How to realize Locator3D effect?

I want to use the locator in MMA to reproduce the following animation:

enter image description here

But MMA’s function Locator doesn’t support 3D coordinates. What can I do to reproduce this animation?

pathfinder 1e – How powerful can a 20th-level Wizard make a 1st-level Fighter without allowing him to realize it is the Wizard’s doing?

A 20th level Wizard makes a bet with another 20th level Wizard – he has to make his grandson succeed on a difficult mission. Without allowing his grandson (a first level Fighter) or his grandson’s compatriots (a first level Rogue, Bard, and Druid) to realize that the Wizard is secretly aiding them, or doing anything to defeat their foes directly, or helping anyone but his grandson (these are all terms of the bet).

To clarify –

  • This Wizard can cast spells on his grandson, only. He can’t Dominate the monsters or Disintegrate locked doors.
  • His grandson has to defeat the challenges (the Wizard can’t even weaken them).
  • Neither his grandson, or any of his party members, can realize or even suspect that someone is aiding them.

Luckily the grandson and his entire party not only lack Spellcraft but also Knowledge: Arcana. However they don’t lack basic induction – suddenly being able to fly or shoot fireballs is likely to raise their suspicion. A magic sword left leaning casually against a door would certainly count as a fail.

So given this situation, with a level 20 Wizard who is unafraid to spend resources to win this bet with his buddy (xp, magic items, scrolls, favours) what can he do to make his grandson’s party succeed at an adventure that may have CR 5-6 encounters or worse?

For the sake of this example, assume the wizard has access to whatever feats, spells, or wealth he needs to achieve this difficult task – he’s using optimization tricks to rebuild or has his own time-slowed demiplane or whatever, he’s a Tricky Wizard and not just a fireball-slinger.

pathfinder 2e – How should my players realize they misidentified an item?

One of my players misidentified a Pendant of the Occult. I told him it gives the +1 to Occultism checks, but also told him it can be used on a target to give a -1 status penalty to their next attack roll, Perception check, saving throw, or skill check (basically reverse-Guidance).

I immediately realized I didn’t make the effect obvious enough, so the players probably won’t notice that the Pendant is having the opposite effect unless I add some sort of descriptive flourish to make the effect blatant.

Is that what I should do, or is there any rules guidance about how (or when) PCs should realize their misidentification?

xHumanity’s vision is to help humanity realize their desires and dreams. – Social Media Marketing (SMM)


As a user, social media allows you not only to find out what other people say about you or your business, but also it enables you to respond to queries from your audience.

Given the relevance and importance of social networking platforms, xHumanity is pleased to announce its entry into the social media arena, aiming to challenge the status quo and create an environment where users have the freedom to air their views and opinions, interact with their audience, and receive rewards for using the xHumanity site.

xHumanity has embraced the mission to help humanity fulfill its desires and dreams and evolve into a better world, aiming for freedom and truth.

xHumanity will use xCRED tokens to quatity users’ reputation. Emission will be a continuous one:

Ø  For each point of reputation earned, the user will receive 1 xCRED token

Ø  For UBI (Universal Basic Income) every 3 months. The amount received by each active user will be equal to 1% of xCRED tokens emitted up to that time.

Ø  xDNA coin is meant for transferring value from outside in to the xHumanity ecosystem. The emission of xDNA is fixed at 11 Billion.

xHumanity to distribute tokens soon

xHumanity will be distributing its IEO ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum platform. The token’s ease-of-use is based on its compatibility with third-party services wallets, exchanges, and lots more.

The token distribution is expected to commence in the next 47 days, with 2,200,000,000 tokens to be distributed.

Further information at:

bitcoin core – How to realize dependent transactions seating in the Mempool?



Returns all transaction ids in memory pool as a json array of string transaction ids. If we use verbose as ‘true’ it returns more than just transaction ids and one of the result is ‘depends’.

"depends" : ((json array) unconfirmed transactions used as inputs for this transaction "hex",(string) parent transaction id)


"2004b140d4b4eb1048cdb7def895a211c279711e47cc402c64f91f1c0d20f0dc": {
    "fees": {
      "base": 0.00000446,
      "modified": 0.00000446,
      "ancestor": 0.00000892,
      "descendant": 0.00000446
    "vsize": 142,
    "weight": 565,
    "fee": 0.00000446,
    "modifiedfee": 0.00000446,
    "time": 1598036451,
    "height": 1807966,
    "descendantcount": 1,
    "descendantsize": 142,
    "descendantfees": 446,
    "ancestorcount": 2,
    "ancestorsize": 284,
    "ancestorfees": 892,
    "wtxid": "4e680766ede2535b53e868c95d1483a443f9ab7f8b9d9ef4fcb355a768faba16",
    "depends": (
    "spentby": (
    "bip125-replaceable": false

Child transaction:

Child tx

Parent transaction which had Unconfirmed input in above case:

Parent tx

Both transactions got confirmed in block 1807995.

