Can I measure time by counting images and relying on the "240 fps" that my iPhone 7+ slow motion camera is able to record?

I'm using a slow motion video recorded with an iPhone 7+ to track something, but I'd like to avoid saving a stopwatch to know the length of the process. I have to measure about 10 seconds with an uncertainty of at most 0.1 s … Is this possible by counting only 2,400 images of my home video?

html – Do you have any doubts about how to store the ID of a record brought by the bank for later use in PHP?


My question is how can I store "ID" of each record when I go through the "while ($ exhibe = mysqli_fetch_assoc ($ data)" "so that in the future the 39; user clicks the button "see vacancies" and that I know which of the records. Select was clicked by the user, and so I can display it in another page with all the data being referring to the line of the record in question in mysql.
Would anyone have a logical idea to help me with this problem ???

I will leave this part of the code of the essential elements to understand to follow


////// – THIS IS THE SELECT OF THE BANK – //////

session_start ();

include (& # 39; ../ connection.php & # 39;);

$ redirect = $ _SESSION[’email’];

$ query = "SELECT * FROM vacancies"
Or status = & # 39; O & # 39; AND
plugged = & # 39; Production & # 39; ";
$ data = mysqli_query ($ CONN, $ query);
$ row = mysqli_num_rows ($ data);

// – Here is where I can view all selected data – //

Production | Job Portal

<? php}

list – Sharepoint 2013: Moving a field to be side by side with another field does not record it

in a list / EditForm.aspx, I have the following code to copy / paste a field to another place:

var dest = $ (& # 39; span[title="MyTitle"]& # 39;) .parents ("tr: first"); // place to copy
var source = $ ("input[id*='IsPositive']") .parent (); // what to copy
dest.append (& # 39;    & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; positive: & nbsp; & nbsp; & # 39; + source.html () + "") // add it
source.parents ("tr: first"). remove () // delete the old place

The field and its value are copied, but when I change the value of the copy and click Save, its value is not saved.

c # – How to search a database in SQL Server and find the record found in a datagridview?

My question is: I have an almost finished point-of-sale system, developed in C # and with stored procedures (SQL Server), the only thing I would like to know is a query using the code and the The record found shows me in a DataGridView, being able to put only one field of "quantity" and being able to "sell" the product (s). I thank the help too much in advance.

sql – I want to update the record of a table via another database with equal columns

I want to update the subclass column of the Prod_serv table, the reference being the columns of the Prod_serv table and the code of the subclass table:

USE S9_Real
OrderSubclasse = SC.ORDEM
FROM Prod_Serv PS
INNER JOIN S9_Real_MP2.DBO.Prod_Serv MP2PS ON PS.Code = MP2PS.Code
INNER JOIN Subclasses SC ON SC.Code = MP2SC.Code
O SC.Code = MP2SC.Code

json – How to generate in Power BI a table with a single record that accesses a view in a SQL Server 2008 DB

I have a pbix file that connects to two views stored in a SQL Server 2008 bd. This file connects to the server via an odbc connection. However, by the time I check the code of one of the used tables, I find that it uses a JSON type method to start a single record:

Power Query Code for the table

Table generated with a single record

If we revise the model, we see the Measurements Last Campaign table, unrelated to the other two tables generated by the consumed SQL Server 2008 views. These are linked to a support table created with Power BI.

enter the description of the image here

What exactly is this code that apparently consumes a JSON? If I want to connect to other views or procedures and create new metrics in the Media table of the last campaign, how can I replicate the JSON code if necessary?

Thank you

edit – Should the form used to "edit" a record always echo the fields of the form used to "add" the same record?

I am designing a form for the editing of some employee records of a presence marking system. In the system, when a manager adds an employee, he must assign it to a workgroup.

Later, when editing the same employee, I thought I would not include the workgroup selector because the workgroups management is done in a separate view.

