backup – The media family on device incorrectly formed for read only file group restore

Yes the databases (source and destination) are the same version. I have checked 3 times. Both are “Microsoft SQL Server 2019 (RTM-CU8-GDR) (KB4583459) – 15.0.4083.2 (X64)”

The database itself restores ok without error. Only when I try the read-only file group restore does it give the error. I have redone the back up and attempted the restore again just in case I had something wrong with the backup.

I have done the numerous times with ss 2016 and even when upgrading from ss2016 to ss2019. But now I am testing the restores it just looks broken to me. Almost like this is a bug

sharepoint online – Prevent User with Read Permission to have access to site content and site usage

I have created a group and assign the Read permission to it. I modified the the Read permission to the below to prevent the site usage and site content access.

List Permissions:

  1. View Items
  2. Open Items

Site Permissions:

1.View Pages

2.Use Remote Interfaces


Now the permission work perfectly my users do not have access to site usage and content. But my navigation on my home page does not show up. Basically the navigation is just 3 links pointing to three views of the same list. I do get access to the list when i manually visit the list thought.

I am using modern pages and list. When i set the permission “VIew application pages” my navigation come back but then i get the issue of my users being able to access site usage and site content

java – How do i efficiently read random lines from a TXT or CSV file?

Context of the problem:

  1. I have made chess GUI (Java)
  2. The GUI is capable of loading chess puzzles/problems to solve
  3. Of said puzzles, i have gotten my hands on a database which is just shy of a million entries

The problem/question:
How does one most efficiently go about getting a random puzzle from this database?

Obviously keeping the database in memory is not an option, despite it already being compressed. Stripped all data that isn’t needed from it and in the end converted it into byte-arrays. All to no avail. The full database always ends up taking up somewhere between 100 and 200 MB of memory. A tenth of that would be acceptable (for my purposes).

Even worse: When processing the entire database (in attempts to keep it all in memory), the process file->memory took upwards of 700 MB memory.

Let’s say i have the following:

  • The database as either a txt or csv file
  • The amount of lines in said file (which is equal to the amount of puzzles)

Am i with that, in some way, capable of grabbing either a random or specific puzzle from the file (albeit async, that doesn’t matter) without having to load the entire database into memory?

Thanks for your time!

Best book you have ever read?

I have read "The Crucible" an awesome novel written by Arthur Miller. Which one is your favorite? Please share with us.

products – Odd error – main.CRITICAL: Notice: getimagesize(): Read error!

main.CRITICAL: Notice: getimagesize(): Read error! in (full path removed)/public_html/vendor/magento/framework/Image/Adapter/AbstractAdapter.php on line 304 () ()

Getting this error on pages that are categories but the products don’t load.

Php 7.1 and Magento 2.2.8

Any help would be great

database design – Repeatable read: the transaction may not be serializable with respect to other transactions

The text below is from ‘Database System Concepts, Silberschatz. I can’t understand the bolded part. How the transaction may not be serializable with respect to other transactions? And also how a transaction may find some of the data inserted by a committed transaction, but may not find other data inserted by the same transaction?

Repeatable read allows only committed data to be read and further
requires that, between two reads of a data item by a transaction, no
other transaction is allowed to update it. However, the transaction
may not be serializable with respect to other transactions. For
instance, when it is searching for data satisfying some conditions, a
transaction may find some of the data inserted by a committed
transaction, but may not find other data inserted by the same

office365 – Excel sheet to read data in real time from *shared* spreadsheet

I have an online quiz setup using Google Sheets, and I want to transfer it to Excel. Here’s what I have:

Team1,…,Team9 have their own ‘Answer Sheets’ which are Sheets with a cell, A2, where they input their answers. I have a ‘Master Sheet’ which simply has a column that imports the data from A2 from answer sheet 1, answer sheet 2, etc. The column is:

=IMPORTRANGE(“URL of Team1 answer sheet”,”Sheet1!A2″)

=IMPORTRANGE(“URL of Team9 answer sheet”,”Sheet1!A2″)

This means:

  1. Teams cannot see answers submitted by other teams.
  2. I can see everyone’s answers in real time. (Okay, not strictly real time, but only a delay of a few seconds at the most.)
  3. Teams don’t need to download additional software; they just open the Sheets in their browser.

