co.combinatorics – Combinatorics: Distribution of red, blue and green bullets in separate bins

Suppose there are three types of balls: red R balls, blue B balls and green G balls. How many ways are there to distribute the bales in N different bins so that no bin is empty and that a bin can hold no more than one balloon of the same color?
Right here,

1) R, B, G <= N (no color should have more than N balls, because we have the condition that at most one ball of the same color is in a tray and that all balls must be placed )


2) R + B + G> = N (this is due to the fact that no basket is empty).

who knows a good online seafood store to buy red caviar?

Guys, who knows a good online seafood store to buy red caviar?

Website Design – Which color to choose as "danger" if the main color of my application is red

The first color combination that comes to mind to indicate danger is a combination of yellow and black, especially if the black is diagonally striped. I suspect that association with danger comes from bees in the wild.

Just tap yellow black sign Google will cause many signs indicating any danger. Sing about poison, danger of falling, band around crime scenes, etc.

I've personally seen message boxes with a thick, yellow and black striped border diagonally, and they always make me think that there is something potentially dangerous, probably a potentially dangerous decision to make. Seeing a button with a rounded triangle with the same pattern would tell me that I should be very careful if I press this button.

For me, solid red is not as strong and would need white and black to face the same danger.

Does it mean red flags or a normal practice of accommodation in Georgia (country)?

On my first visit to Georgia, I had some surprises during my first accommodation in Tbilisi, which I would consider as red flags, but perhaps they are just a common practice here. This will help me choose the next accommodation. (I've tried searching for them on Google, but nothing seems relevant.)

For the context, I stay in a booked apartment via a large international commercial service (I'm not sure I can say the name here, but I hope you understand).

The question is therefore which of these practices is common in Georgia. And which ones are irrelevant?

  • Request Payment of the whole stay at the front. (I have been to a few countries / accommodations and, as far as I can remember, I have always paid in the end, or at least one asked me which one of those I preferred.)
  • Refusing give one receipt. (Stay of one week, price ~ EUR 100. I was told that I was the first to ask for a receipt.) Finally, I wrote the fact that the payment had been signed on a paper signed by them, but they looked at me like a UFO.)
  • Initially refusing give me a key and saying that the area is so safe that I do not need to lock the entrance door at all (in the end, I still got the key, asking again) .

I have been here for a few days and until now it seems ok, even if it is not perfect. I will stay for the remaining time.
I ask this question to know what to expect / look for next accommodation.

The picture became red

After printing a photo, it turned red after a few days. My photos are losing their color day by day. But the picture looks good at first.
Epson L220 + glossy photo paper

task – Outlook: the marked emails are late in the minute that turns red

I always had the habit of marking emails for tracking in Outlook for later in the day.
I try to finish all the tasks in the task list before the end of the before they are late and become red.

For 2 or 3 days, I do not know what has changed. When I mark letters to follow, they turn red in about a minute. It's very annoying, I do not like to see things in red or late.

Hyperlink on red background

I am currently working on a website on which I have a very important error box with color: # e20413 and text in #FFF. However, this text contains 2 blue links and therefore not very legible.

So I'm just wondering what color would normally be used for the hyperlink in these situations.

Example of the current situation:

Red Hat Summit 2019 | Talk Web Hosting

This year, the 15th Red Hat Summit is being organized by Red Hat. Since 2005, in New Orleans, Red Hat has traveled across the United States and around the world, bringing together customers, partners and community enthusiasts to learn, connect and experience the power of open source in the business.

Red Hat Summit's address to anyone who is preparing for the future of technology, a future based on open source. Join Red Hat in Boston (May 7-9) to learn, network, and experience open source

Go here on the site of the event.

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How much everyone makes up with Red Tea Detox?

Hi everybody,

I've been promoting Red Tea Detox on Clickbank for the last few months and averaging about 10 sales a day using FB ads.

I wonder how this compares to your methods of promotion? I'm considering switching to Google ads, but I do not know if that will increase sales.

Spend around $ 50 a day right now. That's my budget.

Someone has tips for scaling up?

Thank you