Why is the rank of my website very low?

Why is the ranking of my website very low? Compared to more backlinks and DA than my competitor, the rank of my website still remains very low.

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Is it possible to create back links from a domain extension .fr If we want to rank in the United States?

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Is it possible to create back links from a domain extension .fr If we want to rank in the United States? | Talk Web Hosting

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  1. Is it possible to create back links from a domain extension .fr If we want to rank in the United States?

    One of my friends tells me that if you want to rank in the United States (.com), do not create backlinks on domain names from other countries, for example, .fr .co.in, .de etc.
    Is it true?

    Guide me please …

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SEO / Google search rank vs. competitors question

I have 3 questions

1. How is it that the Google search control indicates that my average ranking is 16.5 while I can not see my website in the search results? if I click on a country and on the country where my site is focused, the average ranking is 4.1, but I do not see it in the results of its statistics. I have tried more than 10 devices (friends, families) phones / tablets and computers. Could someone explain me that?

I've done a search on mydomain.com which contains links to my site. Does this count in the Google Search Console? Maybe what makes the ranks strange / false?

2 My site does not have a lot of text. This is not a blog or the like, so I have a hard time figuring out how to rank specific keywords when I can not add them to text like on blogs. I've added a meta tag and created an h1 with the best keyword I'm hiding (good or bad idea?)

3 Because of the number 2 ^, I was very concerned that the website is loading quickly, both for PC and for mobile devices. I have created a mobile version (100% responsive design) that is very good. I know these items are important for SEO and search ranking algorithm.
There is a competing website that has the same site idea as me (with others). It only has a PC version (0% reagent) and its loading times are much longer than mine. They also have no text walls on the page because of the number 2, so I doubt that they have a better SEO with regard to the keywords? This website ranks on the first page on google for each keyword at the same time mine does not even display on any of the pages. Why?

I hope someone can help me understand that. I clearly understand that I need to improve my SEO but I do not really know how to do it because it is not a "text wall" website.

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linear algebra – Prove that for any matrix $ bf A $ with $ n $ columns, $ nullity ( mathbf {A}) + rank ( mathbf {A}) = n $

Theorem (3.34). The matrix dimension theorem (rank-nullity
theorem): If A is a matrix with n columns (number of unknowns), then
$$ nullity ( mathbf {A}) + rank ( mathbf {A}) = n $$

My attempt:

Consider an arbitrary matrix $ bf A $ with $ n $ Columns.

assume $ rank ( mathbf A) = n $. It follows that $ rref ( mathbf A) $ will not have any columns without the first ones. From where the only vector $ bf x $ who satisfies $ bf Rx = O $ is a null vector. Since $ bf Rx = O $ is equivalent to $ bf Ax = O $the set of solutions must be identical. And that means that the null space of $ bf A $ consists of only one vector, $ bf O $. Therefore $ nullity ( mathbf {A}) = 0 $

We have $ rank ( mathbf A) + nullity ( mathbf {A}) = n + 0 = n $

assume $ rank ( mathbf {A}) = $ m or $ m <n $. That implies that $ rref ( mathbf A) $ at $ n-m $ zero line, which further implies that the linear system $ bf Rx = O $ will have $ n-m $ free variables. Since $ bf Rx = O $ is equivalent $ bf Ax = O $then $ bf Ax = O $ will have $ n-m $ free variables too. And because the number of free variables is equal to the nullity of the $ bf A $ (I tried to prove this proposition here), it follows that $ nullity ( mathbf A) = n-m $

We have

$$ rank ( mathbf {A}) + nullity ( mathbf {A}) = m + n – m = n $$

$ Box $

Is it correct?

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