adb – Recovery of the initialization loop with access to download / recovery modes, OEM / FRP lock enabled

The context:

I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. What, apparently suddenly, has entered a start-up loop – Samsung's device name and logo screens follow each other indefinitely until there is no more energy or that I interrupt you using key combinations to start in download or recovery modes.

I have no experience with Android Development or Android. I am very comfortable with Linux terminal environments.

From now on, I tried to update the new Stock firmware with Odin. The returns from the Odin software indicate that the flash was successful but the bootloop persists. I guess the OEM and / or FRP lock might be the reason.

I've read that it's possible to disable these locks by using adband I believe fastboot can be useful too. But since I can not access my phone's settings to enable USB debugging, I can not find a way to connect to adb.

To be more specific about my question: is there a way to connect to adb and fastboot and troubleshoot / repair a boot loop with only access to recovery and download modes?

passphrase – BitPay wallet recovery help

I had money in my wallet and I did not remember my encryption password. I had written my 12-word recovery sentence, but it was abbreviated. I've deleted my wallet, which I should not have done because I'm sure I would have already understood the encryption password and that I'm going crazy with this recovery phrase. The way I store is 6 lines 2 words per line. The first problem is that I do not know the order, it could go: left right left right … left right right left …. right left right … right left left right. 6 words I am 100%. 4 words have 3 possible options. 1 to 2 options and the last could be a few things. I have the address to which the money was sent (probably that does not help). I know the name of the wallet (of course, that does not mean shit) At this point, I'm sure if I knew just the first and last word (the order), I would know it. I would pay someone if I was not sure that they would take it and how they would find it. I have seen people charge 10%, but why not take everything? What can I do?

Windows App – Recovery of Windows | NulledTeam UnderGround

Size of the file: 46.49 MB

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– Create disk images to bypass bad sectors. You can then recover the data from these disk images.


Japan – Sending luggage to a meeting point and recovery after 2 weeks

I would like to send a small suitcase in front of me from Tokyo to Osaka. After leaving Tokyo myself, I will travel 14 days before arriving in Osaka, so I will be able to pick up the luggage only after this time.
During the 14 days, I will visit different places in Japan, where I do not need the suitcase.

In addition, I will stay in an Airbnb in Osaka where the host has indicated that he can not receive parcels. So I have to send it to a point of care (for example, a post office, a locker).

How can I do this?

I tried to ask a baggage dispatch service (Sagawa to Skytree), they said that they could send it to Osaka Airport ( which is good), but I have to get it back the next day (which I can not do).

The Japan travel guide website says:

Many companies can delay deliveries by a few days (usually up to a week)

However, I do not find such an option listed in English on any of the delivery service websites.

In my home country, I can send parcels to a place where they stay for 30 days (after which they are returned). I hoped to find a similar service in Japan.

encryption – Recovery of a corrupted password protected by Zip

Good evening.
I have a password protected zip archive (Zip 2.0 CryptoZip) with a .txt file with sensitive information inside. The problem is that I can not extract it.

  • 7Zip:"Data error : Wrong password?"
  • WinRar:"CRC failed in the encrypted file. Corrupt file or wrong password"

I am sure to enter the correct password, because when I try to use a different password, it ends with "wrong password".

I have reproduced the same error by following these steps:

  • Create a password protected zip with a single txt file inside
  • Edited some of the bytes using Hex editor
  • Tried to extract the zip using my password and has the same error.

My question is simple: is it possible now to extract the txt file from this password protected zip protected?

I've tried to "fix" the zip using WinRAR, Zip Object Fix, DiskInternals Zip Repair, Zip Toolbox Recovery, Zip2Fix. None of them could help me, the "repaired" zip is always broken and I get the same error.

Thank you.

Using a terminal in recovery mode – Multiple volumes on the disk

I have two versions of MacOS on my computer in different volumes. If I open a terminal window in recovery mode, what volume will I consult? I specifically look at the files in / System / Library /. Are these files shared between the two volumes, or is there a way to change volume?

Thank you.

google analytics – Drop in reference data due to HTTP, change in HTTPS no recovery reference data since (in the last year)

We changed our site from HTTP to HTTPS about a year ago.

We have a static website, with no user functionality, so we have not seen it imperative to switch to HTTPS as soon as possible. The reason we changed is that we used to receive a lot of Google Analytics reference data a few years ago. Google Analytics, but we noticed that more and more traffic was listed as "live", we assumed this was because the sites that were sending traffic to us were also switched to HTTPS.

Since the change, we have NOT seen a Google Analytics SEO data recovery.

I'm wondering if this is because the old links on our website relate to the HTTP version rather than the HTTPS version, even if we separate them.

Would that be the case, and if so, can we solve it anyway to get more data on referrals?


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Limitations of the backup and recovery module

What are the limitations of the Backup and Restore module?

More specifically, I am curious to know what is the largest database it can handle, the time it can execute before failing, etc.?

data recovery – Emmc reader connecting to a PC

I'm trying to recover my data from my old Android smartphone. So I chipped the chip out and inserted the chip into the emmc drive. After that, I connected the drive via a USB-SD drive to PC, nothing happened!
PC has not recognized anything. Does this mean that the emmc chip has a memory problem? Where is the software to connect the emmc chip? Or are there any problems with the USB-SD drive?enter the description of the image here