Why are Nikon cameras not widely used to record video compared to Canon / Sony?

Autofocus is not the only thing people are looking for when they are looking for a camera for video. Nikon has long had autofocus problems when creating a video that had just improved with the d850 and the z7.

Canon has a very good autofocus system with its dual pixel autofocus and a lot of people really like the color directly to the camera because it gives pretty good skin colors.

Sony is also good at autofocus and has good color science.

The biggest problem with the Nikon video was the codec, because Nikon introduced the diary with the z7, where Canon and Sony had it a long time ago and with the diary, you get a much more dynamic range.

But also this subject is not related to the photo (apart from the fact that the cameras can also make photos) and should be put to video.stackexchange.com

c # – Inserting / Updating a Record in a TableAdapter with Joins


It works with DevExpress and implements the data update via DataBindings and TableAdapters.

The problem is that the queries I need consist of a large number of joins and that using a subquery in the query is not a viable option.

I want to know if it is possible to send a query with an inner / left join and perform the update / insert / delete using the tableadapters.

This is the selection I use:

Value $,
Value $,
Amount authorized,
inner join PERMIS P on P.idPermiso = ipPermiso
internal join CODES CD on C.ipCodigo = CD.idCodigo
internal join M measurements on idMedidas = ipUM
inner join TARIFS A on idArancel = ipArancel
inner join TYPES T on idType = ipType
internal join TypesTasTon on idTypeTasa = TypeTasa
where idPermiso = 195

How can I update a record in a database without using an SQL statement with phalcon


I have the following function.

/ * Function to increase the counter for consecutive clients * /
public function putAddConsecutiveClient ($ noCarteraSap)
$ model_get = new $ this-> modelClass;
$ model = $ model_get :: findFirst ([
        "conditions" => ":noCarteraSap: BETWEEN desde AND hasta",
        "bind"       => ["noCarteraSap" => $noCarteraSap]
$ model-> counter = $ model-> counter + 1;


where I already have what I want to do, but how can I update the registry in the database without using an SQL statement?

This is possible?

Greetings and thank you

How to record audio from my Blue Yeti USB microphone with my Pixel 3 XL?

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performance tests – Difference between the binary record between MySQL and MariaDB

I did some tests with MySQL and MariaDB and I noticed a big difference regarding the growth of binary logs – I can not learn much about it online.

I have a test database and I have written a script that simulates a transactional activity (selection, update, insert, delete, etc.) in order to make some simple load tests and later, to test punctual recovery procedures.

What I noticed is that when MySQL runs my automated script for half an hour, it generates about 400 MB of binary logs.

When I do the same thing on MariaDB, I only have 2 MB of binary logs.

All parameters are the same, i.e.

Max Binlog Size: 100MB
Buffer pool: 2 GB maximum

MySQL uses version 5.7 and Mariadb, version 10.3 – both run in Docker on my local laptop.

I've also noticed that MariaDB offers a little more sober performance. In half an hour, the speed of requests is higher than that of MySQL.

Obviously, the big difference is the size of the binary log. The smaller size of MariaDB means that I can go faster in the binary log for recovery at a given time than I can with MySQL.

Is there documented evidence to support this behavior? Is MariaDB more efficient than MySQL when it comes to binary logs and recovery?

Are there any hidden / non-obvious variables that I should check that could have a significant impact on these tests?

Any help to understand this would be great.

how to use SSL on a type A DNS record

I have domain and subdomain

http://example.com (unsecured) and http://reception.example.com

example.com points to NS records with their own shared hosting and

reption.example.com point to AWV ec2 public ipv4 with type A ercord.

reption.example.com A (an IP address)

now i want reption.example.com with https

Is there a way?

microphone – The camera does not record with an external microphone since the last update

I have a Galaxy S9. Since I updated on November 15, when I recorded a video with my external microphone, it sometimes uses the phone's internal microphone. When the microphone is connected, it indicates that it uses an external microphone for recording, but this is not the case.

I think this has to do with the update because previously everything was working fine, but two days later, the first time I recorded something, everything went wrong. The new features of the update report indicate that things have changed for the camera.

I've been looking for solutions to return the operating system before the update, but I can not find anything.

What can I do?

the length of a record is shorter than the other records read in an xlsx file

Well, I have a problem that I can not solve. I read an xlsx file of 399 characters per line, but the last line brings me fewer characters and, therefore, I read an exception in the string and I do not know how to treat it …

the strings before the exception are log 399 and the last 255

enter the description of the image here

Time to record the Canon T3i Rebel Camera Monitor

I have a 7 "monitor (HDMI connection) on my Canon t3I rebel.When I push the recording, the monitor will pause for about 2-3 seconds and resume recording.

Someone does not know why this delays and how can I fix it? Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

Please, give your opinion.


The integration of Mailchimp Facebook does not record the "Page to use"

I've setup the Facebook integration in mailchimp. I successfully logged in to Facebook and I accepted all permissions. Once logged in, under "Add a registration form to your Facebook pages and automatically publish campaigns", I selected the page to use and the list to use. I've added the tab / the registration page and click "Save."

The tab / page is created under the selected company page, but when I return to the integrations page in Mailchimp, the "page to use" displays a different page (the first in the drop-down list) . Is that how it is supposed to work?

I only fear that the option "Publish to Facebook" of a campaign does not show up on the right page. I do not see how to check on which Facebook page the campaign will publish.

Thank you so much!