accessibility – Colorblindness-friendly colors called “green”, “blue”, “yellow”, and “red”

I need to choose a palette of four colors that satisfies the following two conditions:

  1. Colorblind people can easily distinguish all four of the colors.
  2. People with normal color vision can unambiguously identify each of my colors with one of the names “green”, “blue”, “yellow”, and “red”.

For context, I’m making a video game version of a board game that uses standard Icehouse pieces. The shape, size, position, and orientation of the pieces are all relevant to gameplay, so I can’t use any of them as a substitute for color. Also, each of the colors are referred to by name in the rules, so using colors that are ambiguous or unrelated to the original colors would be confusing to people familiar with the original board game.

Given the above, what’s my best option?

MYBB – Carbon Red Version 3 FULL RESPONSIVE

(Image: Oegz3tu.png)


  • Fully Responsive / Compatible for Mobile and tablet Devices
  • Forums Beautiful Header (Each forum have different header image)
  • Fixed & Beautiful Header
  • Profile background cover
  • Postibt Background image
  • Forums Font Icons
  • Logo PSD Included
  • Gif Userbars Included
  • Stars Icons PSD Included
  • Drop Menu
  • Rep and Like number on…

MYBB – Carbon Red Version 3 FULL RESPONSIVE

bugs – Nubia Red Magic 3 shows negative storage on some apps and it’s driving my nuts

Probably a bug but I still want to share exactly what’s going on and hopefully find a solution. I can’t use a logcat for some reason (Sepolicy issue maybe?) But anyways I own a Red Magic 3 and it’s been a trouble from the start. Every once in a while apps crash, and I’m getting negative storage on many applications (not viewing my entire storage but viewing apps individually).

I’m on Android 9 btw.

This leads to many issues. One: If I need to clear an app data for ex. Snapchat, the storage will be negative and it will refuse to let me wipe the storage since it’s in the negative. The “Clear Storage” button is greyed out.

This leads to a bogged down phone, apps don’t run in the background correctly, notification bugs and overall a noticable change in how the phone feels in performance.

Google Play has recently stopped working completely and I believe it’s the storage bug.

Second, the issue can be fixed by, unfortunately, factory resetting my Red Magic 3.

I also noticed that it seems to do this when Magisk is installed which leads me to believe there is a storage bug of some sort.

I’ve search many threads but none that fits the issue I’m looking at.

Any ideas what might be causing it? Could it be a major bug from Nubia?

I seriously regret getting a Nubia smartphone because I’ve heard bad things from the company. Customer support sucks, they take a long time to provide updates. I am trying to fix the logcat issue as of right now.

Carbon Red Responsive


  • Fully responsive / compatible for mobile devices
  • Beautiful Header Forums (each forum has a different header image)
  • Fixed and beautiful header
  • Profile bottom cover
  • Forum Police Icons
  • PSD logo included
  • Scrolling menu
  • Side bars
  • Easy customization
  • Footer links

Carbon Red Responsive

Where can I find this red sunset in winter, with snow and evergreen trees?

This was photographed in Norway. Where can I find a similar sunset with snow and trees in British Columbia? or Ontario Canada?

enter description of image here

nikon – Red noise in the bottom edge and corners

I would like to ask you if, in your past experience, have you seen the same type of red noise in the lower parts of your photos in low light conditions?

It appears in the bottom edge and the corners. It appears when this part of the composition is mainly black or dark and there is a low light setting where I need to slightly increase the ISO.

Examples of images:

At first I thought I had gone too high with ISO (in the previous photos I noticed it, the ISO was sometimes 1600) but this example of image was taken in ISO 640, 18 mm, f / 3.5, 1/60 s on a Nikon D5600 with an 18-55 mm kit lens.


I have added a new image that I have processed in which I have noticed an unusual noise around the bottom / right edge. Image settings: ISO 1000, 18mm, f / 3.5, 1/20 sec.