[ Politics ] Open Question : Hey whites, do you realize that you will become a minority ?

You will become persecuted too

uk – If a US citizen didn’t realize that they overstayed and then found out, what are they expected to do?

Are you expected to leave immediately if you have already been existing in the country for a few years? Do you have some time allowance for when you’re expected to make your way out? If you realize that you’ve overstayed and would like to do the right thing, what is the time frame that you’re expected to act in?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Why does the Morbidly Obese Clown continue to tweet? Does he not realize that NOBODY respects him! 100 thousand dead & 40 mill unemployed?

Morbidly Obese Clown FAILED! He has NO testing! NO ventilators. No supplies for hospitals! NO plan! And all he can do is try and entice violence! Morbidly Obese Clown needs to sit his fat A*S*S down on his unicycle and fart his way into hell where he belongs with Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Barr!

Why don’t protestors realize that they are rapidly spreading the coronavirus once again?

They’re telling the experts & (D) who said believe the science that their science is pointless with people who have nothing better to do because of grounding shutdowns. Officer Derek Chauvin got carried away & forgot that he doesn’t live in Haiti, Liberia, South Sudan, Venezuela, N. Africa, Middle East, Brazil & even Mexico where it is routine for cops to shoot 1st & ask question later specially if the suspect is a well known career criminal.

Criminals released by the thousands due to COVID-19 concerns & have been re-offending since their release, saw an opportunity along gang members, ANTIFA & easily influenced millennials. De Blasio was surprised that criminals that were released were reoffending & Los Angeles Police Chief warned the public that thousands of criminals will re-commit crimes. Criminals having impunity is the transition towards Venezuelan  Socialism for supporting the socialist regime. (D)s have been setting the stage for Socialism since 2007. No justice no peace is a call for criminals to wreck havoc, not protest. Abuse of authority certainly calls for protest, but this is not a protest. These are criminals, thugs, thieves & arsonist as described by Obama when he was in office. It’s Ironic that, celebrities, politicians, & protestors supports abuse of authority carried out by Comey, Brenan, Clapper, Obama, Lynch, Rice, Nadler, Schitt… Supporting a preferred abuse of power will turn the USA into Sub Saharan ruled countries, Haiti, ISIS Caliphate, Venezuela, San Salvador, Brazil & even Mexico where corruption is rampant & a way of life.

Sweden revered as a socialist success did not take the socialist approach of shutting down their economy as they knew COVID-19 isn’t apocalyptic & will spreads no matter how (D)s & partisan news media makes it apocalyptic while the young & healthy rarely affected keeps the economy stable. Doctor Dan Erickson analyzed & exposed the natural & pre-existing conditions deaths are being classified as COVID-19 death, & Influenza deaths are likely being counted as well.

Worldwide Deaths from 01/01/20 – 04/04/20: COVID-19 59,226, Seasonal Flu 125,352, Water Related Diseases 217,099, Malaria 252,878, Suicides 276,480, Road Accidents 348,044, HIV/AIDS 433,382, Alcohol 644,785, Smoking 1,288,753, Cancer 2,117,316, Hunger 2,883,497

AOC work boycott & (D)s would rather have the middle class & working poor unemployed & out of business impowering (D) congress with leverage to exploit the situation as more foreigners are brought in to replace 40% millions of unemployed US citizens from the pandemic. At some point the country & the world will need to cope & live with COVID-19 along other diseases that are far more lethal & incurable than COVID-19. With an incubation period of 2 weeks, 6 weeks quarantine/shutdown is more than enough & should’ve transitioned to targeted shutdown. The world is still dealing with HIV, EBOLA (99% mortality), Hepatitis C & Syphilis without a vaccine. Shutdowns for more than a couple of months will put 280 million US folks in poverty. A year shutdown will put 320 Million Americans in poverty where the government will have to nationalize the industries, private property, & public individualism inducing famine, unproductivity, desperations & deaths.

Despite how American socialists (Sanders & the squad) brand their socialism as Democratic Socialist to mask their true intentions to achieving the end goal of Socialist state control of the economy, industry, property & public by bureaucratic regulations. Everything they propose such as public education (free & mediocre) & universal single payer healthcare (rationed) is straight up USSR, Cuba & Venezuela’s play book which Sanders lauds & defends. (Venezuela was praised as Democratic Socialist that was actually Communist with its bureaucrats pillaging oil revenues). These socialist countries don’t have state of the art Hospitals & Cadillac Gov. Assist. for all (only 0.0001%) because there isn’t enough funds & man power regardless of how much industries are taxed & nationalized. Ultimately all concept or branding of socialism leads to Government owned property of industries, housing, farms, people, long working hours, & NO: dissenting free speech, entrepreneurship, competition, varieties in brands or materials with very little individuality, motivation, & productivity.

