exchange rate – How to receive email alerts if a coin changes its price considerably

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mobile network – Intermittent failure to receive SMS and MMS messages

I noticed an issue in mid December where a few messages in a row that were sent in a group MMS were never received on my phone. A few days ago, I had the same issue with an SMS message sent to me. There may have been other instances as well that I’m unaware of. In December, my default messaging app was QKSMS. In the instance a few days ago, my default SMS/MMS app was Signal.

I’m using an Asus Zenfone 6 on Wing’s AT&T network (for those don’t know, this essentially means Wing bought AT&T contracts in bulk and is reselling them individually).

I don’t know of any issues with outgoing messages. The intermittent nature of this problem makes it difficult to troubleshoot. What steps can I take to ensure I don’t lose any incoming MMS or SMS messages in the future?

Why does Bisq claim that my earliest receive address has been used in 10 transactions?

In the “Funds” tab, in the “Receive funds” sub-tab, there’s a long list of unused receive addresses (as expected). In the bottom, there’s a bunch of ones saying “Used in 1 transaction(s)”, again as expected…

But in the very bottom, there’s one that stands out by saying “Used in 10 transaction(s)”.

This makes me worried and anxious. Why was this not only reused, but reused nine times? I never did anything differently from how I trade/use Bisq today. That receive address must have been created when I created my Bisq wallet in early 2018.

Can somebody explain what the deal is with this? Has Bisq for some reason reused the same address and thus broken my blockchain privacy? Was it some kind of bug? Misunderstanding by me somehow?

user tracking – I now receive advertisements from a site used by a guest on my wifi she was on OS X I’m running LInux did they track my IP address only?

I seems a little strange that the only thing in common between me and my guest is that she was on my wifi and thus using my wan ip address, yet I am receiving advertising from a site she used. I’m not surprised that she sees those ads, but it seems odd that a completely different system, os, useragent, no cookies being shared, different users and email addresses, etc. would be receiving the same ads. So also then, if I would use a VPN, would I then be receiving ads from activity of other users who used one of the VPN’s IP addresses also?

ho.history overview – Did André Bloch or any other mathematician receive the Becquerel Prize?

On this biography page of André Bloch, it is said that

The Académie des Sciences awarded him the Becquerel Prize just before his death.

This claim is also repeated in PlanetMath, Wikiversity and also Hersh & John-Steiner’s book: Loving and Hating Mathematics: Challenging the Myths of Mathematical Life (+link).

There are several other resources backing this claim. But on the other hand, the official website of the Becquerel Prize says: (emphasis mine)

The Alexandre Edmond Becquerel Prize was established in 1989 by the European Commission at the occasion of the 150th anniversary of Becquerel’s classical experiment in which he discovered the photovoltaic effect. Its purpose is to honour scientific, technical or managerial merit in the development of photovoltaic solar energy, attained over a long period of continuous achievements, or very exceptionally, for some extraordinary invention or discovery.

So clearly, this Becquerel Prize has nothing to do with mathematics. I suspected that there was another Becquerel Prize in 1930s or 1940s, which was awarded by the Académie des Sciences. But I found no record of that except the Wikipedia page of Yvette Cauchois, who was a physicist known for her contributions to x-ray spectroscopy and x-ray optics:

Henri Becquerel Prize from the French Academy of Sciences (1935)

Therefore this limited sample just strengthens my suspicion that there might no Becquerel Prize for mathematicians. And this part of André Bloch’s biography also adds up to the other myths surrounding him.

So my questions, as the title says, are:

  • Was there a Becquerel Prize for mathematicians during that era?
  • Did André Bloch receive it?

transactions – Please help out I send 109k to my client he was able to receive $50,000 please help

I send a bitcoin transaction of all coin my wallet which is $109,180 to my client wallet address giving to me. But he received $50,000 in is wallet address. And I sent all the coin my of 109180. Please what going on and the transaction output is show two wallet, I don’t understand the second wallet that showing I sent the remaining coin there?? Please advice

When removing a link from Quick launch, I receive a "Managed Navigation" message

I’m trying to remove a link from my QuickLaunch and when I click Ok, my change didn’t save and I get this "In order to use Managed Navigation, you must select a navigation term set." at the top of the Navigation setting pages. Not sure what to do next.

GOZMIning receive $10.00 just for signing up via the link

receive £10.00 for just signing up to the site

postgresql – postgres: could not receive data from WAL stream: ERROR: requested WAL segment has already been removed

Configuration: postgres 9.6 with a 3 cluster node. db1 is the master, db2 and db3 are replicas. WAL files are archived in AWS S3 using custom pgrsync tool. Cluster managed by patroni. The archive_command and restore_command is properly configured on all the nodes.

