RNG: can not update the record unless duplicates are allowed; selection of the declarant displayed despite the authorizations

  1. Whenever I try to edit and save an existing registration, unless I keep the "Allow Duplicate Registrants" box, an error message indicates that this user is already registered (if I do not try to create a new listing, simply edit an existing one). This is a big problem because, like most users, I use this module to allow only one registration per user in an event. This bug is consistent in 1.3, 1.5 and dev versions of the module.

  2. There is also another bug / feature missing: I can not hide the selection of the holder at the new registration, even if most users are not allowed to save anyone else.

An idea of ​​how I could handle this? especially the first problem.

Thank you,

A good way to record a texture animation?

I want to animate the rain on a windshield lattice.
The animation must be completed …
And then I want to sweep the rain with windshield wipers. (also in loop)
So, the texture on the windshield is supposed to be transparent, since its rain.

What is the good way to "record" the rain and "write" it on a texture?

External Calls – Can not Record Python in ExternalEvaluate

Anaconda 3 was installed on my system and python was registered with the following link:


I've recently updated libraries in Anaconda 3 and then
ExterneEvaluer and ExternalLanguage the cell has stopped working, giving the following error.

StartExternalSession :: noinstall: No valid installation for the Python system was found with the specified options.

So I erased the cache of ExterneEvaluer using the following command:

and tried to register again:


giving the following weird error:

RegisterExternalEvaluator :: invalid: - Message text not found - (ExternalEvaluate`Private`reason)

I restarted my computer but nothing solves the problem. Please help.

SQL Server – MSSQL 2008R2 Unexpected Deadlocking Implicit UPDATE with itself on the same record

SQL example:

UPDATE TableA SET SomeTableAColumn = ta.Value
FROM #TempA ta
INNER JOIN TableA ON ta.ID = TableA.ID
O ta.ID = @SomeTableAID

I should also note that TableA has an INSTEAD OF trigger that actually does the update.

The above SQL is run outside of an explicit transaction. Two processes running the above SQL code exactly at the same time for the same record (@SomTableAID is the same in both cases) generated a deadlock.

In both cases, everyone gained a shared lock on the record, and then a stalemate when everyone tried to switch to an update lock. The addition of an appropriate locking index helped to avoid the problem.

But, my question is … why is locking done? Is not it obvious that the target line is going to be updated? Is there a more appropriate way to do this? Or should I remember to add a lock index every time I use this update template?

Or … is this all because of the operation of the INSTEAD OF trigger?

What is the world record for the longest D & D marathon?

I was looking for some time the world record of the longest Dungeons and Dragons marathon because my friends and I had a plan to try to beat him and give money from the current (if we have any) to my school game. and Anime Club. So, if you have the answer to this question, please leave a response.

xmp – Where does lightroom record flags?

Lightroom saves (almost) everything in its catalog file (.lrcat). This is a SQLite database, so you can theoretically modify it as you wish. As the related question notes, Adobe does not make the structure of the database public, but some people have done the opposite.

Looking at an openroom, I'll guess you want it to choose column in the Picture table but I did not test that.

Back up your catalog file before you edit ityou do not want to throw everything away.

gds – Amadeus Record Locator vs. PNR airline

Amadeus GDS has a record locator to identify the reservation in his system and, as far as I know, this is not the PNR to use for registration on the airline's website.

For some airlines (Iberia, Europe Air ecc.), Amadeus' Record Locator is the actual PNR to use on the airline's website.

For example, when I type the RL command on Amadeus, I see this:

RP / MILIG678 / MILIG678 BT / SU 28JAN19 / 1156 GCBN78

QUULO for me was the PNR of the airline, but in this case it was rather GCBN78 (verified on the airline's website).
Is there a logic to know what code to give the traveler?

a record – 1and1 (Ionos) domain – points to a different contract

We have a domain pointed to a Windows server with 1 & 1 UK (Ionos). We have many subdomains and applications configured under this domain. We have recently updated our website to use a modern WordPress theme, which has forced us to establish a new contract in 1 & 1. The new site is ready and we are trying to point the domain.

The problem is this: it is already configured with the Windows server contract and we can not just delete it and add it without having to reconfigure many subdomains and email addresses. I can edit the A record so that it points to the newly created website, but the "404 Not Found (nginx)" message only appears. The WordPress contract knows nothing about the domain and therefore can not be selected as the domain of the website. Has anyone ever discovered this solution or does they know of a solution to point the domain to the website created in another contract?

Thank you Dan.

Domain Name System – Permerror record SPF showed in an email header, but no reason for that

Our customers complain about the problem of spam. There are a number of unidentified spam emails, which means that our SPF registration does not work. We have setup the SPF record in our DNS record and we have used SPF check tools to check the validity of our SPF record, but no issues have been reported in the audit results. I've looked at an email from our client and I've found an "X-Bordeaux-SPF: PermError" item in the email header, but no additional details are available. has been featured in the email header. I've read many resources on permerror in SPF, but I still have not found an answer that can explain the reason in this case. Now, I have no idea of ​​the problem of our SPF registration. What could be the cause of this kind of permerror?

The domain is "made-in-china.com". The SPF record is "v = spf1 include: spf.made-in-china.com -all".
Here are the e-mail headers:

Received: from iredmail.wattan.tv ([]) by smail59.cn4e.com ( with the ESMTP identifier FE2E06430007.224.1547615038.691636;
Wed 16 Jan 2019 13:04:04 +0800 (CST)

X-BQId: FE2E06430007.224.1547615038.691636.1

X-Bordeaux-Type: SMTP
X-35BMId: FE2E06430007.224.1547615038.691636.1

Action: Relay[NEXT,10180,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,100001,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,208,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,405,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10143,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10158,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10162,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10164,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10166,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10170,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10171,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10191,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10214,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10183,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10184,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10185,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10186,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10146,100:100:100],Relay[SPAM,1009,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10015,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,10181,100:100:100],Relay[NEXT,100002,100:100:100]





X-Bordeaux-SPF: PermError

bugs – How to record / record system events or phone vibrations – Trouble with Huawei Mate 20 Pro

I have a Huawei Mate 20 Pro. Great phone, I love it.
I live in Canada and have model LYA-L0C.

My phone is set to vibrate. So, whenever I receive a text message, an FB message or messages from other applications, my phone vibrates, and I receive a notification from the xyz application.
My phone started to vibrate arbitrarily for no apparent reason. It will vibrate, I will watch and check my phone and there is no notification of any application. It will vibrate again and I will check and there is nothing. I will check in my apps and there are no new posts or anything in any of my apps. Notifications are enabled for all apps, nothing is disabled in the phone settings.
I do not know how to know where it comes from or what application is causing it.

Is there any kind of application I can install to monitor and log system events such as vibration and record their origin? Or does anyone have another better solution to this problem?

Thank you in advance for the thought and suggestions !!