wordpress – What is the correct way to use image in place of the H2 tag without affecting the SEO ranking in a bad way?

I’m designing a WordPress post template where I have more than one section on the page each section has a picture as it’s main heading.

my question here is what is the best practice to implement this without affecting SEO since I’m replacing the H2 tag with an image?

I’m considering doing one of these solutions

<h2><img src="https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/---" alt="the second section title"></h2>

or like this

<h2 style="display:none">the second section title</h2> 
<img src="https://webmasters.stackexchange.com/---" alt="the second section title"> 

which one is better? and is their any better solution to approach this?

the first option seems to be better since Alt text does not count as “hidden text” if it accurately describes the image, which is that in my case.

as for the second option it’s not suggested since it might violate google hidden text and links guidelines and it’s semantically incorrect since it will be considered part of the section content while the image represent the section title.

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Google Page Experience: Upcoming Search Ranking Change

Google is planning a search ranking change incorporating Core Web Vitals, and planning for the new algorithm.

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How GMB Google my business Listing is useful for website Ranking?

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seo – Does having an extended validation SSL certificate increase your Google search ranking?

I'm helping a retailer get and install an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for their online store. After doing a lot of back-and-forth in providing trade literature, I now wonder if it's worth spending the time and expense required to get one. Certification authorities, which sell EV certificates, claim that it makes your site trustworthy, however, many articles claim that users can't tell the difference and don't care. In addition, most modern browsers no longer present EV certificates to the user, making it difficult to know whether this is an EV or an EV. a standard certificate. at a glance.

Obviously, EV certificates have lost the weight they once had, but I wonder if Google's search engine has even higher it in their ranking algorithm than a standard algorithm. I suspect this is at least a small factor for small online retailers, but less, or not at all, for Amazon, eBay and other Google advertisers who have been "availed" under the buying ads on Google.

What are the best WordPress SEO tips for ranking in Search Engine?

What are the best WordPress SEO tips for ranking in Search Engine?

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