macos – Add a record in /etc/hosts, flushed DNS, why the domain is still not pointing to the desired IP?

Just added a record in my /etc/hosts but it doesn’t work. I also tried to clear DNS via this way:

sudo dscacheutil -flushcache; sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder

When I ping that IP, it’s still the IP in the real-world.

What can I do with this (so that the domain will go to the IP in my hosts file.

usa – Can everyone with my passport data see my American arrival/departure record (form I-94)?

When you go to the I-94 website, you have to agree to a warning:

By accessing this website, you understand and acknowledge that:

You are declaring under penalty of perjury pursuant to 28 U.S. Code §
1746 that you: (1) are only seeking records about yourself, (2) are
seeking records about someone for whom you are the legal guardian, or
(3) you have the consent of the person whose records you are seeking.
You are not authorized to access this website to retrieve records of
another person unless you are the person’s legal guardian or you have
the person’s consent.

Unauthorized or improper use or access of this website, including the unauthorized or improper modification, destruction, or disclosure
of any information or data contained herein, is expressly prohibited,
and may result in civil and criminal penalties.

The access and use of this website is subject to monitoring by DHS for administrative, law enforcement, or criminal investigative
purposes, inquiries into alleged wrongdoing or misuse, and to ensure
proper performance of applicable security features and procedures. DHS
may monitor the access or use of this website without further notice.
You may not process classified national security information on this

So at least on paper, it violates US law for someone else to look up your information unless they have your consent. But practically, there’s not a deeply strong mechanism to enforce that, and people or entities outside of the US might not care that they’re breaking US law. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was some monitoring in place to detect bulk queries, brute force attacks, and abuse of the system, but it seems unlikely a rogue employer or someone else performing a single lookup would be caught and face consequences for that even if it is illegal.

If you click through to the privacy notice for the website, it does say that “CBP will retain the information submitted when attempting to access records through this website for 3 months for audit and system performance purposes,” so there’s at least a theoretical possibility they could identify some types of misuse from those logs. If you think your records have been misused, you could conceivably try requesting a copy of those logs that pertain to you; I have no idea if they’ll actually give them to you (or refuse because you’re not a citizen/permanent resident, or perhaps misunderstand your request and just send you your I-94) or do so in a timely fashion or whether they’d be of any use.

So yes, anyone with the required information from your passport can see your travel history (or at least the potentially incomplete version displayed by the website).

java – Is it possible to print a string on page break and last record on jasper reports

I m new to jasper Reports on eclipse.
I have 2 doubts please help me to clarify it.
My requirement :-

  1. I’m creating a statement of Report.i only wanted to print 10 records on a single page. i’m using a page break to break and print it on the next page. i wanted to print a String called “continue” when page breaks and “End” at the last record.

  2. I’m trying to access an image based on the field presented on jasper reports from a remote server
    suggest me how to fetch image every time when i generate a report.

How can i create create this.

Thanks in advance

permissions – Will installing the stock screen recording app from a different model still record internal audio?

My LGV30 phone running on Android 9 has a built-in screen recorder, but it displays an on-screen timer that can’t be removed. On newer models (LGV40, LGV50) running on Android 10/11 this timer can be toggled off. I know apps downloaded from the Google Playstore can’t record internal sound on Android 9. Before I download apk files from untrusted sources, I wanted to verify if installing the new version will still record internal audio or would it require root permission?

subdomain – Add SPF record for multiple systems

I have a domain with a published SPF record (v=spf1 a mx ~all) for it (e.g:
also this domain has four subdomains:
and every one of those subs in a different server and different IP, when sending emails from subdomains (let’s say for example the SPF check fails, in this situation should I publish individual SPF for every subdomain or include them in the main SPF record? and if I am supposed to include in the main, this must be done in a parameter:

“v=spf1 a mx ~all”

include parameter:

“v=spf1 mx a ~all”

mx parameter:

“v=spf1 a mx ~all

powerapp – How can I insert selected Listbox items as a new record in to a common data service table

I have a PowerApps canvas App and I have a requirement of creating new records for all selected listbox items in to a table. I am acually trying to implement a many to many relationship scenario

my Listbox name is: ListBox1 and my table name is ContactsTable inside the page I have put a button and on click of button I put the following PowerApps logic:

  ForAll(ListBox1.SelectedItems,Patch(ContactsTable ,Defaults(ContactsTable),{EmpID:2,Name:ListBox1.Selected.Name}));

it creates the last selected item repeated based on the number of items i select from listbox any Idea would be great.

sharepoint online – MS Flow is raising this error :- ‘XrmSystemUserDisabled’. Error Message: ‘The CDS system user record representing user is disabled

When the MS flow runs it raises the following error on a “Start and Wait for Approval” action:-

The request failed. Error code: 'XrmSystemUserDisabled'. Error Message: 'The CDS system user record representing user 'admin.user@***.com' is disabled. Please ask a database administrator to enable this user.'.

Here is a screen shot of my Flow and the error i am getting:-
enter image description here

now the admin.user@***.com is our global admin and is enabled,,, so why the error is saying that the user account is disabled… any advice? Also seems all the Connections are working well as follow:-
enter image description here

so not sure what is going on?

remote control – How to record video from an Android phone directly to a cloud?

Perilous times…

I have to be able to record/stream a video through my Android, just like anyone does to its local storage, but instead, directly to a file somewhere on the cloud. What’s most important to me is, if while recording a video the recording stops, there’s a guarantee that’s what’s been recorded till the last seconds is already in the cloud, and is a playable file.

Realtime playable streaming is not essential. I want to make sure that while I’m recording a video I know that most of the video is already on the cloud, and the video extends while the Android phone is in the recording state.

What are the solutions to this?

Ideally, I want to be able to record to a shared directory on the google drive.

8 – Delete a record from a specific table when a submission is deleted

Is it possible to delete a record from a specific table when a webform submission is deleted?

I know it’s possible in Drupal 7, with hook_webform_submission_delete().
The code I would use in Drupal 7 is similar to the following one.

function app_webform_submission_delete($node, $submission) {
  $id = $submission->data(7)(0);
  // Delete a record from x table when a submission is deleted.
    ->condition('type', "submission_type")
    ->condition('nid', $id)
    ->condition('sid', $submission->sid)

What would the code for Drupal 8 be?

dns – Creating an A record and then a CNAME to point a subdomain to a different server gives an error message

A and CNAME both are types of DNS records, that can be applied to a domain name.

But they are mutually exclusive:(1)

  • A resolves a domain name query to an IP address,
  • CNAME resolves it to an other domain name.

So if you are ”trying to point a subdomain to a different server“ it depends on you hosting situation if it’s better to have DNS queries resolved directly to the new server’s IP by setting the subdomain’s A record to the new IP or “redirect” the DNS lookup by setting CNAME to point to a domain name of the new server (which gets DNS-resolved iteratively).(2)

(I certainly have no crystal ball, but person asking the question may confuse a CNAME record to be some kind of alias naming mechanism.)

  1. Actually, a domain name having a CNAME attached must not have any other resource record associated.
  2. NB: In the case of HTTP requests to the mentioned subdomain, the host: header will not change during a CNAME resolution.