malware – Some questions about Red Hat Linux and a case study

As part of a course I'm doing, he presents a case study. I am a bit stuck and I do not know where to find other information. If anyone could point me in the direction, I would appreciate it.

In this case study, a network using Red Hat Linux mail and file servers, a proprietary SIEM server, and multiple Windows 2012 servers were attacked.
It is noted that:

  • VMProtectss & NetCat have been installed
  • There was streaming traffic to a URL with the end port 9091
  • Ports 9091 and 9092 have been opened and only one packet has been sent to a URL ending with 9092.
  • Linux servers have not been updated recently and have not been injected.
  • No data changes took place

From what I can understand up to now, VMProtectss is a Windows-based cryptominer and NetCat could be a C2 element that establishes a TCP / UDP connection.
I think the only package at 9092 was a confirmation that NetCat was installed and opened the connection for an extended intrusion.
I do not know what streaming traffic to 9091 could be.

The questions they ask are:

  • What could happen on Linux servers
  • What was the impact on the network and was there a data breach?
  • what methods would be taken to remove the malicious code

I do not expect anyone to answer these questions for me, but rather to know where I can go to find more information.

list – I want a column to become RED or GREEN depending on different choices AND timestamp

SO .. It's a bit advanced, I think? I'm a bit bad for that and I do not know where to start.

I want the column "Inställelsetid" to become either RED or GREEN depending on different choices AND timestamps.

I will explain my configuration:

Column "Ärende inkommet" and "Ärende påbörjat" is just a column of text with the date and time that I have pasted from one program.
Column "Inställelsetid" is a calculated column that contains this formula:
"= TEXT ((Ärende påbörjat) – – Ärende inkommet);" h: mm: ss ")"

and its calculation of the timestamp.

IF I chose LSP or MSP at the beginning of the list, I want the column "Inställelsetider" to become RED if it's more than 2 hours and GREEN if it is less than 2 hours.

IF I chose HSP at the beginning of the list, I want the column "Inställelsetider" to become RED if it's over 1 hour and GREEN if it is less than 1 hour.

Is it possible?

enter the description of the image here

prepaid visa order? Red flag?

Hello everyone,

I therefore installed maxmind to avoid frauds and their rating for this command was less than 4; I wanted to know what everyone thought because I am a little suspicious.

– The order came from a country (IP address and place of correspondence of the visas) The address of the customer is from another country. (two low risk countries)
– Visa is a prepaid visa

Otherwise, everything else looks legitimate.

What does everyone think about someone who orders with a prepaid visa? and what do you think of the mismatch between country and ip?

flash – Why is there no red flashing in slave mode with any of my flashes Yongnuo?

I recently bought two Yongnuo 568 EX II and they work very well! I just have a problem in one of two: when I put the flash in one of the slave modes (Sc, Sn, S1 or S2), the red lights do not blink like on the Another flash. However, the flash works perfectly as a slave, it is just that no red light is flashing on it. If that makes a difference, I use them with a Canon 600D.

Is the lack of light a symptom of a problem I am not aware of and can I do something about it?

When I zoom in, I see red, blue and white pixels. What is the cause of this?

I was trying with the bulb mode of my Canon EOS 600D camera. I realized that in the picture, there were those red, blue and white pixels that we also see in the screen capture. What is the reason I see these pixels?

enter the description of the image here

Click to enlarge the image

crash – Can not start the computer after a glitched red screen of Windows 10

I was playing Minecraft and listening to music a few hours ago on my computer when, suddenly, a weird red screen with entangled pixels appeared almost everywhere.

I first thought that the game was the problem, so I tried to close it, but my computer restarted and is now blocked before Windows starts up itself.

I tried to access the BIOS by pressing F10, F12 and the Delete keys, but none of them worked.

I think I have said everything I know so far.
If you know how to help me or if you need more information, tell me.


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Is there a way to hide the chrome area indicated by the red arrow?

You can hide the extension icons by right-clicking on them and selecting "Hide from the Chrome menu".

The profile picture is however a little more delicate. There was an option to hide it under chrome://flagsbut this seems to have been an experimental feature and is no longer available.

Currently, it seems like the best solution is to set the picture of your profile on a block full of the same color as your Chrome theme.

taking pictures with my d70 I get red stripes

I get red stripes on the LCD screen and when I load the images, it's the same thing. wonder if the camera does not work anymore or if a sensor or something.
try to restart my using a suggestion from another post that did not work

malware – A red and white megaphone app arrives unsolicited

Since about a month ago, an unknown application appears from time to time on the screen of my cell phone, interrupting everything I do, displaying a black screen and this circle rotating in the middle which means I should wait.

It lasts a few seconds or more, then leaves without a trace, which allows me to go back to what I did before.

When this lasts a little longer, I can press the button at the bottom left that "zooms out" on all open applications, each with its logo at the top. I can then close it or take a screenshot.

The logo of our mystery application is a red and white megaphone, which I do not recognize. See the screenshot attached.

Screen capture zoomed from the application of the red and white megaphone

This logo does not appear in the list of all installed applications.

The timing seems to be random.

What is this app, what does it do and how can I get rid of it?

The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9 +

I am running Android version 9

The phone has served me perfectly for over a year before solving this problem.

Many applications are installed, some of which are ad-supported games. They are all either preinstalled or from the Google App Store.