anaconda – h5py conda is not being recognized

I am not sure on why my conda environment does not recognize h5py. I already installed it but it seems that they are not being recognized.

Traceback (most recent call last): File
“/home/mbraza/miniconda3/westpa-2020.03/lib/cmds/”, line 9,
import work_managers File “/home/mbraza/miniconda3/westpa-2020.03/lib/wwmgr/work_managers/”,
line 12, in
from .core import WorkManager, WMFuture, FutureWatcher File “/home/mbraza/miniconda3/westpa-2020.03/lib/wwmgr/work_managers/”,
line 8, in
import h5py ImportError: No module named h5py

root access – My location get recognized by my sim card

I have an application which find me by my sim card, how is this possible?

I didn’t give it any Location/Call/messages permission. Also i used VPN but it still recognize my location.

How can i edit info of my sim card, my device is rooted, i got access to everything.

seo – Dynamically loaded content on webpage not recognized in keyword density checker – does Google do the same, and can I fix it?


I have a website. On one of my pages, users can create articles. They fill out a form with their article and the article is placed in my database. There is another page where users’ articles (along with their article titles) are dynamically loaded using jQuery and AJAX when a user visits the page.

I’m currently working on my SEO – specifically, keyword density. I went to a keyword density calculator ( – I also used and put in the URL of one of the articles a user had made on my site ( When I submit the link in the density checker, it only displays the words that were NOT dynamically added to the page – like the name of my website, among other things. So it only lists about 10 words. The contents of the article did not show up.

I’m wondering if the Google crawler does the same thing – it doesn’t see the contents of the users’ articles, because the content is loaded dynamically, which would create an SEO problem.

I’m unsure if I’m doing something wrong with the way I structure my page or load my articles that makes it hard for readers to access the dynamically loaded content.

My jQuery is at the bottom of the inside of my body tag, so I didn’t use $(document).ready() or anything of that sort, if that helps. I just went straight into the AJAX call.

These keyword density checkers do allow for text input instead of a link, but the problem is not that I just need to find the density of these keywords – I also need to ensure I’m formatting my pages so that crawlers can get all the content contained within my users’ articles.


Do you need to include certain code when dynamically loading content using jQuery and AJAX so that Google/another page searcher gets all the content on a particular webpage instead of excluding the dynamically loaded content?

If there’s any code you would like to see, let me know. I’m not sure what I would need to include. Let me know if there are any questions.

browsers – Do tags that are not recognized by HTML affect SEO?

Without additional context, it’s difficult to give you a concise answer to your question. It would be helpful to know more about these custom tags you’re using, how they’re implemented, and how they are ultimately rendered onto the page.

Assuming your custom tags are implemented using the Web Components API (a rather big assumption…), I don’t think there should be any impact to SEO. Web Components are implemented through a shadow DOM but ultimately get attached to a “shadow host”, which is a regular DOM element recognizable by all browsers (and crawlers, etc.).

So for example, if your <new_tag> is implemented via an h1 DOM element, it would ultimately be rendered as an h1 and can then be detected as usual for SEO (or accessibility) purposes.

I’d suggest implementing your custom element(s), then inspect the page in the browser (F12 to access Chrome DevTools) and see how it gets rendered in the HTML.

windows 10 – NVMe SSD not recognized on start up, but does appear on restart

I have been experiencing a weird problem with my SSD. When I start my computer it sometimes doesn’t show up. However, if I then restart it’s there (and never fails to be). I can then use it for however long I want and it won’t fail/disappear. But if I shutdown my PC, and boot up again, it goes away.

The SSD in question is a NVMe WD-Black SN 750 and I am using it on a Windows 10 gaming PC with a ROG Strix B550-F Motherboard. My bios is also updated so that’s not the issue. But since it never has issues once it is detected I fail to see how this is a hardware problem.

Any ideas on how to solve this before I decide to just send it back (I think it’s still under warranty)?

Galaxy s20+ HDMI cable not recognized

I have a galaxy S20+ and a generic USB c to HDMI cable. I connected the phone to a Philips monitor but I don’t see anything on the monitor and in the USB settings I only see USB controlled by: connected device. And when trying to switch it to This device, I get an error saying “couldn’t switch”. Not sure if this cable isn’t compatible by phones or if there’s any settings I can change.

monterey – External monitor no longer recognized

I’ve been running the new version of Monterey without problems since it came out very recently. I have a 2019 MacBook Pro (intel, obviously) and connect an LG monitor via USB-C to DisplayPort. I was using the two monitor configuration for hours on end, including overnight sleep and reboots.

Now this morning, it doesn’t recognize the monitor. I’ve turned off all settings related to sleeping, napping, sleep mode, etc. I’ve rebooted multiple times, and power cycled the display. I’ve gone direct and through a dongle.

In attempting to reset nvram I got the feeling that the computer never really powered off. I tried the shutdown command, a very long press on the power button, and a shell shutdown command. In all cases it goes to a totally black screen but the touchpad still clicks and touching it wakes the computer up. Makes me think it’s not quite powered off.

And since I need to power off to reset nvram and sbc I also am not totally sure that I achieved a reset of those, which in turn might clear the problem.

Any suggestions at all?

adb – Why isn’t my phone recognized by my computer in Fastboot mode?

I have recently bought a Samsung Galaxy S42 5G, and was messing around with boot combinations. While I was doing this, I found out that the phone had Download mode, but also a Fastboot mode. I was trying to get this to work with my ADB and FastBoot tools on my computer, but it doesn’t seem to be recognized by Fastboot, and in the device manager, my phone shows up as “Android” With a yellow warning mark. Anyone know what is happening?
I can’t really find much info on this device.

usb – How can I get my iPhone to be recognized as a microphone on a Windows 10 PC?

usb – How can I get my iPhone to be recognized as a microphone on a Windows 10 PC? – Ask Different

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