Of course, I understand that normally, we would not raise the exhibition as much, to create as much noise, but just to illustrate my noise problem, I did it anyway … 🙂 The right side seems burned by the very edge, while all other areas seem to have a "normal / regular" noise.

/ edit2:
I have been in contact with Nikon and there have been round trips, but the customer service agent seems reluctant to admit that this could be a sensor issue, even if I have proven that it couldn't be glass by swapping out my 18- 55m lens kit for a 35mm fixed lens and the same results:

Does anyone have past experience with Nikon customer service? Is it unrealistic to expect them to admit that this is probably a problem with the sensor? Also, is there any chance that they will opt to replace my case or would it be necessary for me to send it for review and possibly for repair? I have no experience in this area, so I'm not sure what to expect. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

astrophotography – How to avoid intense red noise in a photo of the deep sky?

Here is a fragment of my recent photo of the reel galaxy (M 101):

Image M 101 with strong red noise

As you can see in this enlarged detail (200%), the image is full of red noise, so that all red objects (M 101 has several emission nebulae) literally drown in the noise:


  • Canon EOS 70D (astro-modified)
  • Canon EF 100-400 mm f / 4.5-5.6 L IS
  • 400 mm
  • ISO 2000
  • f / 5.6
  • 22 images @ 2.5 "each
  • 5 dark images subtracted

During the observation, the sky was clear, the object was near the zenith and the temperature was around +10 ° C (+ 50 ° F).

So what should I do in the future to make my astrophotography less noisy? Could it be thermal noise? Thank you.

Bootcamp Windows 10 internal speakers do not work, audio port lights up in red

I'm having issues with the audio on my mid-2012 Macbook Pro running Bootcamp Windows 10. No sound comes out of the internal speakers and the audio port lights up in red.

In OSX, I managed to solve this problem by holding down a volume key and disconnecting the headphone jack, and miraculously, it works!

The problem persists in Bootcamp Windows 10. How to solve this problem?

color – Is cyan brighter than red?

I don't know if it's on the subject, but that's it.

The cyan in RGB is (00, FF, FF). Red (or green or blue) is this (FF, 00, 00). So that seems as if i tell my monitor to display cyan, each pixel will have 2 fully activated sub-pixels. If I tell my monitor to show up in red, there will only be one. So a monitor with a maximum brightness of 300 nits would only display 100 for red and 200 for cyan.

The cyan in HSL (or HSV, is there a difference?) Has a hue of 0.5, a saturation of 1 and a lightness (or value?) Of 1. Red has a hue of 0 (or 1, these are identical, right?), A saturation of 1 and a brightness of 1. These two colors have a brightness (or value) of 1, so the 300 nit monitor displays 300 nits for both colors.

So which one (if any) is right? The second makes sense to me, I wouldn't expect cyan to be brighter than red, but I can't understand why the first doesn't make sense. Am I describing the color completely incorrectly?

dnd 3.5e – What does AL NG, LE mean for the city of Brindol in Red Hand of Doom?

AL here means alignment, and NG and THE represent the alignments well neutral and loyal bad, respectively. (While the Dungeon Master Guide doesn't go so far as to define AL when used in this way as specifically meaning alignment, AL is used to mean alignment speak Dungeon Master Guide in multiple places like in creature stat blocks on 201 et al. Similar city statblocks are used in many 3.5 products, and Red hand of destiny does not seem to introduce new rules in this regard.)

These alignments, when used in conjunction with a city's state block, indicate the alignments of the centers of power in Brindol – how officials run the city. the DMG covers what this means in more detail and better, but, in part, he says that a "neutral neutral power center seldom influences community residents other than to help them when they are in need" and that "A community with an evil power center generally has a set of codified laws, which most people obey for fear of harsh sanctions" (138).

The conventional power center of the city is Lord Kerden Jarmaath and his forces (they are aligned NG), while the non-standard power center of the city is Lady Verrasa Kaal and his forces (they are group LE).