All three are essential for the quiz to run smoothly.

Question: Is it possible to set this up using Excel? All teams have access to Office 365 but I cannot rely on teams being able to download the spreadsheets to use the Excel desktop app. Things I’ve tried / ideas I’ve had:

A: My Master spreadsheet contains links to other answer sheets, which I have then shared. The problem is that when someone else inputs their answer on their answer sheet, it doesn’t update on the Master sheet. I have to close and reopen the Master sheet, but even then this often produces errors associated with links being out of date.

B: (Haven’t tried this but I have doubts it’ll work) My Master spreadsheet is shared with everyone, and I have one worksheet per team, but I change the access so that Team1 only has access to worksheet 1, etc. Then, there is a worksheet only I have access to which reads the answers from all the worksheets. This will work, I think, but two issues: I want to scale this to 30+ teams and in my experience Excel shared sheets become very slow when so many collaborate on them at once. Also, it sounds like a nightmare to set up, changing permissions so every team has a unique point of view on the workbook.

Is it possible to accomplish what I’m trying to do?

I love Excel, but it’s sharing functionality in many respects seems to be far inferior to what Sheets is capable of at times.

How to read out the inner array length of a 2 dimensional array in javascript

I need to detect the length of an inner array within a 2d array in my application. But unfortunately it always raises a “TypeError: Cannot read property ‘length’ of undefined” error. Does anyone detect an error? Thanks a bunch

This is the 2d array called currentNodeData (console.log(currentNodeData)):

enter image description here

And this is how I want to receive the length of the inner array, which should be 6:


And this is the error:

enter image description here

Read database from IO context and update UI from Main context in Kotlin

Still a bit new to Kotlin and coroutines, so I want to learn best practices. The following code seems to work as expected in it’s original context, though the naming has been tweaked here. The list of widgets is retrieved from the database, and the UI is updated correctly.
My main question is, in updateList is it approprate to use withContext (Dispatchers.Main) to access the UI from a job on the IO context? Feels a bit kludgy at first blush, but it does seem to work as expected.

class WidgetListActivity : AppCompatActivity() {
    private lateinit var db: AppDatabase
    private lateinit var getListJob: Job
    private lateinit var widgetList: List<WidgetRecord>

    override fun onCreate(savedInstanceState: Bundle?) {

        runBlocking  {
            db = Room.databaseBuilder(applicationContext,, "Widget.db")
        val recyclerView = findViewById<RecyclerView>(
        val linearLayoutManager = LinearLayoutManager(this.applicationContext)
        recyclerView.layoutManager = linearLayoutManager


    private fun updateList() {
        getListJob = GlobalScope.launch (Dispatchers.IO) {
            widgetList = db.widgetDao().getAllWidgets()

            withContext(Dispatchers.Main) {
                val recyclerView = findViewById<RecyclerView>(
                var widgetListAdapter = WidgetListAdapter(widgetList)
                recyclerView.adapter = widgetListAdapter


    override fun onDestroy() {
        runBlocking {
        // PLEASE NOTE: I know you wouldn't normally destroy the database
        // like this. The whole point of this Activity is simply to test
        // loading and displaying the contents of a prepopulated database.

how to have thunderbird read a Browsers email base

I have tried to have Thunderbird read browser email server. What ways are needed to perform the code to do the job. With my Rise sign in Info it works, but I have used Thunderbird since its’ inception. My desire is to use Thunderbird Instead of only Rise Internet Provider email. My many past Years as been w/donations to Mozilla Thunderbird.