twrp recovery installed but it boots to android instead

i wanted to add custom rom to my galaxy j7 max and hence tried installing twrp(3.1.1& 3.2 or what ever) in Odin the task passed but then when i try to boot to it by pressing vol up+ power + home , instead of opening twrp it boot normally to the android and cannot get twrp .. so plz help

windows 10 – Does data recovery of file depends on its extension?

A file is basically data on a physical file system and a reference on logical file system. The file name including its extension is part of the logical layer. Once a file is removed from this layer, the physical blocks (now without a reference from the logical layer) are marked as available. In this stage, the contents of the file are still readable until it gets overwritten with another file, but the name and extension are gone.

Therefore, data recovery of a removed file depends more on the data format than the extension. Some formats are, unless the file was fragmented, easier to recognize by clear and strictly defined beginnings and endings. Some examples include:

  • JPEG images (and derived formats) are sequences of segments, each beginning and most ending with a marker, like 0xFFD8 Start Of Image and 0xFFD9 End of Image.
  • A ZIP archive consist of file entries and ends with a central directory referencing these files. It is like a small file system within a single file.
  • TAR archives have a 512 byte header for each file followed by the file rounded up to multiple of 512 bytes and padded (typically with zeroes).
  • From text files, e.g., XML is easy to recognize, as it may start with <?xml and consists of root element and child elements, each having a defined ending.
  • Modern Microsoft Office files a.k.a. Office Open XML files are ZIP packed XML-based documents.

As these files are that recognizable, they are faster to recover. The time depends on how many formats there has to be defined, recognized and analyzed. E.g., if you know you are only after JPEG images you can narrow this process down to JPEG markers.

recovery mode – Unbricking Lenovo Tab M10 (X606F)

For the purpose of flashing custom ROM I flashed Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus (X606F) with Android 9 ROM. I used SP Flash Tool. Now the tablet won’t power on. Pressing buttons does nothing. Can’t invoke fastboot nor recovery mode.

Red LED indicating charging is the only thing the tablet is giving me now.
I’ve tried to restore the device using official Lenovo’s Rescue Tool.
Process of restoring gets stuck on 40% and won’t go on.

Hard reset (pressing and holding volume buttons + power button for few secs) isn’t doing anything.

What else I can try ?

recovery mode – Analyzing boot loop Root cause from console-ramoops-0 ( & logcat)

Boot-looped and got stuck in powered by android logo. Logcat hasnt been much useful. Wanna know what’s causing the stuck.
All I have is this from /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops-0

'android.frameworks.sensorservice@1.0::ISensorManager/default': No such file or directory

I am attaching Entire /sys/fs/pstore/console-ramoops-0

what seems the issue ?
I have TWRP backups of vendor system boot that i tinkered restores with. No Luck. This is stock MIUI ROM with TWRP as recovery base so after flashing dm-verify-no ( cant recall the exact name ) + certification.zi & permssiver I get past MIUI logo but now looping at powered by android logo

internal storage – Data Recovery on Android 11 with broken screen

internal storage – Data Recovery on Android 11 with broken screen – Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange

ledger hardware wallet – Different xPub data for same recovery seed

I have a create a new 24-word recovery phrase and get the following xPub data:

  "index": 0,
  "freshAddressPath": "84'/0'/0'/0/13",
  "blockHeight": 691184

When I delete the account, reset the Ledger device, and add a new account from the 24-word recovery phrase, I get a different xPub, freshAddressPath and blockHeight, and it has zero balance on it:

  "index": 1,
  "freshAddressPath": "84'/0'/1'/0/0",
  "blockHeight": 691183

How do I get I an account with the same balance as the one I just deleted when I restore from the recovery phrase?

wallet recovery – How do I recover money i lost to a fake crypto Site

If you been scammed I suggest you should first file a complaint with your local law enforcement and then, gather all the evidence and contact a cyber security specialist. In my case, the process took a week. I was able to get back a substantial amount of the money lost, may I suggest cyber Dome(cyber_domen) on Instagram, they help me recover my funds and they also counseling and financial support providers that can help you at this difficult time. If you have been a victim to internet related frauds contact them, they’re reliable.

SQL Server backup and recovery for my file to a certain date

I have a partition table which partition into
FILEGROUP = (SecondaryFG) and (primary)

The first 5 row will be save on (SecondaryFG) and other will be on (primary).

My database is in Full Recovery Model and my backup strategy as below,

  • Saturday: (Full backup) & (log backup)
  • Daily: (FileBackup for PRIMARY) & (log backup)

Below are my setup script.

