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rdp – Trying to access Windows Admin-Center from my Mac browser

I recently installed Windows Admin center on Windows windows server 2016. And accepted the self signed certificate, This is running on my local network, I move around the house and I will like to use the browser on my Mac to access Windows admin center from my Mac to manage my windows Server instead of constantly logging in with RDP.
I read that on windows server, this feature is installed as a network service and I believe is being accessed via http.
To resolve this, I added the Server’s IP to my Mac’s host file, but unfortunately nothing worked. I am able to use it but only with RDP.
Is there a working solution to this problem? Can I access it on my Mac?

TRUE 10gbps RDP?

i have done so many trails to test sellers 10gbps and it never goes above 1.5 gbps

are there any true sellers out there to deliver what they say???

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imac – Why does Citrix CAG (RDP across monitors) take up multiple Spaces?

I used to have just my iMac and I used Spaces to have different apps on different desktops (i.e. Mail on desktop1, iTunes on desktop2, Chrome on desktop3).

I’ve recently attached another monitor to my iMac and I use Citrix CAG to remote to a Windows PC for work. I share my remote desktop connection across both monitors. To do this, I had to disable the ‘Displays have separate Spaces’ setting under Mission Control.

Now when I switch between Spaces, the remote desktop connection stays on display on each Space.

Is there any way to avoid this but to keep the Space functionality and to be able to have the remote desktop connection across both monitors?

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RDP suggest me

someone has a good RDP suggest me

Looking for dedicated UK residential VPN or RDP or VPS

I just wrote 40 companies and nobody have simple things 1] residential UK IP and 2] ipquality score low not detected VPN proxy nobody have u… | Read the rest of https://www.webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1825797&goto=newpost

audio – MS Teams on Windows 10 – microphone not working when using RDP to laptop

I’m using remote desktop to go from my desktop to work laptop, but when I do this the microphone built into my work webcam disappears as an option and therefore no-one can hear me.

If I work directly on the laptop, MS Teams shows me this option which works fine:

Before Remote Desktop

But, when I remote from the desktop into the laptop, this screen changes and I don’t get any options in the microphone drop down:

During a Remote Desktop

The options I have set in the remote desktop for audio are:

Remote desktop audio settings

I have tried plugging the work webcam into my desktop and using remote audio for both playback and recording, and this does work but produces too much echo on the call for others (presumably as both the desktop and laptop are in the same room albeit on different desks). I also can’t use MS Teams on my desktop due to work policies, and I’m trying to avoid having to go between the desks so remote desktop would be ideal if I can get this microphone working.

Is there anything else I could try?

Can not connect with RDP

I migrated 1 of the servers (VM) from VMWare to Azure. Everything looks fine. Networking is set correct as far as I can see, but sill unable to connect.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance