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H / Q Create Reddit SEO Powerful contextual back-link DA 99 PA 66

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interaction design – Why does reddit allow you to ask a question and then delete it instantly?

Reddit already knows that your message will be deleted before writing it. They let you sit for half an hour writing it down. Then you submit it and it is instantly deleted. I can't think of a more foamy UX bag than this.

Then you can try modifying your message or submitting it to another subroutine and it will say "you are doing this too much. Try again in n minutes".

It sounds unnecessary and kind of like something that just makes the world a crappy place, doesn't it? Still, it's a very clear and hard decision that reddit continually chooses to make about how its UX should be. What is the reason they use a hostile UX like this?

enter description of image here

I want to add a little more context to that in the hope of getting a better answer. Just to clarify, I had asked a neutral / non-offensive question on a two month old account that had a lot of positive and postal votes. My question, in any way, could not be rightly deleted for its poor quality, trolling, new account, spam, etc. Still, a UX decision was made by reddit to control me. That may be my question. Why does reddit use its own (potential) users?

Should we disown lost reddit backlinks?

My account in reddit has been banned and I have lost over 2500 backlinks (nofollow).
What must I do now?
Should I disown them?

Sell ​​- Subscriptions / Votes / Votes for Reddit from Water Squad | NewProxyLists

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reddit – Where can I see the ranking of subreddits by number of subscribers that allow new accounts to publish?

I want to see subreddits, incl. NSFW, which allows accounts created a few seconds ago to publish.

I am not a computer guru, but is it easy to program? Without a doubt, I don't have time for each sub-credit, then check each user who posted to see if this is a brand new account.

Reddit is a dangerous website. Huge privacy violation.

A few years ago, I discovered that I was being tracked on Reddit. I didn't know how, but some colleagues mentioned the usernames that I had made and I felt very suspicious. I hadn't linked the username mentioned at all to an email address at all.

I found out that someone with administrator privileges at Reddit is tampering with my accounts. I noticed messages that I did not make and they were editing some of them.

See this one below. The administrator changed every message I had made.

HELP!!!! I thought these guys were my friends but they drugged me and live streamed me from gay

I posted this thread because I was drugged by two of the guys who harassed me.

The Reddit administrator has a group conversation with several colleagues at my work. I know this because, as I said, several different people mentioned the account names and the information that I published.

Huge privacy violation. I'm in Canada, how can I do it? Reddit has a privacy email. I sent an email and they asked me for my username and I got no further response.

Reddit Growth Hacking


At my disposal, more than 20,000 accounts are more than 2 years old with karma greater than 1,000 for promoting messages in target sub-credits.

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I agree to analyze your project, find sub-marriages adapted to your target audience and promote publications with your content at the top positions, which will generate traffic to your: articles, blogs, videos, landing pages, etc. In addition to promoting popular subreddits, I can create a subreddit for your project and promote it by increasing subscribers and posting posts in all / up, so you can get real subscribers on your own sub-credit and receive stable and relevant traffic in the future.

For reporting, I will provide an online table where you can track the progress of your content promotion on Reddit, Medium, Bitcointalk Hacker News in real time.

The action plan to start the promotion is as follows:
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Reddit: more than 25 boosted publications
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Reddit: Comments on high karma accounts
Reddit: access to Reddit Bot
Daily reports
Reddit: own creation of sub-credit
Reddit: Subreddit subscribers
Medium: applause
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Bitcointalk: 1 position with full member
Crypto Forums: 5 posts
Telegram: views / members / subscribers
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Reddit: Comments on high karma accounts
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Support for telegram robots

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