Domain Name System – What is the possible reason for the server to be inaccessible from a single country?

I have a very strange problem here. My server is inaccessible from Brazil.
Something is wrong with the DNS. We have our local DNS server that resolves all the domains for which we host sites or email accounts.
Everything is fine in other countries, but Brazil can not get our IP addresses from the local BIND DNS server.
The firewall is a CSF file and it looks like it has nothing to do with this problem.

Why does this happen? Ideas?

[ Politics ] Open question: Was it advisable for the American women's football team to give Americans even more reason to hate football?

Meredith. You block me first, I answer by blocking you. Equality. .

What is the reason for the different shutter speeds in P mode between the electronic shutter and the mechanical shutter of the Olympus M10 ii?

When I use the P mode on my M10 Mark II, the shutter speed seems to be about 1/125 by default with the mechanical shutter and a 1/30 much lower with the electronic shutter?

Can there be a reason for this, or is it something arbitrary?

This is a very convenient way to switch between "P mode for movement, P mode for silence"

java – The problem I'm facing is opening up again and again, I do not know the reason

it's my code of where I think this problem occurs
public int describeContents () {
returns 0;

                final static public Creator CREATOR = new creator() {
public connection createFromParcel (Parcel in) {
return a new connection (in);

Public connection[] newArray (int size) {
return new connection[size];

public void writeToParcel (Package, int i) {
parcel.writeString (id);
parcel.writeString (name);
parcel.writeString (email);
parcel.writeString (phone);
parcel.writeString (fbUrl);
parcel.writeString (imageUri);

What is the reason why giant spiders are immune to spells affecting the mind?

The giant spider is immune to all spells affecting the mind. It seems arbitrary to me and I was wondering if there was any justification in the world for that.

What is the traditional reasoning or the mythological origin behind the fact that giant spiders are immune to spells affecting the mind?

The emotion is the main reason for the failure – Discussions & Help

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unit – Find the reason for the automatic break

Shortly after pressing the Play button, the Unity Pause button is automatically activated: Unity enters Pause mode:

enter the description of the image here

I've attached the Unity debugger to my C # code, but Visual Studio does not break.

How to find the reason why Unity goes into Break mode?

Thank you!

Edit: By query, here is the button before pressing Play:

enter the description of the image here

And here is what the console looks like after the error:

enter the description of the image here web api – The main app Asp Net (hosted in IIS) stops without reason

I have hosted an asp web core web API in iis. It works well but it stops at random without giving any reason. The only entry in the log in "The application is being closed …"

If this is due to the recycling of the application pool, it should be restarted at the next request. However, I've tried changing the recycling settings every midnight, but the app still stops.

Start code:

static public IWebHost BuildWebHost (string[] args) =>
WebHost.CreateDefaultBuilder (args)
.UseIISIntegration ()
.CaptureStartupErrors (true) // default
.UseSetting ("detailedErrors", "true")
.To build();

I do not think that unhandled exceptions or a pool are causing the problem. Even if that is the case, the application should restart with the next request.

Checkboxes – Is there a reason not to change the style of Web radio buttons and checkboxes?

It is still very difficult to change the visual appearance of HTML radio buttons and checkboxes using CSS.

For example, changing the border color of the checkbox does nothing on major browsers.

Is there a UX reason for this? Keep the same for consistency? Or is it just something that has been neglected?

Device Care (from Samsung) and "Running Services" in the development options show different amounts of RAM consumed. What could be the reason?

I have a Samsung phone that runs OneUI and every time I check the RAM consumption in Device Care in the settings, it displays about 700 free mbps, but when I check the use of RAM in the options from the developer, it displays about 1.5 GB. It's a huge difference. Does Samsung lie to make its application useful?

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