Losing your bitcoins due to a problem on your mycelium app, and how to recover without backup?

I went to buy bitcoins on my mycelium wallet. Once I got back to my car and opened the app to make a backup, the app just stopped working and it didn't open. I could not do a backup, so I sent an email and asked if I was uninstalling and reinstalling the parts I had just purchased? it took them an hour to reply to my email and by that time i had already uninstalled and reinstalled my wallet. The coins are gone but I have researched my Blockchain transaction and they are there. How can I retrieve my parts when Mycelium had the problem (which was corrected with an update) and there was an hour delay in answering my question, how can I recover these parts ?

Recover an armory wallet from paper

Nice to meet you 🙂

I'm having trouble retrieving an old relative gunsmith wallet (1.35 paper backup with 4 lines).
Apparently there is an error in the first line, but check it and rewrite it several times. No typos and no spaces other than the ones it automatically inserts. What am i doing wrong? Can I try to recover this armory wallet with another wallet?

Thanks in advance guys!

Lightning Network LND – Recover payment by hash

How to get a start Payment through paymentHash using the LND REST API? I know it GET /v1/payments returns all payments, but I would like to get one in particular, not all as there may be thousands. Thank you.

blockchain.info – I lost my password and my blockchain recovery phrase, how can I recover my wallet?

Please note that you are probably referring to the blockchain.info wallet service. Not the blockchain itself.

I do not think it is possible to recover your funds if you have lost your password and your recovery phrase.
You should have secured your recovery phrase somewhere where it cannot be lost or destroyed. A phone is not a good place for that.

Read more details here: https://blog.blockchain.com/2016/04/20/support-team-tips-why-your-wallet-recovery-phrase-is-so-important/

Next time, write it down on paper or store it encrypted on a cloud service where no one but you can access it.

You can try contacting support on blockchain.info, but I don't think they can help you because your private keys will likely be encrypted with your password and could be recovered with your recovery phrase. But since you have none, I think that the recovery of your funds is not possible.

For more information on this, read here: https://support.blockchain.com/hc/en-us/articles/211205343-I-forgot-my-password-What-can-you-do- to-help-

It can be a bit salty, but learn how to manage security and secure your passwords, use 2FA and save your recovery phrases and everything in a safe place. It should be done for everything, not just the blockchain.info service.

COMMENT: Yes, you can recover your funds without the password and wallet ID.
What you do is you ask for your wallet ID first using your email at this link https://login.blockchain.com/#/reminder the second step is to download the wallet.aes.json file, then its possible to brutally force the password.

web hosting – Recover a domain after losing access to the host?

So I am in a familiar situation. I work for a small company that has had a chain of web agencies to develop a wordpress site for them. I am a hardcore developer and we are trying to bring the website in-house.

This particular site is hosted by Google sites.

However … nobody knows anything about the account used to access the back-end, and we don't pay the bill for hosting. Our current design agencies and all those I have contacted all claim not to know the account associated with logging into Google sites and claim that they are not paying the bill either. They all claim to only have access to the wordpress CRM.

Won't Google Help Me Without Account or Billing Information?

The question is therefore:
How to force Google to stop hosting my site so that I can create another host?

I have encountered this kind of thing before, but I have always been able to find this information which becomes turnkey for me. In this case, it seems like I will never be able to access the host again …

samsung galaxy s 3 – How to recover the default functionality of the music app "Music Square"?

When I bought my first Samsung Galaxy phone, one of the features that I really loved using was the Music Square.

Place of music

I didn't even know I could select multiple squares at once before I read this article:

Drag the music squares

This feature existed in the default Music app for Touchwiz, but now Samsung Galaxy operating systems have the default Music app unavailable, the only option being Samsung Music.

So if it is not possible to re-enable this on my phone, are there other apps that support Music Square feature? Or similar functionality?

How to recover the password of the lost zip file?

I have a folder with very important files on my computer and I zipped it with a password for security reasons. Unfortunately, I cannot recover the password. Usually I always use the same type of password, but I have done dozens of tries and I can't remember the password anymore.
I usually use passwords from 10 to 20 letters with capital letters and possible numbers, which means that it is basically impossible to crack it by pure brute force. Since I have tried all the templates that I usually use, I think I may have used a different password than the usual one, so it is not not possible to break it using brute force models.

Basically, I don't think there are any AI techniques capable of recovering the password as it can be very long and I have no information about it. So my question is this: is there a way for me to recover the password from my file? Since I created it with my user session in Windows, maybe it is possible to deactivate the password for the same user? I'm not very good at IT, but I hope there is a way to get it back because the information in this file is really important.

Root Android to recover the text database without deleting it by unlocking the boot loader

I am trying to root my Android phone. The reason is to recover mmssms.db. The point is, the guide * I am looking at has caused me to unlock the bootloader at some point, which will erase everything. Most importantly, unlocking the boot loader will delete this database, as I understand it.

Is there a way to root my phone in such a way that unlocking the boot loader doesn't delete mmssms.db? (Or is there a guide that prevents unlocking the bootloader, which will spare the database, but will still allow the phone to be rooted?) Or – can I back up this specific database before to root in one way or another?

My phone is a Metro PCS J7 Star (j737t1-j7topltemtr).

Thank you!

* Link to the guide: http://androidbiits.com/root-metropcs-samsung-galaxy-j7-star-sm-j737t1-j7topltemtr-easily/

blockchain – Is it possible to recover a deleted wallet identifier?

I did something stupid and it will not be cheap if this wallet ID is lost forever. I asked Blockchain for my wallet ID, but the wallet containing money is not listed. Any chance I ever see this Bitcoin ??

Thanks Mike

How do I recover the root key using my private key?

I was able to import all of my private keys into Blockchain. However, I don't know how to find the root key associated with my wallet and / or my private key.