interaction design – real-time filtering or assistant steps

Hmm, very interesting probabilistic case

The purpose of the non-linear process is to provide the end-user with the product he expects, and therefore to restrict it to variables.

I recommend using Akinator, it's a tool that allows, through questions, to choose any person from around the world who you think!

however, the process of akinator is linear (loop – question – narrowing of the result)

I think that in designing such a situation, it is useful to guide the display of results after each step – this gives the user an idea of ​​the direction taken by the previous choices.


I choose sat and vaporwave, so I have access to this and that, what happens when I change sat at Harry?

And post real-time advice instead of following the whole process and getting the end result.

These processes are extremely complicated and I think something like machine learning could work with.

interaction design – real-time filtering and steps of the wizard

At the moment, I am working on a product search tool.
By answering different questions, you get advice that suggests a product of your interest. Thus, answers to questions could lead to different follow-up questions. This process is not linear.

I notice during the design that there are different ways to approach this.
– An assistant clearly describes the steps to follow to help you find the right product.
– At the same time, we want to create something that gives the user the ability to change things in real time and play with the settings to get a different result very quickly. But I noticed that the accordions were doing well and not the flexibility we want.

I've put in place fast wired structures to better understand the context. Any suggestions on this case? Examples are appreciated!
Real-time filter form

VLC realtime streaming audio to 3 friends online, it does not work?

For my role-playing sessions, I need to stream surround background sounds in 320 kbps MP3 stereo, on my 3 drives located in another city, on different computers and different local networks (at home behind routers). I use Ableton Live for ambient and sound effects, triggered as the game progresses.

I've tried configuring the Real Time Protocol (RTP) in VLC and I've opened a port on my ASUS router, but that does not work. They can connect in their VLC to the stream, but there is no sound.

Does anyone know how to configure this on a PC?

c # – Daylight saving time for real-time application

I build an application on Windows C # forms that will run in real time 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This application tracks how long the components are out of stock.

I am having a problem of daylight saving time because the modification of the life of the components will be modified, which I have to adjust.

I wonder if there is a built-in .NET feature that handles this or if others have had this problem and are experiencing a solution?

Any help is appreciated.

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Real-time whiteboard using XMPP – Computer Science Stack Exchange

I was looking for an implementation of a real-time whiteboard application using XMPP. This is my research project and I study XMPP itself and other research papers related to real-time groupware system. Unfortunately, I did not find any documented work concerning XMPP other than

The problem is that these are obsolete and deferred and are no longer approved for production.

Is XMPP not suitable for such an application and perhaps this is the reason why no proper work has been done on this?

I know it's a bit of a matter of opinion, I'm sorry. If so, can you recommend other places for me?

Asymptotic – regarding the complexity of a real-time problem

In a real-time problem, you get results on time or not. Big-O does not matter, because it's for asymptotic behavior. Unless your real-time problem predicts the end of the universe, Big-O does not matter. If your results are not there on time, you need a better algorithm, a better implementation or a FAST computer.

And O (n ^ 2 log n) does not make sense if you do not tell us how big is n. Even a problem that takes 2 ^ n microseconds to solve is trivial if n ≤ 20.

In the screen capture of the real-time test url in the Google search console, no text is visible. [on hold]

The screenshot contains only images that I have uploaded to the website page.enter the description of the image here. What should I do?

plugins – Is there a WP plug-in that accepts a referral code at checkout without discounting a product? And a real-time map locator?

Have a good day! I need your expertise before making a purchase on plugins. I need TWO plugins that will achieve both of these goals: 1.) E-commerce that will allow a special code (like a coupon code, BUT we will not reduce the product.) We must follow where he comes from. We have affiliate stores that encourage people to buy directly from us on our own website. We want to give a commission to the affiliate store that has referred our product, etc., and must respectfully follow it with the utmost integrity. This code represents their store, the reference was made. AND 2.) We need a store location map on our website, exactly how it appears here: Thank you all for your help. The tech gurus of my hosting company referred me here.

file – What are the benefits of real-time collaboration using a SharePoint document library versus OneDrive?

The OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online document libraries support the same features in terms of co-authoring, versioning, and a few other features. There is no reason why you can not work with both, but the intention of each product is different.

OneDrive for Business is designed for your "personal" working documents, with occasional sharing and collaboration.

SharePoint Online Team sites are designed for group-based collaboration, within a team, a v-team, a department, and so on.

Apart from that, you can use any of the answers to your real-time co-authoring question.