Where Can I Read Real Reviews About Medical Clinics?

QUOTE(ClintonLloyd @ Jul 9 2020, 02:03 PM) *

As I know there are special websites with reviews about doctors. Several examples: Healthgrades, Vitals, RateMDs.

Yes, you are right. Nowadays you can find almost all information you need in internet. But be careful and read only modern independent services to avoid fake reviews. I often use https://smart.reviews/ site, it provides new interesting features. Highly recommend to try!

Please read before submitting design to a contest

When including free or stock images in any design submitted to a contest, please make a note telling where the image came from. This will help contest holder in making a decision and keep members from reporting posts with stock or free images.


sql – How can data studio read a repeatable column as values of a single record?

I’m moving a Mongo collection into BigQuery to do analysis and visualizations in Google Data Studio. I’m specifically trying to map all results of a locations collection, which has multiple records, one for each location. Each record stores the lat long as an array of 2 numbers.

In Data Studio, when i try to map the locations.coordinates value, it croaks, because it only pulls in the first value of the array. If instead of mapping it, I output the result as a table, I see 2 rows for each record, with the _id being the same and locations.coordinates being different between a row that has the latitude (locations.coordinates(0)) and another row for the longitude (locations.coordinates(1)).

I think I have to do this as a scheduled query in bigquery, that runs after every sync of data. But, I’m hoping there is a way to do this as a calculated field or a blended data set, in Google Data Studio.

Data as it exists in mongo

Data as it exists in bigquery

Data as it exists in data studio

Have you read the Low End Box interview series?

Back in April we started publishing interviews of industry leaders on Low End Box as part of our interview style Q/A sessions. We started talking about this back in March on Low End Talk and we still invite anyone interested in being interviewed as part of this series to speak up!

Thus far we’ve published five in total:

Interview: Q&A with RackNerd CEO Dustin B. Cisneros on Leading, Learning, Help and Execution

Interview: Q&A with Nexus Bytes CEO Nahian on the Hosting Industry and a Customer First Approach

Interview: Q&A with CrossBox.io on the Software Industry, Small Business, and Making a Difference

Interview: Q&A with EstNOC CEO Ego Ennok on Web Hosting, Virtualization and Running a Small Business

Interview: Q&A with MXroute Owner Jarland Donnell on Email Delivery, the Hosting Industry and a look back

All four interviews were detailed and informative and if you haven’t read them yet, take a few minutes and do so.

If you have a suggestion for who we should interview next please leave your ideas in the comments below.

Jon Biloh

I’m Jon Biloh and I own LowEndBox and LowEndTalk. I’ve spent my nearly 20 year career in IT building companies and now I’m excited to focus on building and enhancing the community at LowEndBox and LowEndTalk.

dataweave – read json and convert it into csv in mule 3

Below json i am getting from one of the system. Now i have to read the payload.d.FailureRecord.CUError[0].ErrorRecords and convert the ErrorRecords into CSV but i am getting error even not able to read the ErrorRecords.

Error: 500 Exception while executing.


    "d": {
    "FailureRecord": {
      "RequestId": "15",
      "GId": "23",
      "APIError": null,
      "GUError": null,
      "CUError": [
          "CampaignId": "CreditCard",
          "ErrorRecords": "Case Id,Loan Account Number,External Key,Product Flag,Loan Type,EMI Amount,Overdue Charges,Reason for Bounce,Instrument Type,Last Mode of Payment,Registered Bank Name,LoanFromDuration,Balance Tenure,Number of EMIs Pending,Amount Financed,Number of Advance EMI,Sales Point Name,Principal Outstanding,Representation Status,Region,OPS Hold Status,Pre Due Identifer,Name,Additional Number 1,Additional Number 2,Other Number,Alternate Number 1,Alternate Number 2,Primary Email,Primary Mobile No,Address Line 1,Address Line 2,Address Line 3,Landmark,City,State,Pincode
    5009D000002dOwCQAU,12563550,,,Education,38383838383838,8700.0,Hier Issues,,Cash,Maha Bank,2020-03-24,,13.0,,,,0.0,false,,,,NESHU BALA,9803723933,9833583336,9820467890,9000000000,8111111111,a@a.com,9820468148,,,,,,,
    5009D000002dXgXQAU,10285237,,,TWO WHEELER LOANS,0.0,0.0,FUNDS INSUFFICIENT.,AUTO-DEBIT,AUTO-DEBIT,PUNJAB NATIONAL BANK,2017-04-05,,36.0,,,,,false,,,,PINKY BEGAM,98369703,9819055187,96666666666,9819055678,,pinky.begam1988@gmail.com,8451942332,,,,,,,
    5009D000002dXgYQAU,13587404,,,TWO WHEELER LOANS,4249.0,22378.0,FUNDS INSUFFICIENT.,AUTO-DEBIT,AUTO-DEBIT,IDBI BANK LTD,2017-05-05,,36.0,,,,,false,,,,PANDHARINATH DANGAL PATIL,9699301664,9800000001,,,,pandharinathpatil@gmail.com,7016407268,,,,,,,
    5009D000002dXgmQAE,10490959,,,TWO WHEELER LOANS,1800.0,0.0,FUNDS INSUFFICIENT.,AUTO-DEBIT,AUTO-DEBIT,BOI-BANK OF INDIA,2017-05-05,,36.0,,,,0.0,false,,,,ANVARKHAN ABBASKHAN PATHAN,9714997807,,00001111111,9111111111,8111111111,nomail@nomail.com,9714997807,,,,,,,
    5009D000002dXguQAE,10024923,,,TWO WHEELER LOANS,1644.0,32060.0,FUNDS INSUFFICIENT.,AUTO-DEBIT,AUTO-DEBIT,SBI STATE BANK OF INDIA,2017-04-05,,36.0,,,,,false,,,,SANJAYBHAI KHUMABHAI MACHHI,9924193957,,,,,sanjaymachhi676@gmail.com,9924193957,,,,,,,

