Fortigate to Azure VPN – connected but can not reach anything

I have configured an IPSec VPN between a Fortigate and Azure, according to the following instructions:

IPsec VPN to Microsoft Azure

The VPN is connected the first time, but I can not see the virtual server of the local network, nor anything on the local network of the server.

My configuration is as follows:

  • Local network:
  • Azure v-net:
  • Azure subnet:
  • Azure Gateway Subnet:

I have tried to ping or RDP on my server ( from my computer (on the local network) or to ping my computer from the server. There is no result (firewall disabled or ping other locations).

I've already created the static route and the rules in the Fortigate.

Although not listed in the instructions, I tried to create a routing table in Azure with the subnet of the local network going through the virtual network.

Any ideas on what I should try next?

Thank you!! – Luis

Spells – Is there a limit to what you can move beyond the weight and reach of your magic projection?

My general manager and I are at odds with a debate on the applicability of an airway fate that I have reproduced below:


Effect: This spell allows the caster to move inanimate objects without physical contact over a distance of a maximum speed equivalent to the value of flight 10. Its maximum weight is 60 pounds.

I would argue that this spell simply grants the caster the ability to move objects within his radius, while the GM has currently decided that he should target an object. As this spell has daily maintenance, this distinction has a great impact on its applicability to many situations. Is one of us right?

How to reach Australian small businesses?

I want to generate traffic from Australia for my website. How to get a backlink? and how to reach Australian small businesses?

Active Directory: Can the AD Domain Controller not reach the domain members?

Due to some limitations, a particular AD site can not have local domain controllers, nor site-to-site VPN tunnels can be established to other sites. Instead, domain members here use point-to-site / dial-in VPNs to connect to remote domain controllers.

Domain members can access domain controllers via VPN without problem. However, because of the firewall and the nature of the point-to-site VPN, domain controllers will never be able to establish connections with these isolated domain members.

Is this one-way permanent design acceptable to these domain members? Or will there be complications regarding certain features / scenarios?

algorithms – What is the surest way to reach a target number without exceeding it?

I'm trying to write a small algorithm where I'm trying to reach a TARGET NUMBER from an INITIAL NUMBER so as not to exceed the TARGET NUMBER and to m <39 ############################################################################################## ensure that the rate at which I reach the number is not too slow or fast but a subtle gradual increase in a pre-defined time interval.


var initial_number
var final_number
step_size = final_number - initial_number

So if I have to leave numéro_initial , how can I continue to watch step size and keep adding it to reach numéro_final keep above the conditions.

One way for example:
1. Divide step_size and add half to initial_number

What other subtle ways can we implement this by keeping the algo can be run in a critical system

[ Korea ] Open Question: Why are the Liberals so happy that Trump did not reach a nuclear deal with North Korea this week?

Do they expect a nuclear war to be able to blame Trump? .

adb – Can not reach fastboot from recovery mode

Beforehand: Sorry to have asked. I was sure it was not duplicate.

I made a soft brick. The story: used Kingoroot or something similar, so was too hurried "yes, please, destroy my rooted device via a firmware update!"button.

Now I have arrived at this exact situation:

  • I get an output in the linux console fastboot devices when starting fastboot (it's WT98360 fastboot)
  • I can reach the recovery mode
  • I get the right answer when testing root in recmode

What I think is true:

  • I have downloaded the right firmware for my Huawei y360-u61 (shit but I can not afford a better one)
  • When I put this file without further processing on an SD card and run in recmode mode, I should be able to choose "apply the update from an external SD card"and retrieve my phone — But unfortunately it does not work. He rather aborts the installation saying "canceled installation".
  • When I chooseapply the ADB update"I should be able to adb sideload the file I downloaded without having to perform other operations on this file and recover my phone. — But unfortunately, the phone is not recognized in this case. The only thing I know is that fastboot devices do not give me anything when I choose "apply the ADB updateIt's the only thing because I do not know anything about advertising magic.
  • I should not be able to load the phone laterally just by starting fastboot, because before the crash, I did not allow what I needed in that case, that is to say. OEM unlock and developers mode. — Indeed start on fastboot (where the phone is found by fastboot from the linux shell) and adb sideloadthe file gives me error: no device / emulators found.

My hello guessed: update the boot loader / "open it" for side loading. I am here to ask if this is correct and if so, how do we do it. And of course, I want to know if my assumptions are correct or not.

And for the sake of God: how can I turn off the device when it is in fastboot or recmode mode?

I think I reach the goal

"I think that achieving this goal depends on negotiation skills, and traders set their goal of earning money based on their learning abilities. my daily goal a saving of 20 pips with this policy This is not an instructive trading method, it still generates profits.In general, I found that many regulated did not prefer to provide this structure of negotiation.
But luckily, I am able to apply this technique in all major currencies of my AAFX trading platform. This regulated trading phase until the end of time provides the best trading environment for scalping, providing only a piping trading spread. So, it is possible for me to make sure that my goal is to make money on this platform in no time. "

java – RabbitMQ / AMQP – how to reach a consumer for each message in the queue (or near it)?

I have several messages in queue and their processing is very long / heavy. I thought the solution to this type of bottleneck would be to increase the number of consumers removing a message from the queue.

It is unclear how one can reach massive amounts of consumers (or 1 consumer for 1 message) in the queue. But what follows is my attempt.

I have created a SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory with a large number of consumers, as in the following.

public SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory rabbitListenerContainerFactory () {
Factory SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory = new SimpleRabbitListenerContainerFactory ();
factory.setConnectionFactory (connectionFactory ());
factory.setConcurrentConsumers (50);
factory.setMaxConcurrentConsumers (200);
factory.setStartConsumeMinInterval (1l);
factory return;

I can not know how many messages will be in the queue and I do not want to put too many. I want to exploit the algorithm of intensification of the consumption for a very fast scaling. I understand that I can move up a gear if I reduce the ConsumeMinInterval. Is it possible to go even faster than ConsumeMinInterval less than 1?

combinatory – Waiting for the balls to reach the capacity C with two boxes of unequal probability

The problem is to show that the expected number of bales to be thrown in two bins of possibly unequal probability to fill one of them with balls of C is maximized when the two bins have an equal probability.

At present, I have formulated the problem as expecting that the first basket contains the balls C and the other basket containing the balls 0 to C-1 and vice versa

$ sum_ {i = 0} ^ {C – 1} {{C + i} choose {i}} ((1-p) ^ ip ^ C) (C + i) + sum_ {i = 0} ^ {C – 1} {{C + i} choose {i}} (p ^ i (1-p) ^ C) (C + i) $

When you take the derivative with respect to p, it is clear that p = 0.5 leads to a derivative of 0, but I am not sure how to show that it is the maximum. I have trouble showing that for 0 <= p <0.5 the gradient is positive and for 0.5