The storage of the device increases gradually after updating Android for no reason

I have an Android smartphone whose internal storage memory becomes bigger and bigger after every software update for no obvious reason. I have looked everywhere on the internet but the answers were pretty much suggestions that I have already encountered and tested.

The phone's memory is about 16 GB. During each of the last four software updates, the memory is about 14 GB, which leaves about 2 GB available. As many of my SD card applications are updated in the next few days, they are normally stored in the phone's memory, and then I move them to the SD card after the update is complete. Over a month or so, as new apps are updated and moved, storage gradually increases to almost 15.5 GB and my phone shows a limited storage error and all others items (the email does not refresh, no more). applications are updated, etc.). The only solution that seems to erase the memory of 14-14.5 GB is another Android software update.

What I have tried until now (daily):

  • Moving old and unused applications and files to an external SD card.
  • Cleaning the cache from Android settings, cleaner apps and by
    wipe the cache partition (blue screen when starting Android).

Hair loss and baldness: What is the reason for the evolution of men who lose their hair?

Hair loss and baldness: What is the reason for the evolution of men who lose their hair?

Germany – Refusal of the Schengen visa to use the reason 2 express and conditions of stay

One of my official teacher friends applied for a visa for Germany and was refused because of reason # 2 saying:

The purpose and conditions of the intended stay have not been established

The folder was full of papers, the original invitation of his son-in-law was in the file, and even a large sum of money on the bank account.

What is the extended explanation of this pattern and how can it convey it when it is next applied.

international travel – hasty passport – is my reason eligible?

Assuming you are a Canadian citizen, enjoy an emergency, urgent, emergency passport service on weekends and holidays in Canada:

We offer urgent and express passport services in certain locations in Canada. To find out if you can use these services, you must apply in person.

You must provide proof of travel for an urgent service. You may also need to provide it for express service.

The proof of travel can be:

• a plane, bus or train ticket

• a written declaration, if you are traveling by car

• a travel itinerary with proof of payment of the trip

• proof of illness or death in the family requiring immediate travel

Depending on the reason for your trip, you may need to provide additional proof of the urgency of your situation.

We will not be liable for losses if we can not issue the passport in time for a trip to you or your child. We recommend that you do not finalize your travel plans until you have obtained your passport.

If you are traveling by car, it seems that they will accept a statement stating your intention to do so. They do not really care about why you want to travel, but simply evidence that your trip is imminent. But proof is strictly required only for an urgent service (1-2 business days) and may not be for express service (2-9 business days).

email – The DMARC test failed but we did not find any obvious reason to do it The DMARC does not pass at the same time as SPF and DKIM

About 7 days ago, I discovered on that sometimes (50% of my tests over a few days) the email from my company does not pass the DMARC test. As it says, it's not know whyI am helpless right now and I do not really understand what's going on.

I receive this message:

The DMARC test failed, but we did not find any obvious reason.
If you have recently changed your DNS, wait a few hours, then test again.

DNS DMARC entry found for domain

"v = DMARC1; p = reject; adkim = s; aspf = s"

Verification Details:

  •; dkim = pass (1024-bit key; unprotected) header.d = header.b = CefZgBpZ; dkim-atps = neutral
  •; dmarc = none header.from =
  •; dkim = pass (1024-bit key; unprotected) header.d = header.b = CefZgBpZ; dkim-atps = neutral
  • Domain:
  • Domain DKIM:

I have a ProtonMail Premium Package with a custom domain and a single email address. My DNS domain is protected with DNSSEC.

I also have DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail – wiki).

My SPF registration is a total failure:

v = spf1 includes: mx -all

Oddly enough, SPF and DKIM pass:

DMARC does not pass at the same time as SPF and DKIM

I did not change my DNS in 3 days. Is there another possible reason for DMARC's failure?

How do we know why our website traffic is in free fall?

The reason I need to know this is that since our redirection problem is resolved, all website traffic has increased significantly (both English) with the exception of the Chinese website.

We added more content, it is very easy to classify, (no competition), so the traffic dropped is due to some configuration changes maybe?
How can I recover my traffic? English-Website.jpgRed-Blue-Card.jpgChinese-Website.jpg


apache – My WordPress website encounters the white screen of death for an unknown reason, but it is fixed after restarting the server.

