Reseller hosting recommendation


I have a big problem with host4geeks and I decide to migrate from them.

My need:
10 to 20 GB of space
10 to 20 accounts
I do not need to … | Read the rest of

Request VPS recommendation based on traffic


I am looking for VPS RAM / CPU recommendations for a website using a bandwidth of 2 TB per month, monthly views of 694,484 and up to 90 concurrent users. It was said that I needed an extra processor on my VPS server to correct the frequent Backend Fetch Failed errors and the inability to access WordPress for them. updates. The duplicator plug-in also returns an error of failure of the extraction by the backend. I do not think this is the right solution because it happens even with low traffic, but I would like to make sure. I use Varnish, Apache, Ngnix with Centos and CWP.

May I have a recommendation, if possible? If not, what do you need more, or how can I determine how much resources I need to buy to start over?

Thank you very much!

Need a scheduled update plug-in recommendation

I'm trying to make scheduled updates for articles and pages. is tao-schedule-update the only option available?

I'm ready to try this plugin but it has not been updated for a long time. Is there a more up-to-date plugin for scheduled updates for publications and pages? I would even look at premium plugins.

Device repair recommendation! – Everything else

I've had a bad experience with a company before, but yesterday I had a very good experience with another one and I'd like to share it. My dryer was down and my dishwasher needed maintenance. I called the service the same day and they arrived at my house in less than half an hour and repaired my dryer. Also my dishwasher has received the necessary service

Here is their website, visit !

equipment recommendation – buy my first camera

I am a beginner and I want to make my first camera purchase for making videos and photography (targeting filmmaking). Can you suggest a camera to use and learn? In addition, this should satisfy my appetite (for learning and fun) for at least 3 years (not to mention the camera life itself, it should be longer).

P.S: Do not have the luxury of artificial light, everything will be outdoors.

software recommendation – What is the procedure for organizing photos?

A method for a little organized transfer with large cards, no special software is needed (not recommended with cameras known for their file system management problems.) Works perfectly with Sony.

  • Label all the cards you use

  • As soon as you are near a computer, insert an SD card, rename the current DCIM folder significantly (with the card label included in the name), and then copy the renamed folder into a zone. hard drive collection.

  • Return the card to the camera as soon as the folder has been copied, let it create a new DCIM folder.

  • Delete the contents of the folder in the collection area from images that you do not really need when you have the time (you always have the card in reserve if you delete something you did not want not delete), rename them again to mark them as selected.

  • On occasion, copy all the folders that were not backed up from the collection area to a backup drive, and then move them to a second zone (for example, "collection-backed up" ). Preferably, only back up completely deleted folders so as not to save the slags.

  • For a narrower selection / culling, make a copy of the roughly selected file, leave all the saved files already alone.

  • Repeat until the card is full.

  • Either, do not reuse maps at all (feasible with standard speed SD cards nowadays if you use them for photography), keep them tagged and archive them as original media (and extra backup) drive for collection and backup.

This goes against the wisdom of the old school when it comes to manipulating the file system from multiple devices. Be careful with cameras that have a bad reputation in this regard (that's why I still have a question outstanding: what cameras are known for such problems).

For professional or critical use, replace "occasionally" and "when you have time" with defined values ​​and keep the backup drive off-site (or save it back to an offsite drive or cloud storage ).

Recommendation sought for software emulating a light table

Does anyone here know of any software (preferably running on macOS, but all will go for a PC) emulating a light table?

I do not talk about typical Grid type organization tools like in Lightroom or Bridge, but rather to "throw a lot of pictures", rearrange, rotate, rotate and rearrange . Exactly like a big table with printed images.

I am really grateful for tips πŸ™‚

Nice recommendation for web hosting | Talk Web Hosting

Quote Originally posted by Alan Yang1
See the article

Recently, one of my friends recommended a useful web hosting: Vandweb.
After use, I highly recommend it. It is one of the best hosting sites I have ever used. First of all, with its free SEO app: Vsights. It helps to analyze the ranking and sharing rate of your website on a social platform such as Facebook, etc.
Secondly, improving the security of websites provides good databases preventing malicious attacks.
In addition, its high speed (CDN) guarantees a website in good condition.
As a small business owner, this accommodation helps me a lot. I have used multiple accommodations and it is one of those I love the most.
I wish to share this good accommodation with everyone.
If you find a good web site, do not hesitate to share with me!

Wow, excellent criticism. Thank you for taking the time to register on the forum and share your experience.
May I ask, which friend recommends to publish your experience here?

Good luck and I'm sure the mods here will check your comment for the moment.

Configuration Management – Recommendation on the Web Accessibility Module

I am a content publisher looking for a free accessibility module run by the Drupal security team that could provide the following:

  • run site-wide reports to identify a list of accessible pages
    problems, not conforming to WCAG 2.1 (for example, missing ALT text, headers
    structure, etc.)

    • highlight accessibility issues on a page and provide
      suggestions for solving problems according to WCAG standards

I found this one, which seems to cover the above points, however, it is not covered by the security team of Drupal. So it seems that nothing guarantees that it will work properly (from what I can understand).

Does anyone have any module suggestions based on their experience working with them?

Thank you

software recommendation – Vim type clipboard manager with multiple buffers

I am looking to expand the capabilities of my clipboard.

I became attached to how vim does it; several discrete buffers in which you can "copy" text. I also usually prefer to use the mouse as little as possible. All the clipboard managers I've seen have a heavy graphical interface; therefore, a solution that allows me to copy and paste buffers using only the keyboard is ideal.

I am under macOS 10.14.6 and would prefer something that I can install via Homebrew. Happy to consider a paid software.