guessed the target’s location correctly.”)

If no, and the barbarian is allowed to attack an opponent that is not actually there based on the plausible belief that an opponent is present, then what prevents the barbarian from postulating an opponent who could be there? For example, the barbarian invokes an NPC that has successfully Hidden against the party before – is it enough to maintain rage for the barbarian to say that they believe said NPC is present and Hidden and then attempt to attack them as an Unseen opponent?

Somewhat related: A barbarian’s belief that they are attacking an opponent is apparently not sufficient to maintain rage if what they are attacking is an illusion. So attacking a not-creature that is there is not enough to maintain rage, but is it enough to attack an actual creature that is not there?

dnd 5e – Can I use Relentless Endurance after failing the Relentless Rage Constitution saving throw?

Yes, you can use both features.

The key is that, in both features, the text essentially states that “if you drop to 0 hit points and don’t die outright, you can use this feature”.

So, when you drop to 0 hp, you choose to use Relentless Rage, and fail the saving throw: now, you’re still dropping to 0 hp, so the conditions are right for you to choose to use relentless endurance.

I was not able to find any errata pertaining to these features. With no additional information from the developers, I see no reason to assume anything other than the clear reading of the text as we have it.

dnd 5e – Does the Zealot barbarian’s Rage beyond Death feature let you survive if you receive healing regardless of your death saves?

Your reading is correct – the PC stays alive even if they fail their death saving throws (or, more generally, get 3 failures on death saving throws any way – including damage from enemies, which is most likely), if they are healed before their rage ends.

The wording is very clear and explicitly states the situation:

However, if you would die due to failing death saving throws, you don’t die until your rage ends, and you die then only if you still have 0 hit points.

If it was not intended, that last clause would not exist. The phrase could just end before that statement, something on the lines of:

However, if you would die due to failing death saving throws, you don’t die until your rage ends.

The feature prevents death from failed death saving throws, but not any other kinds of death – for example, death from massive damage is still possible.

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