The problem we are facing is very new to us. We have never experienced this before with our website or with our web server (in the last 8 years). Just recently, for 2 weeks, we have this problem and it happened more than 3 times.

description of the problem

Our site knows "the white screen of death". We do not see any error. Please see the screenshot for better understanding. it's just that. The site is just trying to load but can not.

enter the description of the image here

Findings: what we did to solve this problem

We can fix it (temporarily) if we reboot the server (restarting the entire virtual machine).

But this is not a viable solution. Since we have other WordPress and non-Wordpress websites on this server, this problem does not exist. And restarting the server means that all server sites are down for 5 to 10 minutes. After the reboot, the server site comes back and works normally.

But this problem has occurred at least 3 times since last week. We can not reproduce the error by clicking on a page. There is no particular moment of the day when this happens.

More information

The only significant change we can think of is upgrading the PHP version of the site from version 5.3 to version 7.2 on our web server. For your information, we updated the version of PHP last month. And for about 3 weeks, we did not see that or any other problem. The wordpress version of the site is 4.9.1

We tried to check the error log at the time of the problem. but we did not find anything relevant. This is the error that we could see in the error log. Although I did not think that was the problem but I corrected the SQL query mentioned in the error log. But we have faced the same problem again today.

[Tue Apr 23 13:48:35 2019] [error] [client]    FastCGI: server "/var/run/psychicf-remi-safe-php72.fcgi" stderr: PHP message: WordPress database error You have an error in your SQL syntax; Consult the manual for your MySQL server version for syntax to use near "ORDER BY number DESC". in line 1 for the query SELECT * FROM view_site_numbers WHERE campaign_id = "7" AND `use` =" PPC "LIMIT 2 ORDER BY DESC number realized by require (wp-blog-header.php & # 39;) , require_once (& # 39; wp-includes / template-loader.php & # 39;), include (& themes / psychicFuture / css / content-all-horoscopes.php), get_header, location_template, load_template, require_once (& # 39; / themes / psychicFuture / header.php), do_shortcode, preg_replace_callback, do_shortcode_tag, get_prs_number_register, referent:

I do not know where to look. Can you please advice?

social interfaces – Is there a reason why you can love your own message?

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow you all to like / prefer your own message. Is there any reason they allow you to bookmark your own message? Should it be done in another way?

There does not seem to be a real negative because you do not win anything in the same way. At the same time, the purpose of a similar element is to help filter the content according to your preferences, to share items of your choice with the people who follow you and to support the Action of the poster. None of these apply when you like your own message. Why is this a feature?

Is there a good reason for Photos to export the TIFF format?

iPad offers two formats for photos, HEIC and JPEG. If we import into Photos and export from there, the format (HEIC or JPEG) is retained. But if we "Edit in GraphicConverter", GraphicConverter gets the TIFF format.


iphone – Termination application due to an uncaught exception "NSInvalidArgumentException" reason: "Receiver () has no link with the identifier". pizzaSegue & # 39;

I am new to fast programming and errors when converting a cell from the table view to a view controller giving details of that cell. The error I receive is the following:

Stopping the application due to an uncaught exception "NSInvalidArgumentException", reason:
& # 39; Receiver ()
does not have a link with the identifier 'pizzaSegue & # 39; & # 39;

I have already tried the following:
1) Tried to rename the storyboard and set the main timeline in the project settings and in the info.plist file (the key is "Base name of the main timeline file"). I currently have the storyboard named: "Main.storyboard"

2) Tried to clean the product (Product -> Clean) and rebuild it, but it gives the same error

3) I tried to remove the simulator application and run it again.

