How to show the search result to archive page without redirection to search result page

In the archive page, used Jet-Ajax-search widget/Elementor pro to filter products and products putted by using Jet-woo-builder product grid.
Just wanted to show search result to archive page with same layout of product grid without redirection to search result page.
How to solve the problem?

8 – How to disable redirection to the node after node form submission

I have a node form exposed in the front-end to allow visitors to add their organisation to the list of partners. Below the form, I have exposed view block with the list of existing partners.

When a visitor enters a new organisation to the list I want the form just to add a new node type “partner” and reload the page/block without redirecting to the node content (node/(node ID)).

At the beginning I ed taxonomy terms instead and it worked as it should, now I want to achieve the same with node entity.

I have tried various solutions but none of it works correctly and I didn’t find much by googling it.

For example, this is not functioning:

function THEME_form_alter(&$form, DrupalCoreFormFormStateInterface &$form_state, $form_id) {
  if ($form_id == 'node_partners_form') {
    $form_state->disableRedirect(); // This is not functioning

This does not work either:

function THEME_form_alter(&$form, DrupalCoreFormFormStateInterface &$form_state, $form_id) {
  if ($form_id == 'node_partners_form') {
    foreach (array_keys($form('actions')) as $action) {
      if ($action != 'preview' && isset($form('actions')($action)('#type')) && $form('actions')($action)('#type') === 'submit') {
        $form('actions')($action)('#submit')() = 'THEME_node_form_submit';

function THEME_node_form_submit($form, &$form_state) {

=> Error: Route /partners does not exist.

Value of attribute action in the exposed node form is correct and therefore I think the proper solution should be elsewhere then altering form properties – probably it has more with the Drupal behaviour after adding a new node.

<form action="/en/partners">...</form>

301 redirection issue

i need help about my website when i click on this link it redirect from 404 page but i added the slash the page is crash or not going to 404 page. like

can you please help me any one what rule added in htaccess files ?

redirection – Alter Header Status Response to 410

I have several urls with “/tag/” string; some of them have content and some of them don’t, so they return 404.

How can I force them to return a 410 only for those that have no content?

I need a filter: has “/tag/” in URL and returns 404 -> redirect to 410.

I tried in theme_preprocess_html(&$variables) like this:

if ($pattern2){ //it has “/tag/” string
$status = Drupal::requestStack()->getCurrentRequest()->attributes->get(‘exception’);
if ($status && $status->getStatusCode() == 404){
$response = new Response();
return $response;

It filters is working but nothing it’s not redirecting to 410.

Thank you for your help!!

encryption – Solution to User Initial HTTP Requests Unencrypted Despite HTTPS Redirection?

It is my understanding that requests from a client browser to a webserver will initially follow the specified protocol e.g, HTTPS, and default to HTTP if not specified (Firefox Tested). On the server side it is desired to enforce a strict type HTTPS for all connections for the privacy of request headers and as a result HTTPS redirections are used. The problem is that any initial request where the client does not explicitly request HTTPS will be sent unencrypted. For example, client instructs browser with the below URL command. will redirect the client browser to use HTTPS but the initial HTTP request and GET parameters were already sent unencrypted possibly compromising the privacy of the client. Obviously there is nothing full-proof that can be done by the server to mitigate this vulnerability but:

  1. Could this misuse compromise the subsequent TLS security possibly through a known-plaintext
    attack (KPA)?
  2. Are there any less obvious measures that can be done to mitigate this possibly through some
    DNS protocol solution?
  3. Would it be sensible for a future client standard to always initially attempt with HTTPS as the default?

magento2 – Magento 2 redirection problem after place order on google chrome

I’ve developed a payment method on Magento 2.3. Here’s how it works: after clicking on the “place order” button, I create the order and no matter the result of the order creation operation (success or failure), I stay on the payment page. This mechanism works well on mozilla firefox, however on chrome and opera, the redirection is automatic.

I set redirectAfterPlaceOrder to false, but on chrome and opera, the redirection is automatic, unlike mozilla firefox, which sticks to it. Please, would you know how to fix this problem?

defaults: {
    redirectAfterPlaceOrder: false,
    template: 'Test_Payment/payment/testpayment'
     * Place order.
    placeOrder: function (data, event) {
        var self = this;

        if (event) {

        if (this.validate() && additionalValidators.validate() && this.isPlaceOrderActionAllowed() === true ) {

                    function (data) {

                        if (self.redirectAfterPlaceOrder) {
                    function (data) {
                    function () {

            return true;

        return false;

PS: the code I used for placeOrder() is entirely magento’s code with a small modification to the line where I call the afterPlaceOrder() function to which I send a parameter at the call.

302 redirection issue

My website was initially http later I have updated it to https.

some of the Urls when hit as it will redirected to the home page of the site with 302.

Even when the https version of that url is exist.

All other Urls are working fine.

networking – Internal LAN Redirection for VPN Tunnel Access

Looking to provide access to an Ikev2 VPN tunnel for PCs connected on LAN through Server sitting on the same LAN.


Currently the network configuration is as below, with the network I have control over shown in the box (Please ignore connection errors, this is just for topology reference):Current Network Configuration

Server 0 has an Ikev2 VPN Tunnel to an external Server 1. The router I have (router 0) is locked down one provided by ISP but cannot be easily replaced as it has a crucial 4G backup system required for our intermittent internet connection.

In order to have the LAN Workstations access the VPN tunnel between server 0 and server 1, I am looking to redirect traffic on the LAN network when resource requested by Workstation resides on the VPN subnet.

For example:

  • Work station on
  • Server 0 on
  • VPN Resources located at (this is the internal offsite resources address, not public IP of router 1)

When work station requests a resource on subnet, LAN traffic is routed to Server 0.

Server 0 then handles natting/encryption/public IP address of external resource etc required for communication through tunnel. Workstations and Server 0 reside on same subnet (ie no VLANs and switch 0 is unmanaged).

What sort of device with what specific functionality do I require to make these LAN redirects? My expectation is that it will sit between Switch 0 and Router 0.

Thanks in advance!

redirection – 404 error with Drupal 7 in Ubuntu server

I’ve installed a web server LAMP in Ubuntu, the usual, in /var/www/html.

And I want to test two Drupal versions, so in /html I have created two folders:

I have installed Drupal 8 on /drupal8 and it works fine.

I have imported an existing site in /drupal7 and it doesn’t even start Drupal, I get error 404 page not found.

I have checked the settings.php of drupal7 and I can’t find any error, the $base_url to localhost/drupal7 and no more.

What more should I check to find why it returns 404 errors?

How to prevent mobile redirection in blogger

I want to ask how to prevent blogger redirect to m=1, when site is opened on mobile, according to page insight tool there are 2 redirects to m=1, causing delay in page load on
Turning off the mobile theme in blogger is not working, any suggestions.