How do I improve sharpness of foliage and distant objects during video recording?

Lately I have tried recording some video using my old Canon. While I achieve decent results during macro shots and while filming human beings, I have noticed that foliage and distant objects in wide shots often lacks sharpness and are quite fuzzy/messy overall. Last couple of days I have filmed outdoors in strong sunlight implying ISO of 100-200, and while I have seemingly tried all possible combinations of shutter/aperture I can’t seem to be able to get crisp foliage and distant objects. Here I can note that I have not tried other focal length that 17mm yet, due to the fact that I want the nature shots to be wide.
After some testing I can conclude that it does not seem to be a problem of focus. I have not yet been able to conclude is the problem can be related to camera shake – however while placing the camera on a rail or table the results do not seem much better.

My setup is:

Canon 550D

Canon EFS 17-55mm 2.8 IS

Handheld/handheld while placed on natural surfaces

1920×1080 25 fps

AF during shoot: disabled

Movie exposure: manual

Links to sample footage displaying the problem:
(Imgur might slaughter the quality a bit, but it should be good enough as example)

Crisp flowers (55mm):

Washed-out foliage (17mm):

Is it possible to improve the results using my current setup? If not, what parameters should I look for in alternative equipment?

A final note is that I have tried photographing same foliage using same camera and while the result is better than video recording, the results are still somewhat fuzzy in comparison to shots of proximate objects on same focal length.

"Gboard recording therefore whatsapp temporarily unable to record"

this shows up everytime i make a whatsapp call and i cant hear the caller how to fix this on a realme?
Is there any way to stop Gboard recording it is really annoying

Movie Recording in Quicktime plugged into iPad stuck in square proportion

I am sharing the screen of my iPad using Procreate in Quicktime and I want to just show the white Canvas, however even when changing to full screen it is stuck in this square shape. ‘Panoramic’ option is greyed out as well as other ‘View’ options. Any advice?screenshot

audio – Problems recording a 2-hour long webinar on QuickTime

I recorded a 2-hour webinar because Microsoft Teams won’t allow a download. I used Soundflower and Quicktime screen recording. At the end, when I wanted to save, I saw Cannot save:

QuickTime cannot save a long screen recording

I tried a few more times and could not save it. I could export it with a different resolution and decided against it since it would take a lot of CPU time. I found the raw file at ~/Library/Containers/ Information/ (source). I showed the package contents of the .qtpxcomposition file and saw the 11.7 GB .mov recording in it.

It plays alright for 25 minutes and the audio is OK throughout. After 25 minutes, the video frames freeze both on VLC and on QuickTime. If I navigate to the end, I can see new frames, so I’m sure that it’s not my screen that froze. Obviously, the size of the file indicates that a lot of the frames were saved, but I can’t find how to play them.

How can I view this recording, or how can I re-record again properly?

google analytics – GA is not recording the visits I have on a site’s subfolder with a separate WP install. What gives?

The situation isn’t as simple as “have you checked if the GA tag is installed?”.

Here’s what I got:

  • a main WP install on /blog/
  • a second WP install on /blog2/ (not actually named blog2, of course).

Both have GA installed properly and has worked for years.

Starting the last week, on blog2 the traffic seemed to disappear in GA:

On /blog/ everything looks good, though.

GA is installed correctly and I checked it manually, with two Chrome extensions.

I didn’t get dropped from Google SERP either. My posts are exactly where they were 2 weeks ago.

Google Console shows no change. Screenshot of a random article from blog2:

I even disabled JS and HTML minification from W3 total cache, in case there was a conflict somehow.

Aaaand still no change.

Do you guys have any idea what could cause this?

data recovery – My phone turned off while i was recording audio. How do I recover the file?

I recently was recording audio (an interview) by using the native Voice app on my Samsung Galaxy S6. I paused the recording without having the time to save it. My phone turned off automatically and then restarted (it happens sometimes).

When I tried to go back into the app, the file was missing. I searched in the audio files folder, to no avail. I’m under the impression that the file must be somewhere even though it was not saved, because I see that there is a difference between the remaining space on my hdd before and after the recording (which corresponds to approximately 150Mb).

I downloaded several recovery apps off of the Google Store, but I wasn’t lucky.

Has anyone experienced something similar and if yes, did you find a solution?


Whose Google Drive is the recording saved while in a Google Meet?

In this pandemic period, the classes are being held online. Our college uses Google Suite which provides the feature of Google Meet. Some of our lectures need to be recorded. Sometimes our professor himself starts the recording and sometimes a student starts it. After it is completed, the recording gets saved randomly into one of the participant’s Google Drive. The other participants can see whose Drive folder the recording is saved into by clicking the stop recording button in the options tab. Not all people see it, but I do it regularly to know whose folder it is saved to, so that we can ask that student to share. Some people do, but some of them deny by saying that “I am wrong, and that the video of the recording is not saved in their Drive folder!”

So my main question is, how can I determine whose drive it is saved to? I mean, is the stop recording showing incorrect name and location???

enter image description here

streaming – FFMPEG restart live stream recording

Is there any way to restart recording live stream automatically when ffmpeg stop it?

ex. There is a live url and I want to record it but after some mins stop recording because of some reasons I need something to restart recording automatically

ffmpeg -i "url" -segment_time 1800 -f segment -reset_timestamps 1 -strftime 1 "output-%H-%M-%S.mp4"

Recording a movie larger than 4GB on Canon 7D

The maximum file size on FAT32 is 4GB-1. I’m not familiar with the original 7D (I have a 7D II), but unless the firmware is programmed to record to multiple files, switching to a new file automatically when you hit the 4GB-1 limit, that’s going to be your limit. Perhaps recording in one of the lower resolutions will allow you to go longer time-wise, but the file size limitation is still there.

Due to the limitations of firmware, it’s unlikely that your camera will understand any alternative file systems. I would think that, if it did, it would give you the option of which to use when you select “Format card”. Maybe some really high end ones can support multiple file system types, or maybe just to the extent that ExFAT is backwards-compatible with FAT32 (which is not a lot)…

Lost Screen Recording on Mac OS Catalina

After recording my screen for a lecture on coding, I airdropped the screen recording to my laptop (only to have an error during transit). I pressed done on the screen recording, and it looks like that wasn’t saved. I checked my desktop, and it isn’t there next to my other recordings. It’s not in the trash. As far as my Mac is concerned it never happened.

Am I just missing something? Or did my Mac just obliterate the file when I pressed done?