Why does Tucker Carlson not show Adam Schiff's latest arguments? Is he really afraid to show a real American patriot to his viewers?

Because they were boring! We are tired of endless, repetitive and stupid political monologues. The purpose of political commentary shows like Tucker's is to comment on them and put them in context.

In addition, Tucker shows them. We just don't hear them, thank God. Again, you cannot have political comments if you speak to a politician.

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How to find the domain of an equation? Whatever I do, I keep getting 0 is not a real variable./

Use the Solve function to find all solutions with sin x = cos (2x) in the interval (0.2 (Pi)).
I type
Solve (Sin (x) == Cos (2 x), {x, 0, 2 (Pi)})
I am a newb and I have little to no knowledge of the program.



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real analysis – Convergence of $ g_k (x) = Big {(} frac {(- 1) ^ k} { sqrt {k}} Big {)} cos (kx) $

Of "Elementary classical analysis. (marsden, hoffman)

Let $ g_k (x) = Big {(} frac {(- 1) ^ k} { sqrt {k}} Big {)} cos (kx) $ sure $ mathbb {R} $.

Does the series $ sum g_k $ converge punctually or uniformly.

Graphically, it seems to converge (at least punctually) towards something. I think I need a trigonometric identity to get an upper limit for the series, I can't think of one.

How to learn MySQL correctly to gain real experience?

Currently, my DBA career path and duties do not include MySQL RDBMS configurations. I am seriously interested in the administration / development of MySQL databases and as you all know, the real experience comes from real environments.

Could you please give me a hint how could I set up a lab that will simulate the most real experience and the real problems? I guess the first thing I need would be a production workload simulator.
Or are there open source projects with prepared environments / volunteer campaigns that need the help of database administrators? Something like open source coding projects.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Bitcoin core – Bitcoind ERROR "Disk space is too low!" to refer to RAM or real hard drive?

After finishing the "Initial block download", I had to reindex:

(BTC_Core_Expmnt)# bitcoind -reindex -datadir=/mnt/BTC_Core_Expmnt

The debug.log showed that everything started well; and the start of the process:

(2020-01-20T07:43:41Z Loaded 119369 blocks from external file in 6005ms
2020-01-20T07:43:41Z Reindexing block file blk00001.dat...)

Then a little later, this:

(2020-01-20T09:05:59Z Reindexing finished)

But Bitcoind continued to grind … Well, what is all this? ::

(2020-01-20T09:05:59Z Pre-allocating up to position 0x100000 in
(rev00000.dat 2020-01-20T09:05:59Z UpdateTip: new best= 
(height=1 version=0x00000001 log2_work=33.000022 tx=2
(date='2009-01-09T02:54:25Z' progress=0.000000 cache=0.0MiB(1txo))

Anyway it happened at this point:

(2020-01-20T09:59:00Z UpdateTip: new best=
(height=359645 version=0x00000003 log2_work=82.893764 tx=71128141
(date='2015-06-06T07:25:10Z' progress=0.143166

Then it fell:

(2020-01-20T09:59:00Z *** Disk space is too low!
(2020-01-20T09:59:00Z Error: Disk space is too low!
(Error: Disk space is too low!
(2020-01-20T09:59:00Z Failed to connect best block
( (Disk space is too low! (code 0)) )

Which is strange, because there should always be 20 GB of free space, because the size of
BTC_Core_Expmnt is supposed to be 300 GB.

(BTC_Core_Expmnt)# du -h
102M    ./blocks/index
275G    ./blocks
56K     ./bitcoin-
60K     ./bitcoin-
64K     ./bitcoin-
73M     ./bitcoin-
8.0K    ./bitcoin-
440K    ./bitcoin-
74M     ./bitcoin-
16K     ./lost+found
3.4G    ./indexes/txindex
3.4G    ./indexes
914M    ./chainstate
280G    .

Is 300 GB not enough in 2020 to run a full node? I thought it would do the trick. But, ask for helpful advice because I don't see anything wrong with debug.log.

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Previous updates:

=====Updated March 31, 2017=====

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– Other small improvements and fixes.