javascript – how to recover all the insensitive data in mongoDB?

I have this collection in MongoDB

    "collection": "abc",
    "count": 10
    "collection": "Abc",
    "count": 10
    "collection": "ABc",
    "count": 10

I ask like this to get all the data that have a collection value is abc. It does not matter Abcor ABC

  collection: {
    $regex: "abc", $options: "i"

here is my code

Expected production

the three documents must be retrieved

Portfolio Recovery – How to recover funds from an Lnd Lightning Channel closed by force?

I lost my backup of the Lnd channel in a boating accident, but I still have the mnemonic code. I've had a freshly opened channel to my own c-lightning knot that has never been used. I force to close the channel on the c-lightning side.

The funds are now in a P2WPKH address that I have imported into Bitcoin Core. Now I have to determine the private key to scan it. This requires knowing how to pull it, then how to empty it.

There is a wallet utility removal request that I could modify in order to clear the key I need once I know how to derive it.

I also know the identifier of the financing transaction, the channel identifier and any other details of the channel that c-lightning spit with listfunds.

The key derivation is explained in derivation.go:


The bitcoin part type is 0, and I think the key family is 3: "used in scripts that pay us directly without any delay"

I guess the index is 0 since it was the first channel.

BOLT 3 then explains how to modify this key for an engagement transaction. Because the other side has closed this channel, I need the to_remote exit, which requires the remotepubkey.

pubkey = basepoint + SHA256(per_commitment_point || basepoint) * G 
privkey = basepoint_secret + SHA256(per_commitment_point || basepoint)

The specification indicates that "the remote key is using the remote node's payment point". Is this the key we just derived?

So that leaves the per_commitment_point to understand, derived from per_commitment_secret. I am confused where it comes from.

What incantation of Go should I use to dump the private key I am looking for?

How to unlock the password of the 7zip file?

Easily unlock the 7zip file password without data loss by applying ESoftTools 7z Password Recovery Software. It has three recovery techniques: mask attack, brute force attack, and dictionary attack. You can also add your possible password combinations in this tool to save time. A free demo version is also provided by this tool to recover the first three letters of the 7z file.

More information: – 7z archive password recovery



server – I've deleted permission x from everything, can I recover my error?

So I made a stupid mistake in an order and ran chmod -x -R /
I can not execute any command I can say.

Is there a way to recover? Workaround for the system to work again?

I have backups, but I have not done so because some changes were made last week. Yes, stupid mistake.
I am currently SSH on the remote server. I do not want to disconnect unless I have to. I use aws services.

The story of the Viber cat is gone – how to recover it?

All my Viber chat history has disappeared recently. How do I get it back? I have an android phone. Thank you

One Plus One broken screen recover data (Google authentication codes)

I have unfortunately broken my screen for the second time on my One Plus One. And it seems that my first repair was not really satisfactory, because when I started it with the replacement screen, the bottom of the screen did not work.
This makes me unable to unlock my model and access my valuable data on my phone (the most important being a Google Auth code, and I can not find the recovery codes for this one).

The phone works with Cyanogen, so I tried to access it with adb:
– I started the One Plus One in recovery mode by holding down the Volume and Power buttons.
– then I selected Reboot for bootloader
– Finally I connected it to my laptop (under Archlinux) and typed fastboot boot twrp.img and got the result Device not unlocked cannot boot

I followed that answer.

My question is: am I really out of luck and my data is irretrievably lost since the phone lock? Or are there workarounds with adb? I only need to recover the data, not really restore the phone.

For clarity, the phone always works, except for the bottom of the screen.

It seems that I can do some things but I do not know how:
– Simulate a mouse with my computer to unlock the pattern grid
– Extract the disk (but I'm not really sure about the type of connector …)

Thank you in advance if you have any leads.

Networking – How to recover XML / JSON data from an OPC-UA server?

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Backing up the MySql folder … Upgrading to a newer version and unable to recover data


I have copied the entire MySql folder "mysql-8.0.13-macos10.14-x86_64" and installed a newer version "mysql-8.0.17-macos10.14-x86_64".

I should have done some research, but I thought the installer would support the data transfer (I only saved it as a precaution).

After installing my old MySQL folder, there is only "data" and "keyring" and the new one is obvious. My saved folder seems to have everything the old MySQL did before the new installation.

Is there a way to recover old data?

I have tried to copy the data folder into the new installation folder, data and keyring.

I am on Mac. updated from MySQL 8.0.13 to 8.0.17

php – How to recover $ key as $ line data from a Laravel MySQL loop conditional aggregate?

In order to shorten database calls, a conditional aggregation command has been suggested, but it does not refer to the use of the Laravel / data extraction method. PHP / Mysql that I use.

I understand maybe it's wrong or I'm using a wrong method to extract data, but the following generates errors when it is used to extract specific column data:

        SUM(CASE WHEN year = YEAR(CURDATE())     THEN tonneCount ELSE 0 END) tonnage_cy,
        SUM(CASE WHEN year = YEAR(CURDATE()) - 1 THEN tonneCount ELSE 0 END) tonnage_ly
    FROM volumes
    WHERE year >= YEAR(CURDATE()) - 1
    GROUP BY terminal, month
    ORDER BY month desc
)  as $key => $row) {
    $tonnages = $row->tonneCount;
    $terminal = $row->terminal;
    $year = $row->year;
    $month = $row->month;
    $cargovolume_cy() = 


'. '
'. '
'. ' '.$month.' '. ' '.$year.'
'. '
'. ' '.$tonnages.'
'. '
'; $cargovolume_ly() = // '
'; '
'. '
'. ' '.$month.' '. ' '.$year.'
'. '
'. ' '.$tonnages.'
'. '
'; };

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