usa – Can a person on a US tourist visa receive compensation for participating in a medical trial?

A relative of mine has recently arrived to the US on a B1/B2 visa, which normally prohibits any kind of work in the US. They’ve signed up for a COVID-related trial and have been accepted. Said trial offers a small (few hundred dollars) compensation for participating, which would be a nice bonus in addition to helping the medical community. The trial organizers do not care about the participants visa status, as long as you can report back a couple of times in the future.

Is it legal for someone on a B1/B2 to receive money for participating in a medical trial? Or should my relative participate while refusing payment?

json – Is it possible to have a single parameter receive its value conditionally in a step function?

I have a parameter ‘request_id’ that I want to have get an ID from two different formats of JSON that get sent to the input of my step function task.

The first form looks like this:

{ "request_id": "abcde-abcd-abcde-abc" }

The second is in this form:

{ "request": { "id": "abcde-abcd-abcde-abc", }

Currently, I have a parameter which looks like

"request_id.$": "$.request_id"

but would like something that is equivalent to (this one does not work)

"request_id.$": "$.('request_id','')"

The step function task looks like this

"Processing Error": {
              "Type": "Task",
              "Resource": "${UpdateRequestStatus.Arn}",
              "Parameters": {
                "status": "ERROR",
                "status_reason": "Failed to process data.",
                "domain_name.$": "$.domain_name",
                "client_id.$": "$.client_id",
                "request_id.$": "$.request_id"
              "Next": "Processing Failed"

Is this possible within the step function or will I need to either split those two request id’s up into two paths in my JSON or do it in a function?

WhatsApp cannot receive any broadcast

I am using the latest version of WhatsApp . for some reason I still can’t understand people cannot send me broadcast even though I am in their contact list. however I can successfully send broadcast to people.

why does this happen ?

sometime I thought I could be banned but then I should get some message and I haven’t done anything that deserves that like bulk messaging for spamming.

what I did so far
— re-register myself on my phone after trying other things like deleting data clearing cache etc.
— used a clone app and registered
through that

still stuck

android 10 – How can I configure Google Voice so that when I receive a call my phone from Google Voice, the phone doesn’t vibrate?

I configured Google Voice to forward call to my phone. However, even when the phone on silent mode (no sound, no vibration), the phone vibrates.

How can I configure Google Voice so that when I receive a call my phone from Google Voice, the phone doesn’t vibrate? I want it to stay 100% silent.

I use Samsung Galaxy S9 (non-rooted Android 10, One UI 2.0).

Can I receive HTTP POST data from another webapp?

I have a webapp built using c#. I want it to receive data from another webapp. Is it possible to receive the POST data from the other webapp?

I am looking for a tutorial on how to go about it. I searched for questions related to mine and the answers were a bit hard for me to follow.

Does Dovecot make Foxmail / Thunderbird / Outlook to receive duplicated email?

I’ve built a Postfix(2.10.1-7.el7.x64.rpm) + Dovecot(2.3.11-build) mail server for my host. It functions well for me at the very beginning.

After using for a while, I kept receiving duplicated mails from my server. I try to figure it out where did they come from. But I finally found they share the same MESSAGE-ID, which is identified by receiving mails. I try to use different email client, Foxmail/Thunderbird/Outlook, but it results the same.

I try to figout it out how they functioned. And I found out when I receiving a mail, which comes from a persistent connection, it would be very easily to duplicate a mail if I pulled it from mail server by my own at the same time.

This does not make sense, does anybody knows how to config the dovecot server to avoid the duplication of mails from client? It would be great helpful for me. Thanks.

Postfix – Can Send / Receive Localy – Send External – Not receive from external

I just finish configuring my own mail server using this guide:
LinuxBabe Guide

At the start all was working but now I can not receive mail from external.
Here is my configuration file:

Attacker Changing Address to Receive Block Reward

A miner creates a block B which contains address α, on which he wants to receive his rewards. An attacker changes block B, such that instead of α it defines a new address α’, which is controlled by the attacker. Will the attacker receive the rewards that the miner tries to claim and why (or why not)?

My idea was that first of all the attacker would have to redo the proof-of-work. Therefore it is unlikely that their blockchain would be the longest. However, is there any way that the attack could go through other than solving the proof-of-work faster than the rest of miners? What if the attacker changes the most recent block? Could the block then be on the longest chain?

I have also read that the Block Reward in a stale block is no longer spendable on the difficultywise-longest and well-formed blockchain; therefore whoever mined that block does not actually get the reward (or the transaction fees). So if the attacker’s changed block becomes a stale block, does this mean the reward cannot be claimed by the original miner or the attacker?

yahoo mail – Someone attached themselves through messenger to my private email pdf to receive?

Someone attached themselves directly to my private email message to receive a copy of my pdf form on their messenger, when messenger shows they are not a contact to send to or receive? I did not do this. Don’t know how it’s possible for a supposedly listed messenger contact that’s not active at all to get into my private email message, attach themselves to the pdf to then receive a direct copy? This was a secure email from a private bank!! Please tell me how this was possible? Ty.

dnd 5e – Does the bonus action attack from Polearm Master receive the bonus to attack and damage rolls from a magic weapon?

If I have the Polearm Master feat and am wielding a +1 Glaive, the bonus action attack will use the same modifier as the standard attack (STR). However, does it also receive the +1 bonus from the fact that the weapon is magical?

Personally, I’d think that the full weapon is magical (not only the cutting part), so indeed the bonus attack gets a +1 as well. But in my DnDBeyond character sheet, the bonus attack does not include the magical bonus. So I wonder if this is RAW or a bug in DnDBeyond.