From the SEO point of view, can you redirect away from an old site which cannot be reached to the new site

my client has an old inaccessible site. it has been registered by a business that has ceased operations for at least four years, and the host and the registrar will not even allow the business owner to attempt to prove ownership.
we have created a new site, but the old site is still there and there are always people calling the old number.

are there acceptable ways to help promote the new site as a search result in preference to the old one? i can't configure a 301, but the new site has a list of companies, is linked by local CoC and BBB, has tags for products, services, local companies, is responsive, has analytics, bing and search console links, but I'm hoping to do more …

apache2 – Apache, redirect does not work for substring


In apache, how can i redirect to the home page in case you go to the exact channel, but everything behind that channel should be displayed normally, no redirect.

Example. -> go to homepage -> go to

i tried

Redirect 301 /STRING

But in this case, the page is also redirected to the home page, for example in case of

Thank you.

Apache Virtualhost Redirect non-www HTTPS to HTTPS www does not work

I have a problem with Apache. I would like to redirect: to – ok to – ok to – not redirected

This is the setting for my vhost.conf in Apache:

    Redirect permanent /
    DocumentRoot /home/example/public_html
    ErrorLog /home/example/logs/error.log
    CustomLog /home/example/logs/access.log combined

    RewriteEngine On
    RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off (OR)
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^$ (NC)
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 (L,R=301)
    DocumentRoot /home/example/public_html
    ErrorLog /home/example/logs/error.log
    CustomLog /home/example/logs/access.log combined

Can anyone help me with this problem?

Redirect search.php to 404.php

anyone know how to redirect search.php to 404.php when no search results were found?

I have more than 1000 soft 404 errors due to this search function. I just want to redirect the results found to 404.php. Thanks in advance

WP: How do I disable 404 redirect for a specific page or a single page?

I need to turn off the 404 redirect feature for a specific page or a single page in WordPress. I have tried some examples found on google, but they do not work? An idea?

Redirect the node to the external URL according to the node field (in the .theme file)

I need to redirect a node (of "event" content type) to an external URL. The URL is provided as a link field on the node modification form.

The code below works but only for 1 node. What am I missing?

function xtheme_preprocess_node(&$variables){
    $node = Drupal::request()->attributes->get('node');
    $type = $node->getType();
    if($type == 'event'){
        $redirect = $node->get('field_landing_page')->value(0)->uri;
        if($redirect != ''){

            $response = new SymfonyComponentHttpFoundationRedirectResponse($redirect);

Google search console – Inspect the old domain after 301 redirect

After redirecting to a new domain

I tried to inspect the old domain URL from its webmaster and I got this information

The URL is not on Google This page is not in the index, but not because of
a mistake. See the details below to find out why it hasn't been indexed. Learn

enter description of image here

If yes, then why do i always lose my ranking in google search?

I would also like to know what is the difference between the Reference page and Canonical declared by the user?

vhost – 301 redirect for the "/ usage" page while webalizer is installed

I moved my site to another host and that host uses webalizer. My site has a page called /usage.

During the tests, I discovered the page generate the 403 Forbidden error due to this webalizer.conf:

# This configuration file maps the webalizer log analysis
# results (generated daily) into the URL space.  By default
# these results are only accessible from the local host.
Alias /usage /var/www/usage

   # Alternative e.g. "Require ip 192.168.10"
   Require local

OK, I renamed usage at some-usage and created a 301 redirect but apparently the configuration file has higher priority.

My questions):
Can I be more specific in webalizer.conf and tell Apache to ignore /usage when it is in the context, or, how can i set the 301 redirect for it to work.

Personally, I would prefer the solution where Apache ignores /usage in the the context.

sharepoint server – OneDrive configuration and redirect link

I am new to SharePoint Server.

If I work with SharePoint Server 2016 on-premises, could I use OneDrive in suitenav without Office 365 (even if the users have a OneDrive license)?

I tried to follow the documentation here:

I cannot activate recently shared items (via PowerShell) and I don't know how to configure the link in SuiteNav on MySites (when you click, it doesn't matter).

Any advice would be helpful! Thank you.

seo – URL modified for a page indexed by Googlebot. Will redirect 301 from the old URL to the new one. But what to do with my sitemap?

I plan to change a URL for one of the pages of my site.




The point is, Google has already indexed the old URL:

And from these DOCs, we see that to avoid losing page ranking, we have to answer with a 301 - Moved permanently from the old URL pointing to the new URL.

enter description of image here


I get that I should redirect (301) from the old URL to the new one. So when Google re-explores, it will see this change. But what should appear on my site map? The old URL or the new one? Or both?

I tend to think that it would be better to keep only the new URL on my sitemap. But what if Google crawls the new URL before seeing the redirect from the old one? Wouldn't the new page URL start as a new page (from a Google index point of view) with zero ranking points? How does Googlebot handle this? What is the recommended practice?