( NAME = PartitionDB_Primary_Dat,  
    FILENAME = 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL15.MSSQLSERVERMSSQLDATAPartitionDB_Primary_Dat.mdf',  
    SIZE = 10, 
    FILEGROWTH = 10 )
( NAME = PartitionDB_log,  
    FILENAME = 'C:Program FilesMicrosoft SQL ServerMSSQL15.MSSQLSERVERMSSQLDATAPartitionDB_log.ldf',  
    SIZE = 10MB,  
    FILEGROWTH = 10MB ) ; 


    FILENAME = 'D:MSSQLDATAPartitionDB_SecondaryFG_Dat.ndf'


    AS PARTITION PartioningByID
    TO (SecondaryFG, (Primary));--filegroup

CREATE TABLE (dbo).(DocBlobs)(
(DocID) (int) IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
(BlobData) (nchar)(4000) NULL,
CreateDDate datetime DEFAULT GETDATE(),
    (DocID) ASC
) ON PartioningByIDScheme((DocID))

DECLARE @Count as int=10
While @Count > 0
    INSERT INTO (DocBlobs)((BlobData)) Values ('data')
    SET @Count=@Count-1
--First 5 row will be on File Group: SecondaryFG
--Others will be on File Group: Primary

--Begining of Saturday
INSERT INTO (DocBlobs)((BlobData)) Values ('2_Saturday') --Primary

BACKUP DATABASE PartitionDB TO DISK = 'D:MSSQLBackupPartitionDB_2_Saturday_Full.bak' 
WITH NAME='PartitionDB_2_Saturday_Full'

BACKUP LOG PartitionDB TO DISK = 'D:MSSQLBackupPartitionDB_log_2_Saturday.TRN'

--Begining of Sunday
INSERT INTO (DocBlobs)((BlobData)) Values ('2_Sunday')

BACKUP DATABASE PartitionDB FILE = 'PartitionDB_Primary_Dat' TO DISK = 'D:MSSQLBackupPartitionDB_Primary_Dat_2_Sunday.bak' 
WITH NAME='PartitionDB_Primary_Dat_Sunday'

BACKUP LOG PartitionDB TO DISK = 'D:MSSQLBackupPartitionDB_log_2_Sunday.TRN'

--Begining of Monday
INSERT INTO (DocBlobs)((BlobData)) Values ('2_Monday')

BACKUP DATABASE PartitionDB  FILE = 'PartitionDB_Primary_Dat' TO DISK = 'D:MSSQLBackupPartitionDB_Primary_Dat_2_Monday.bak' 
WITH NAME='PartitionDB_Primary_Dat_Monday'

BACKUP LOG PartitionDB TO DISK = 'D:MSSQLBackupPartitionDB_log_2_Monday.TRN'

--Begining of Tuesday
INSERT INTO (DocBlobs)((BlobData)) Values ('2_Tuesday')

Assume now is Tuesday, I need to fully rollback all my data to a point of time in Monday. How can I make use of the backup File and log to do this? (with minimum use of Log file, because in my production environment, the log file are huge).

I notice that to recovery a file, I need to make use of “tail log backup” which at then end of the day, the “tail log backup” will always fully recovery until the my last transaction which is Tuesday. Below are my script for recovery.


RESTORE DATABASE PartitionDB  FILE = 'PartitionDB_Primary_Dat', FILEGROUP = 'primary' FROM DISK = 'D:MSSQLBackupPartitionDB_Primary_Dat_2_Monday.BAK' with NORECOVERY

RESTORE LOG PartitionDB FROM DISK = 'D:MSSQLBackupPartitionDB_log_2_Monday.TRN' WITH REPLACE,RECOVERY,STOPAT ='20210715 10:45:00'

RESTORE LOG PartitionDB FROM DISK = 'D:MSSQLBackupLog_tailLogBackup_2_Tuesday.TRN' WITH RECOVERY

How can I fully recovery all my data to a point of time in Monday?

What is the name of the install package and how to make it visible in Recovery mode?

The goal is to install the factory Android 10 ROM:

and wipe the existing configured ROM. The .zip file contents were copied to a micro SD card, which was installed in the Android device.

From Android Recovery Mode, I tried to install the files that were visible, however the failures returned are captured on the photo:

enter image description here

A list of files is returned by user@mac HE_FULL_UPDATE_10-16-10 % find .


For some reason not all file are displayed in Android Recovery Mode. Which file is the to be selected and how to enable its selection from the Android Recovery Mode?

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