sql server 2012 – Under what circumstances would it be reasonable to choose a full index against a filtered index?

When I create the test case below, the filtered index is always chosen, even on different versions of SQL Server with a different configuration.

create table #t (int id non null identity (1,1) clustered primary key
, varchar (10) value not null default (convert (varchar (10), convert (varchar (36), newid ())))
default tinyint status (0)

insert in #t (value, status)
values ​​(default, 3), (default, 2) - repeat this as desired

select * de #t as t

create an index idxT_Status on #t (status) include (value)
create an index idxT_StatusF on #t (status) include (value) where status = 2

create the procedure #p as
to start
insert in #t (value, status)
select the value, 33 from #t where status = 2

update t
defined status = 22
of # t like t
where status = 2

select * de #t as t where status = 2

start tran

insert in #t (value, status)
select the value, 33 of #t where status = 2

However, I have a very similar scenario in the live application that I work with where, in the presence of the full index, the filtered index is ignored. If I delete the complete index, the plan readily chooses the filtered index. I totally understand that with only about 20,000 records in the array, the execution time does not change much, which is a negligible threshold of 0 to 16 ms with a full or filtered index, just trying to get to the bottom.

studio lighting – What is the reasonable cost to photograph 8 stained glass?

I have 8 stained glass windows, now removed from their original location in a building and which are now stored. We try to compare the cost of displaying the photographic images of the same thing when the graphic is printed on a duratrans film 800 x 800 mm and illuminated with a real estate window display. [ Custom LY10- LED Light Pockets ]. The obvious problem is to ensure that there is enough backlighting to take a decent picture. Can you advise if it can be easily done. We are based in London IG2.

short connections – 1h15 is there a reasonable time to clear the Dulles customs and make a connecting flight at 16:00?

We flew United from Narita, with a stop of 1 hour 15 minutes. We had to leave the NRT at 16h10 and arrive at the doors of Dulles D at 15h50. By the time we got off the plane, it was around 16:00. When we arrived at the customs, there were several hundred people online, bottleneck due to only 3 agents. I understand that these are the two busiest moments of the day at both ends of the trip, but United surely knows it too, and they surely have an obligation to plan accordingly. The time in Narita has been delayed and our connection time has been even shorter. We cleared the customs and departed at 5:05 pm, scheduled time for departure, just in time to see the flight depart on the timetable. We were on the hook for night charges, not United, they told us, because it was Narita's fault. Really?? At United, nobody had 12 hours to make sure there were enough customs people to help us finish on time?

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Is it reasonable for an R package to import another package only to make coding easier?

In general, it's up to you, the creator of a package, to define the dependencies of your package. In the end, you tell future users of your package: you must want and be able to use these dependencies, otherwise you will not be able to use this package.

You can decide to be as minimalist as you want or use as many mysterious and hard-to-install libraries as only the most ardent and motivated soul will want to take care of your contribution (there is certainly more than some of these floating software!). Some libraries specializing in computer vision and neural networks could be an example – you would not want it if you did not really need it for your package.

The reasonable in-between says: "Do these dependencies put a heavy burden on people for whom I want to be able to use my software?" If the answer is "not as burdensome as I would be if I did not use those libraries myself," then that's it: include them, it's literally what they're the!

The need to use extremely common libraries is generally less of a burden, as you expect most users to have it installed or will do so anyway for their own use (and magrittr is very popular in the R world, so I would be more concerned about the packages you have found hard to find and install successfully).

If this was part of a large project or if it had very specific hardware / software limitations, I would implore you to collect the requirements for the types of systems, operating systems, and versions you need to take in charge. Then you only need to compare your dependencies to the requirements you have collected. If you do not have these limitations, you can simply focus on your own productivity as a developer and use what helps you do your job.

unit – How to play server-side weapon hits for all players with a reasonable volume?

I want to play sfx weapon (hits) server side for all players so I tried to use

AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint ()

using "Command" and "ClientRpc" but of course that does not work as expected.

Maybe there is a reason why you can not hear a rifle sound lying 2 units apart, but if an enemy is 2 units away, there is no need to to hear him, I can already see him -.-

So, how do you play server-side hits for all players with reasonable volume?

Thank you!

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This is a discussion on VPS reliable VPS offers from kvchosting.net at affordable prices. in the Webmaster Marketplace forums, part of the enterprise category; KVC Hosting was launched in 2010 for the sole purpose of creating a host society that is affordable for everyone. …


Mueller said the collusion could not be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. Does this look like Trump is definitely innocent for you?

It would be nice to see the whole report in order to understand why Mueller and Barr made their decisions – is not it?

We could all then see if there was literally no evidence that Trump had any contact with the Russians – whether it was first or second hand – or simply that there was not enough evidence to be able to accuse him and convince him.


5th dnd – I gave my players a lot of magic items. Is it reasonable for me to give them more difficult encounters?

I think I have to answer that question with a question:

Do your current games challenge players?

If so, then there is no need to increase the difficulty. If they are already about to die in every fight they embark on, or if they collapse all their abilities just to stay alive, it's not necessary to them. make life more difficult.

If not, then you should definitely think about making your encounters more difficult. I am in a similar situation with my players. I've been particularly generous with magic items, maybe a little too much. Each player has more items than he is able to grant, and our paladin had a CA of 23 at one time. As a result, when they were at level 10, they were blowing through CR 11 encounters without sweating. I had to start using the economy plus action to my advantage, giving boss monsters additional abilities and legendary resistances, and finding better tactics for monsters.

Remember that 5th is balanced in that players have no magic object and are still able to cope with threats to their CR. Players with more magic items than usual are a good reason to make dating more difficult. Depending on the quality of these magical items, you may need to treat them as if they were level 10 or higher – even though I would work until then, and not just leave a Beholder on their lap without warning. .