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Its not easy to start your business from the very first day. It requires lots of research and hard work to draft a market plan. Still many people go bankrupt while their businesses collapses. Following are the main reason why businesses collapses.

1. Inefficient market plan.
2. Poor execution of market plan.
3. Misutilisation of capital.
4. Too much expense, less income.
5. Wrong product niche.
6. Wrong location to launch your product/services.

Please add your own, if you think there are other reasons too.

exposure – In situations where you aren’t compelled to pick high ISO (low light/needing a high shutter speed), is there ever a reason to NOT prefer low ISO?

higher ISO when low light/moving subjects/potential camera movement with the lens already wide open conspire to prevent using lower ISO and getting proper exposure.

Given the same amount of exposure, sometimes you may prefer smaller or bigger aperture because you may want high or low depth of field.
Similarly, sometimes you may prefer slow or fast shutter speed, because you may want to freeze the action or you may want the blurred effect.

In case of ISO, is there ever a reason to prefer high ISO to low ISO , all other things being equal? (By all other things being equal, I mean exposure is the same i.e. image is properly exposed. Obviously changing the ISO means you will have to change the other 2 parameters to ensure same exposure.)

To clarify some confusion about what I mean, I will try to give a concrete example.

Let us say, you have 5 images of a well lit subject, shot with different apertures, all properly exposed (through adjusting the other 2 parameters). I can understand that one may choose the lowest aperture or the highest aperture image based on what kind of DOF he wants.

Similarly, if I have five properly exposed images with different shutter speeds, one can choose any of them based on whether they want blurry effect or freeze framed photo.

So, if I have five properly exposed images with different ISO settings, is there any reason one would not go for lowest one (apart from just the artistic/stylistic choice of someone who prefers higher noise in the image)?

My restrictions are deliberately designed to eliminate the situation where you need sufficient exposure and therefore HAVE to use high ISO. That is not what I am asking. I know, in those cases, you HAVE to use high ISO. I am asking about the cases where you do not HAVE to use high ISO.

Also, I found one other great answer by Matt Grum on this site which helped my understanding a lot. Thank you Saaru Lindestøkke for pointing me to that.

What is “ISO” on a digital camera?

The answer is in some places quite contrary to what is the common understanding about ISO settings, but if it is true (and from the huge upvotes in that answer, I assume it is true), then that is a very helpful answer.

exposure – Is there ever any reason to NOT prefer lower ISO?

exposure – Is there ever any reason to NOT prefer lower ISO? – Photography Stack Exchange

Licensed Windows Server 2016 randomly shuts down itself for no reason

My Windows Server 2016 Essentials recently got a habit of randomly shutting itself down. I’ve searched the issue online and almost all suggestions were like server must be unlicensed so it shutdowns automatically. Mine is licensed (and it hasn’t been doing this for like 2 years). Also unlike unlicensed shutdowns, this one shutdown once every week, usually after weekend, Monday or Tuesday mornings.

Has anyone seen an issue like this before?

dnd 5e – Is there any sort of mechanical reason to use a trident over a spear?

Every class proficient with martial weapons is also proficient with simple weapons, so there would be no mechanical advantage to using a trident over a spear (unless in some unforeseen circumstance you needed the extra 1lb).1

There would be a reason to use a spear (simple weapon) and not a trident (martial weapon), but not the other way around. Bards, clerics, druids, monks, rogues, and warlocks are proficient with simple weapons but not martial weapons. For them, their proficiency bonus would be an advantage of the spear over the trident.

However, these are not the only weapons with the same mechanics (other than price and weight). The following martial weapons are mechanically identical:

  • battleaxes and longswords are both versatile weapons causing 1d8 (1d10 two-handed) slashing damage
  • morningstars and war picks both cause 1d8 piercing damage

  1. The “Variant Entertainer: Gladiator” background (PHB, p. 131) allows a player to “replace the musical instrument in your equipment package with an inexpensive but unusual weapon, such as a trident or net.” RAW this only gives the trident as equipment. However, a DM could house rule that it also grants proficiency (in place of the music instrument from the Entertainer background). If allowed and taken by a sorcerer or wizard, they would have proficiency with tridents but not simple weapons (i.e, spears).

design – Is there any language where you can re-call the constructor on an instance of a class and any reason why not?

A constructor is meant to initialize an object — set its initial state. Re-calling a constructor is not possible in languages that allow the programmer to mark an instance variable as readonly final, or const.

Your problem seems to be related to code repetition, not calling a constructor. Fortunately we have lots of options for code reuse. Consider adding a public method that does the reinitializing, and call that method from the constructor. Clearly you have a use case where reusing an entire object is desirable, so you probably do not need to worry about readonly fields.

So just make it easy on yourself. DRY up your code by putting the initialization logic in a public method and have your constructor call it.

usb – Design reason for needing root to access Android 11 recorder app’s data?

I recently upgraded to Android 11 and went to copy voice recorder files to my PC via USB, and noticed they were no longer available that way. It seems they’re now hidden in an area that’s not accessible unless you root your phone.

This isn’t a question about how to get the files in other ways – you can email them to yourself, or upload them to the cloud, or whatever.

I want to know if there was any good design reason, for moving them to a place the user can’t access directly. It seems odd.

usa – Visa denied with reason INA212a6ci although the interview was successful

So the interview was successful but something else was found that led to her refusal. It could have been found before the interview and the interviewer did not know yet, after the interview, or while checking something she stated in the interview.

All the information is at https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/us-visas/visa-information-resources/visa-denials.html

The embassy has found you materially misrepresented something on your application or during the process. NA212a6ci means she can never get a visa unless this is resolved. Your only recourse is for your sister or her lawyer (not a relative) to contact the embassy or consulate to seek clarification. No other recourse exists. The reason for denial, the process, and who to contact are all spelled out at the above link.

junit – What’s the reason for wiremock instead of Mockito in integration tests

I enjoyed the process of writing an integration test for a system that relies on http, by mocking such end-points with Wiremock, and I feel upskilled, having wrestled with Matchers.

Now, Wiremock as a standalone server is very useful for multiple reasons but, although it has neat integration with JUnit, I don’t get the point in choosing it, instead of, for example, Mockito, as a mocking framework in tests. Someone, please school me.

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