Licensed Windows Server 2016 randomly shuts down itself for no reason

My Windows Server 2016 Essentials recently got a habit of randomly shutting itself down. I’ve searched the issue online and almost all suggestions were like server must be unlicensed so it shutdowns automatically. Mine is licensed (and it hasn’t been doing this for like 2 years). Also unlike unlicensed shutdowns, this one shutdown once every week, usually after weekend, Monday or Tuesday mornings.

Has anyone seen an issue like this before?

magento2 – Magento 2 admin order view HOLD button not clickable randomly

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google chrome – Why is my computer randomly changing windows?

Recently, my computer changes windows randomly. One moment I’m search on Chrome, then it switches to another app. I didn’t pay attention, but I think it always changes to Chrome and not other apps. Even when I’m using Chrome, it changes to another Chrome window. I’ve watched my computer without touching the keyboard and it just changes. Chrome also flashes orange on the taskbar for seemingly no reason, but I think (not sure) that it only happens when I’m on

HP laptop touchpad randomly stops working

My HP laptop’s touchpad randomly becomes unresponsive, but when it is, it still moves the cursor with an external mouse. Because of this, I had to force shutdown my laptop because I couldn’t do a graceful shutdown (no USB mouse). How do I fix this?

javascript – How to randomly allocate values for fixed sum columns and rows?

How to solve this type of problem?

  1. total row sum;
  2. total col sum;
  3. grand total;
  4. total rows 10;
  5. total cols 10;
  6. maximum possible grand total 20 (sum of total rows OR total colums, always equal);
  7. allocated values must be >= 0;

Randomly allocated row and col totals to cells.

PROBLEM (sample with 3×3 but should be for 10×10)

     c1  c2  c3  total
r1    ?   ?   ?   2
r2    ?   ?   ?   1
r3    ?   ?   ?   0
total 2   1   0   3(grand total)


      c1  c2  c3  total
r1    2   0   0   2
r2    0   1   0   1
r3    0   0   0   0
total 2   1   0   3(grand total)

My approach: didn’t come up with any sensible method.

Thank you for your effort.

pr.probability – Can we calculate the probability that $f(x)$ is positive for a randomly chosen value of $xin(0,m)$ as $mtoinfty$? (uniform distribution)

Following my previous question here, I have this function
$$f(x)=10+3 cos (2(b-a)x)+13 cos (2(a+b)x)+2 cos (3 a x)+17 cos (2 b x),$$
with $frac ab notin mathbb{Q}$.

Assuming that distribution is uniform over the interval, are we able to estimate the limit
$$ lim_{mtoinfty} frac 1m int_{0}^{m} Big( f(x)>0Big) ,dx?$$

In the case of these kinds of functions (even with more terms in the sum), what is the general rule to calculate the probability that $f(x)$ is positive for a randomly chosen value of $xin(0,m)$ as $mtoinfty$?

Any hints and comments are appreciated.

javascript – Cypress function randomly times out “promise that never resolved.”

I’m overwriting the visit command to run tests on our QA environment which requires authentication. Most of the time it works fine but sometimes it fails with

cy.then() timed out after waiting 4000ms.

Your callback function returned a promise that never resolved.

My function is:

Cypress.Commands.overwrite("visit", (originalFn, url, options) => {
  // Read the auth details from accounts.json
  cy.fixture("accounts").then((account) => {
    const username = account.auth_username;
    const password = account.auth_password;

    const authenticatedOptions = {
      auth: { username, password },
      failOnStatusCode: false,

    return originalFn(url, authenticatedOptions);

Am I doing something wrong to make it flakey?

timelapse – During interval timer shooting, NIKON D5600 overexposes photos randomly

I am having an issue with my camera. At random, it will overexpose photos during interval timer shooting. It’s generally fine at the beginning, but as time goes on, there are more and more overexposed shots. The time on those shots is the same as on the ones that are properly exposed.

Here’s my last timelapse, you can see the overexposed shots:

enter image description here

I am thinking that either the aperture is not being set properly on the lens, or the shutter is broken. How can I diagnose this so that I can know if I need to get anything fixed? It never happened when I was taking pictures normally.

security – Media Player Controls appear randomly, as if there is user input detected, but there is not?

Firstly, I have no remote access software installed, I regularly run Malwarebytes as well as use two Firewalls, and am pretty knowledgeable about never installing anything that can compromise my PC.

However, I notice that while viewing media (such as a streaming service in my browser, or just with an offline media player) the “media controls” etc will sometimes randomly pop up for a second, as if the mouse moved or there is user input, even though I am touching none of the controls, and nothing has disturbed them.

When this happens, the mouse pointer itself stays pixel-perfect still, there is no evidence that the mouse has actually moved. However, the media player acts as if there is some user input. This is not accompanied by any other unusual behavior, such as anything popping up, or commands being actually executed. The “media controls” behaving as if they are detecting user activity is the only odd thing that happens.

Has anybody else experienced this, and have any insight as to what is causing this? Is it any indication that my computer has been compromised in some way?

design – elementor no-repeat css value works randomly on unique single post template

I’m working on our WP website with elementor pro template builder. I have one single post template that I’m using for all the posts. The background “hero” image of the header section is the featured image of the post.

In the following post (with firefox/Chrome Mac) no-repeat value doesn’t work:

In the following post (with firefox/Chrome Mac) no-repeat value does work:

Both examples supposedly use the same single post template with background values as:
…background-image: url(“photograph.jpg”);
min-height: 60%;
background-position: center;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
background-size: cover;…

In the single post template, if I change the value to default then back to no-repeat, it works again, … until it doesn’t.

What am I missing. Thanks for the help