Which topology, algebra and geometry books should I read in order to be better prepared to study differential geometry at graduate level?

At the moment, I am completing a master’s degree in statistics where I have been studying the theory of copulas. I intend to pursue a doctor degree in statistics as well, but I’d like to deepen my knowledge about information geometry in order to research the intersection between both fields.

Based on it, I’d like to know if someone could suggest me algebra, topology and differential geometry books in order to make me better prepared to understand properly the mathematical foundation of such theory.

To be precise, I’d like to receive suggestions which complements (at graduate level) the book “Algebra” from Artin, the book “Topology” from Munkres, and the book “Differential geometry of curves surfaces” by do Carmo.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated, since I am totally new to the subject.

rsa – Read and parse PGP keys

my goal is to parse pgp keys but I am facing two problems.

  • I don’t know how pgp keys are encoded (for starters I deal with pgp keys generated by Rsa only)
  • and nor do I know how to read the value of its main parameters

To be more precise, with a RSA key, the instruction:

 openssl rsa -in name -text -noout

gives me the value of n,e,d,p,q,dp,dq … and it also helps me to know how RSA keys are encoded.
I would like to do something similar with my pup key but I do not know how.

Thank you for your help!

Bitcoin Giveaway Scams! Beware and please read this… | Forum Promotion

I feel like I need to post this everywhere possible because it’s quite an issue and unsuspecting people may fall for it. These appear everywhere and the losses are quite huge because we are dealing with Bitcoin here…
So, I’ve seen some of these for the last few weeks but decided to make this after I got one on YouTube again. These type of scams are mainly on YouTube in the form of livestream.
They usually impersonate someone famous/well-known such as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos through a video of them in an old conference or interview being played in the livestream to give the false idea of them speaking in real-time and relating to the “giveaway”. It is usually titled “Bitcoin giveaway or Bitcoin exchange”. These livestreams usually make it to the front of people’s YouTube page because bots are used to increase subscriber counts and views to create false authenticity. YouTube does take them down after a while but it’s still too long…
To lure victims further, there may also be a message talking about the “deep economic crisis” in particular due to Coronavirus at this period of time or something along the lines of an how everything is currently unstable and that cryptocurrency is much safer.
It will then offer a “back-bonus system” where you send Bitcoin and they send you back double what you put in and some bonus. Here is an example:


So hopefully you guys will be aware of these “livestreams” and their nature. It is actually quite sophisticated due to the great lengths they go through. Hopefully this will save someone losing out to such a scam :]


MySQL read explain – using where

In Oracle there is an important note in the explain plain where it says filter a.col1=... this one letting you know col1 is first retrieved from the disk and only then filter is been done. This important piece of information let you know the exact column been used within a specific index and which are filter after and may be good candidate for index.

In MySQL explain result we see something like:

| id | select_type | table | partitions | type   | key                | key_len | ref   | rows   | filtered | Extra                              |
|  1 | SIMPLE      | SD    | NULL       | range  | ix_store_composite | 64      | NULL  | 252978 |    60.00 | Using index condition; Using where |

What I would like to know which of the columns data are coming from the index and which are been filtered after (the using where).
I couldn’t find any option to get additional detail on the explain