In a Socialist country it is very hard to impossible to be a Millionaire when socialists like Bernie & AOC will take 90% of an entrepreneurs wealth, income, & property. Sanders always touts Sweden (less densely populated homogenous country) as a socialist success where Millionaires & Billionaires thrives from the middle class & the working poor being the ones funding most gov. assistance in Sweden. Bernie & AOC will use every means of pressure & influence in advancing the Green New Deal’s socialist agenda funded by the top 21% ($Millionaires/$Billionaires) turning that into the top 0.0001% for the US economy & society to permanently mirror Cuba, Venezuela & N. Korea eliminating most of the rich (except elites in government) & all middle class to exist as income among the rich, middle & poor are flattened to the lowest level.

Lesson for America: Sweden is not Socialist

Youtube thumbnail

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A nationwide 75% economic shutdown to essentials only is a communist model economy from a pandemic or warfare that plunges 1st world economies into a depression for socialism to takes hold & permanently take over under the Green New Deal (New Communist Manifesto). Anyone who has lived & escaped Venezuela knows this feeling, once all Industries & Private Properties are nationalized. Senate/House (D)s Green New Deal will shape America’s economy in line with Venezuela & Cuba where bureaucrats control the economy & profits (ripe for corruptions). Everyone will either be working for the government assigned jobs deemed necessary, or unemployed on rationed gov. assistance & rent free dilapidated apartment in disrepair.

Bernie & AOC’s Green New Deal is designed to destroy America from within & the intent of 3rd world socialist countries to prosper, but only 2nd – 8th largest adversarial or rival countries will. The military will become very ineffective so the US can’t be SAVIORS or police of the world. The United States would be ripe for the Taking or break apart into 50 or 10 separate independent countries as its defensive arsenals of carbon emitting internal combustion engines, rocket engines, Jet engines, bombs, missiles, cannon powder… would be out of commission. AOC want to dissolve Homeland Security & the Military so that customs, Coast Guard, Navy, Army, & Airforce can’t defend against Drug Cartels, Drug Mules, Drug Dealers, Human Traffickers, Criminal Gangs, Common Criminals, ISIS or Al Qaeda operatives like the Boston Marathon Bomber (Tsarnaev), San Bernardino shooter (Farook), & Florida gay bar shooter (Mateen).

As the hospitalization curve has been flattened & minimized to safely open in 3 phases, (D) States Governors are doing all they can to prolong the shutdowns seeing the pandemic as an opportunity to erase decades long debt & mismanagement they have incurred from spending more than the high taxes they collect as they scheme with (D) Congress (has power of purse) for a bailout & print endless money regardless of how much the US dollar will deflate in value taking a page from the Venezuelan & Zimbabwean model where $1 is a Trillion in Zimbabwean & Venezuelan currency. The pandemic is resetting the world nations’ economies, but 1st world countries have the means to bounce back with their infrastructures in logistic, manufacturing, retail, natural resources, academics, engineering & science. Due to crimes, corruption, & brain drain of special skill, 3rd world economies have no chance to surpass 1st world economies.…………

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dnd 3.5e – How to realize my concept of gravitational monkey?

I'm about to start a D&D 3.5 campaign with generous DM. The PCs will start somewhere between levels 5 and 8 – the DM didn't say exactly – with 100,000 gp. I worked on a construction that looks like Sun Wukong – the king of the monkeys – on the first levels and Pain from Naruto—With all this almighty stuff – at late levels. My goal is a "gravity monkey" with a mantra of "Strength resides in heaven and earth and in the forces that bind them".

DM approved my plan to use homebrew racing wukong.

I plan 2 monk levels unless a better option presents itself, then druid levels, then level 20 with 6 to 10 levels of the prestige class homebrew mage of invisible force which the DM also approved.

I want my PC to be a monkey that strikes hard and often, controls the battlefield with land and air spells, flies at will, summons elementals, and ultimately changes gravity on the battlefield. I would also like the character to be a quarterstaff expert.

  • Is there a better course arrangement that suits my concept than what I have described above?
  • What alternative functions to druids and monks correspond to this concept? To be clear, even though I know the druid's wild form ability is impressive, I don't plan to use it because I prefer my PC to be naturally strong.
  • Is there a way to make a Druid even more focused on casting ground and air spells?
  • I want a great shift, but I'm a little confused. Can a quarterstaff also be a magic stick? Can a Druid even use a magic staff? Is there a magic stick on the theme of air or earth that would suit my concept?
  • I can't imagine that the character uses many magic items, but I don't know where to start. Which magic items fit well with my concept?
    -I only commit to two exploits: I intend to do the feat Elemental Summon of Rashemi ((Orient inaccessible 45) and the DM approved homebrew exploit Magically aloft. What other exploits correspond to this earth-air-quarter-personal concept?

I don't really want to use more homebrew hardware because I already use quite a bit, but the homebrew hardware is ok if it really fits. I also live in China, so anything with an oriental flavor is preferred.

By the way, I'm not trying to create an overpowered character. I just want something fun that is always effective in combat. If it matters, I think the campaign will focus on bridge of many things. (The DM has a copy he wanted to use.)