Be honest -the number one reason anyone votes for Donald Trump is because they love racism and that’s what he stands for right?

I cannot stand leftists, I have not seen a democrat in over 20 years. so basically I vote for Trump, because he is not a gun-grabbing, Baby-killer like you…You, Biden, and HITLERY…2 of the three are white…If it were about race Hitlery would have been okay…Right?

Is there any reason why the Justice Department should not categorize Black Lives Matters as a Domestic Terrorist Group.?

Evidence for your points, please?  I’ll leave the light on for ya.  Good luck scrounging up something…. 

And the reason why the Justice Department cannot declare BLM a “domestic terrorist group” is the same reason Trump can’t do it, either.  There is no law defining “domestic terrorist group” or outlawing the same.

javascript – Selenium script was working, and for no reason stopped working

I there, I am new to python and only had done some simple scripts to automate some stuff in my work.

One of those scripts was to login into my companies program, and I use selenium with IE webdriver to do it.
The script was working fine with some javascript code instead of send Keys, but for no reason it started to give an error

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:Userspt00488749Desktopvig.pyw”, line 16, in
File “”, line 634, in execute_script
return self.execute(command, {
File “”, line 321, in execute
File “”, line 242, in check_response
raise exception_class(message, screen, stacktrace)
selenium.common.exceptions.JavascriptException: Message: JavaScript error

I used this line:


and changed it to this


but with no luck

Since that, I can´t figure how to make it work again

I would appreciate any help in understanding why this happened

[ Politics ] Open Question : Can you give me one reason why I should care about black lives matter? ?

[ Politics ] Open Question : Can you give me one reason why I should care about black lives matter? ?

My siamese network is not converging for some reason. Glad if you could help me with this

I’m trying to build a Siamese Network for dataset. I’ve picked 10 Images per class from this dataset. There are a total of 131 classes in this dataset. I’m using the below model to train my network. However, it is failing to converge. I saw a strange behaviour, after 3000 epochs my results are 0.5000003 irrespective of the input pair I give and my loss stops at 0.61. The specifications of the network are as specified in the paper. I tried changing the following things,

  1. Changing Denes layer activation to ReLU
  2. Importing ‘ImageNet’ weights of ResNet50
  3. Tried increasing and decreasing learning rate.

I also checked the batch inputs to see if the correct input pair (x) is paired with the correct y value. However, I think I’m doing something basically wrong. Glad if you could help me. Thank you 🙂

The notebook is hosted in Kaggle
If you have some doubts on how certain parts of the code works refer

#Building a sequential model
input_shape=(100, 100, 3)
left_input = Input(input_shape)
right_input = Input(input_shape)

W_init = keras.initializers.RandomNormal(mean = 0.0, stddev = 1e-2)
b_init = keras.initializers.RandomNormal(mean = 0.5, stddev = 1e-2)

model = keras.models.Sequential((
    keras.layers.Conv2D(64, (10,10), activation='relu', input_shape=input_shape, kernel_initializer=W_init, kernel_regularizer=l2(2e-4)),
    keras.layers.Conv2D(128, (7,7), activation='relu', kernel_initializer=W_init, bias_initializer=b_init, kernel_regularizer=l2(2e-4)),
    keras.layers.Conv2D(128, (4,4), activation='relu', kernel_initializer=W_init, bias_initializer=b_init, kernel_regularizer=l2(2e-4)),
    keras.layers.Conv2D(256, (4,4), activation='relu', kernel_initializer=W_init, bias_initializer=b_init, kernel_regularizer=l2(2e-4)),
    keras.layers.Dense(4096, activation='sigmoid', kernel_initializer=W_init, bias_initializer=b_init, kernel_regularizer=l2(1e-3))

encoded_l = model(left_input)
encoded_r = model(right_input)

subtracted = keras.layers.Subtract()((encoded_l, encoded_r))
prediction = Dense(1, activation='sigmoid', bias_initializer=b_init)(subtracted)
siamese_net = Model(input=(left_input, right_input), output=prediction)

optimizer= Adam(learning_rate=0.0006)
siamese_net.compile(loss='binary_crossentropy', optimizer=optimizer)

plot_model(siamese_net, show_shapes=True, show_layer_names=True)

dns – Is there any reason not to enable DNSSEC?

Google Domains’ DNS management has a link that says Enable DNSSEC. And, as I understand it, this prevents spoofing of DNS responses. And, that sounds great!

So, why wouldn’t I want to enable DNSSEC?

  • Does it prevent me from using local overrides (/etc/hosts) for testing?
  • Does it prevent older clients from performing DNS queries for the domain?
  • Is it noticeably slower?


Reason of existence of An App named "-5"

I was trying to look at the battery usage of different apps and saw this weird app named "-5" on inspection it takes me to google photos which is weird since why will google photos use its name as "-5". I can’t find any reasoning for this and want others to shed some light on this topic. I have also reported this weird behavior to google as well.

enter image description here

Has anyone made reason amount from faucet? | NewProxyLists

I like to know if anyone here has made any reason amount from faucet. I had thought that making money from faucet would be an easy task. I had planned to spend 3 hours for 6 months to accumulate coins from faucet. My idea then was i could get up to $500 worth. That’s combination of btc and altcoin. I searched out for best faucet the manual and auto together, i selected based on my knowledge.
My the end of first month , i didn’t calculate my earnings, by the end of 2nd month. I decided to check my earnings lo and behold it was less than 10% of my total expected return.
I was disappointed. I (understatement). I abandoned it. So please share your experience here


I woke up this morning, to find that my partners Facebook had been deleted for absolutely no reason. He got a message saying ‘Your account has been disabled, you can’t use facebook because of your account or activity on it doesn’t follow our community standards’. There was nothing on his page, that didn’t follow the community guidelines of facebook. He thinks it may be his name, because his name is Rich on Facebook but he made an instagram that was listed as Richard. However you are able to use variations on your name. So why has he been deleted?

Messenger is our main way of communicating through text, and he was waiting for news on a friend passing a way or not. Now he can’t get access to anything!

pathfinder 1e – Any reason for an NPC to be unconscious if magic healing is available

Being a DM here. Tring to set up a plot which involves an NPC being unconscious after a big fight so that he missed some important event (and only just awoke before PC arrives).

However, it is Pathfinder where magic healing is available. Unconscious due to loss of HP can easily be fixed by CLW from level 1 cleric (as long as he is not killed immediately). Even the unconscious caused by loss of CON can be fixed by Restoration (which does not need a very high-level cleric), not to mention that CON damage only commonly exists when dealing with undead/poison (which is not the case for the fight I planned).

Is there a better reason for this high-rank NPC to stay unconscious or at least disabled for some time if most of the low-level healing spells are available indefinitely? This is mostly a plot device but I just want it to make sense within game mechanics instead of just saying “he is just so unconscious that magic healing is not helping”.