I've made the Workgroup selector available in the "Add an Employee" form to facilitate the "Add an Employee" feed for the manager, as it reduces the chance that he will forget to "add an employee". add the new employee to a workgroup.

I assumed that the manager would go directly to the workgroup section and perform this task when he would like to delete or add an item. existing employed in another group.

So, the questions I have about this are the following:

Since we had the workgroup selector in the "Add an employee" form, will users expect to edit workgroups in the "Edit an employee" form as well?

Will the mental model of the user be interrupted by separating the workgroup selector from the employee edit form?

Are there any conventions related to echoing the same edit-mode fields that were available in add?

audio recording – Is there a way to record WhatsApp calls?

Do you know a reliable (and preferably simple) way to record audio calls made using WhatsApp on Android phones?

The method should register the two correspondents, not just the voice of the local phone user. Permission to record the voice of the remote correspondent would of course be requested prior to registration. The goal is to record an interview, where the person who was interviewed proposed to use WhatsApp.

I've tried some apps up to now, but they seemed to only record the voice of the local phone user, or were working with normal phone calls, but not with WhatsApp calls . I do not know why.

opencv – Record a video with a webcam and save it in java

My goal is to capture a video with a webcam and record it. I am already able to take pictures with the webcam.

Therefore, I use the webcam API provided by sarxos. I now want to paste images to get a video. Until now, I have used OpenCV for this purpose. Unfortunately, the video seems to be accelerated and is blue.

                        Recordvideo executable = () -> {
Final int FPS = 30;
final int WIDTH = 640;
int final HEIGHT = 480;

Output file = new File ('test.avi');
webcam.setViewSize (new dimension (WIDTH, HEIGHT)); ();
Java2DFrameConverter java2DFrameConverter = new Java2DFrameConverter ();

OpenCVFrameRecorder recorder = new OpenCVFrameRecorder (output, WIDTH, HEIGHT);
recorder.setFrameRate (FPS);
recorder.setVideoCodec (opencv_videoio.VideoWriter.fourcc (byte) 'M', (byte) 'J', (byte) 'P', (byte) & # 39; G & # 39;));

try {
recorder.start ();

while (true) {
if (Thread.currentThread (). isInterrupted ()) {
BufferedImage image = webcam.getImage ();

recorder.record (java2DFrameConverter.convert (image));
try {
Thread.sleep (1000 / (long) FPS);

} catch (InterruptedException e) {
recorder.stop ();
recorder.release (); ("[RecorderService] Video saved in the file: "+ output.getAbsolutePath ());
webcam.close ();

} catch (Exception e) {
e.printStackTrace ();

recordVideoThread = new Thread (recordVideo);
recordVideoThread.start ();

Dependencies pom.xml

            webcam capture

How can I slow down the capture speed in real time and change the video to the original color?

usability – How to improve the user experience on a record historical record flow?

I am building a SaaS product and I have some doubts about how to organize users' browsing with regard to historical and new user records.

One of our document objects is supposed to be stored forever – it's a transaction record.

So, in my apps menu, I have two options:

  • Remove from stock
  • Add to stock
  • View stock trades

Both Remove from stock and Add to stock will open an entry page where the user will select the item from stock article, the description and amount and a new record is added to the database. Date hour and type (added / deleted) the fields are added automatically. The last added field is displayed on the screen after validation.

the View stock trades option that will show all my transactions over time. I chose to use a date filter instead of a pagination, as in the following example:

enter the description of the image here

The user can select a specific date rage (today, today, etc.) or choose to enter specific dates on the FROM and TO entries.

In practice, this approach receives "complaints" from the following points:

a) When adding new transactions, I should change screen in the menu.
b) Whenever I add a new transaction, I have to go to "Show stock trades" to see the added record. The added recording is not easily visible on the screen.
c) There are no cloning buttons. I must be able to clone a previous transaction, regardless of age.

I ask for ideas on how to improve this simple use case.