To simulate: On db1, do heavy writes (like vacuum a large table) and then stop db1 by sudo systemctl stop patroni). db3 becomes the new leader. db2 requests more WAL files, which it gets via the proper restore command from AWS S3, becomes replica to db3.

Now, start db1 again by (sudo systemctl start patroni). But db1 (the old leader and the new to-be-replica) never comes up as a replica and gives the error message could not receive data from WAL stream: ERROR: requested WAL segment 0000002400053C55000000AE has already been removed. This error message is reported by db3 (the leader), which db1 just logs it.

So, let’s see the timeline. Initially db1 was in timeline 35 (0x23) and did write the following files to archive:

0000002300053C55000000AE   (TL is 23 and archive at 53C55/AE)
0000002300053C5600000043   (TL is 23 and archive at 53C56/43)

db1 is stopped at this point.
db3’s logs show this:

received promote request
redo done at 53C56/A3FFC8C0
selected new timeline ID: 36
database system is ready to accept connections

and db3 copies the following files to archives


As db3 became leader, db2 starts the process to become replica to db3 (which it successfully becomes) and here is the summary of the logs:

restored log file "00000024.history" from archive
restored log file "0000002300053C55000000AE" from archive
restored log file "00000023.history" from archive
redo starts at 53C55/AE0001A8
restored log file "0000002300053C55000000AF" from archive
restored log file "0000002300053C5600000042" from archive
Retrieving 0000002300053C5600000043 to pg_xlog/RECOVERYXLOG FAILED  (log by pgrsync)
Retrieving 0000002300053C56000000A2 to pg_xlog/RECOVERYXLOG FAILED
restored log file "0000002400053C56000000A3" from archive
consistent recovery state reached at 53C56/A3FFE900

db1 is started now and here are the logs:

LOG: database system was interrupted while in recovery at log time 2021-01-28 04:08:01 UTC 
HINT: If this has occurred more than once some data might be corrupted and you might need to choose an earlier recovery target
LOG: invalid record length at 53C55/AE0001E0: wanted 24, got 0
LOG: started streaming WAL from primary at 53C55/AE000000 on timeline 36
FATAL:  could not receive data from WAL stream: ERROR:  requested WAL segment 0000002400053C55000000AE has already been removed
... and repeats this over and over

Points to note:

  1. 0000002400053C55000000AE was never written to archives by any postgres node. The old leader (db1) copied the archive 0000002300053C55000000AE (note: 0023, not 0024) before it was stopped.
  2. The new leader (db3) copied 0000002200053C55000000AE (note: 0022, not 0024)
  3. max_wal_size is set to 1024 on all nodes.
  4. After db3 became the new leader, there was hardly any activity on the nodes. db3 only writes WAL files every 10 mins (archive_timeout=600s).


  1. Is there any thing wrong in the configuration that makes the the old leader asking for a WAL segment, which the new leader does not have?
  2. How to restore the old leader (db1) at this state, without having to erase and start over?

dnd 5e – Can Tortles receive the non-AC benefits from magic armor?

You gain no benefit from wearing armor.

This seems pretty unambiguous. There are no secret rules. Gaining the benefits of magic armor requires wearing it:

Unless an armor’s description says otherwise, armor must be worn for its magic to function.

But the Tortle’s Natural Armor feature says you gain no benefit from wearing armor. So usually, the magic of the armor is explicitly going to be a benefit of wearing it, unless the armor’s description says that it doesn’t have to be worn to gain magical benefits. (I’m not aware of magic armor that doesn’t require wearing to gain its magical benefits). We will see that while this is probably the RAW ruling, it really isn’t a big deal to rule either way.

It’s easy to work with this as a DM.

There are lots of magic items. I doubt you’re running a “only magic items are armor” campaign, so it should be easy enough to make sure your Tortle player has access to usable magic items. Maybe a particularly industrious magical craftsman specializes in doing armor enchantment transfers for Tortles.

There is some rules support for just letting it work.

We also see this in the rules for Wearing and Wielding Items:

In most cases, a magic item that’s meant to be worn can fit a creature regardless of size or build. Many magic garments are made to be easily adjustable, or they magically adjust themselves to the wearer. Rare exceptions exist.

It’s open to interpretation, I think, if this paragraph carved out an exception to the Tortle’s Natural Armor feature, but it definitely would not be a big deal to let the Tortle benefit from magical armor, citing this rule as support.