4) I have checked a second time and the identifier of the division in the interface builder called "pizzaSegue" and it is the same in my code.

import UIKit
import Alamofire

struct Drink {
let id: String
leave name: String
leave description: String
leave amount: Float
let image: UIImage

init (data: [String: Any]) { = data["id"] as! Chain = data["name"] as! Chain
//self.amount = data["amount"] as! Fleet
self.amount = ((data["amount"] as? NSNumber)? FloatValue)!
self.description = data["description"] as! Chain
self.image = data["image"] as! UIImage

DrinkTableViewCell class: UITableViewCell {
@IBOutlet lowVELLname: UILabel!
@IBOutlet low var cellAmount: UILabel!
@IBOutlet low var cell Description: UILabel!
@IBOutlet low var cellImage: UIImageView!

overwrite init (style: UITableViewCell.CellStyle, reuseIdentifier: String!) {
super.init (style: style, reuseIdentifier: reuseIdentifier)

Required init? (encoder aDecoder: NSCoder) {
fatalError ("init (encoder :) has not been implemented")


DrinkListTableViewController class: UITableViewController {

drinks var: [Drink] = []

    replace func viewDidLoad () {
super.viewDidLoad ()
navigationItem.title = "Beverage Selection"
tableView.dataSource = self
tableView.delegate = self
//tableView.register(DrinkTableViewCell.self, forCellReuseIdentifier: "cell")

tableView.register (DrinkTableViewCell.self as AnyClass, forCellReuseIdentifier: "cell")

//tableView.register(UINib(nibName: "DrinkTableViewCell", bundle: Bundle.main), forCellReuseIdentifier: "cell")

//tableView.estimatedRowHeight = 134
//tableView.rowHeight = UITableView.automaticDimension

fetchInventory {drinks at
keep drinking! = null otherwise {return}
self.drinks = drink!
// print ("API call data:", self.drinks)
//self.tableView.reloadData ()
// DispatchQueue.main.async { [weak self] in
// self? .tableView.reloadData ()

replace func viewDidAppear (_ animated: Bool) {
super.viewDidAppear (animated)
DispatchQueue.main.async { [weak self] in
car? .tableView.reloadData ()

redefine func tableView (_tableView: UITableView, didSelectRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) {
performSegue (withIdentifier: "pizzaSegue", sender: self.drinks[indexPath.row] as a drink)
// try another method below?
//self.navigationController?.pushViewController (UIViewController () as! PizzaViewController, animated: true)

override func prepare (for division: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {

if segue.identifier == "pizzaSegue" {
keep letting vc = segue.destination like? PizzaViewController else {retour} = sender as? Pizza

private function fetchInventory (completion: @escaping ([Drink]?) -> Void) {
Alamofire.request ("" method: .get)
.responseJSON {answer in
guard response.result.isSuccess else {full return (nil)}
keep let rawInventory = response.result.value as?[[[[[String: Any]?]else {full return (nil)}
leave Invent = rawInventory.compactMap {pizzaDict -> Drink? in
var data = pizzaDict!
The data["image"] = UIImage (named: pizzaDict!["image"] as! Chain)
// print ("Print each item:", Drink (data: data))
// successful printing of any inventory
return drink (data: data)
completion (inventory)

// MARK: - Table view data source

redefine func numberOfSections (in tableView: UITableView) -> Int {
back 1

redefine func tableView (_tableView: UITableView, section numberOfRowsInSection: Int) -> Int {
print ("ROWS:", drinks.count)
return of drinks.count

redefine func tableView (_tableView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell {

// let cell = tableView.dequeueReusableCell (withIdentifier: "cell", for: indexPath) like! DrinkTableViewCell

// let cell = UITableViewCell (style: UITableViewCell.CellStyle.subtitle, reuseIdentifier: "cell")

let cell: DrinkTableViewCell = self.tableView.dequeueReusableCell (withIdentifier: "cell") as! DrinkTableViewCell

//cell.cellName?.text = drinks[indexPath.row].first name
//cell.cellAmount?.text = String (drinks[indexPath.row].amount)
//cell.cellDescription?.text = drinks[indexPath.row].the description
//cell.cellImage?image = drink[indexPath.row].picture

cell.imageView? .image = drinks[indexPath.row].picture
cell.textLabel? .text = drinks[indexPath.row].first name
cell.detailTextLabel? .text = drinks[indexPath.row].the description


print (cell.cellName? .text as any)
return cell

redefine func tableView (_tableView: UITableView, heightForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> CGFloat {
returns 100.0


Screen capture showing an error in the console and the sequence ID in the storyboard