redirects – Test if a URL has a 403 error?

All the URLs of my WordPress site can be visited via a browser such as FireFox and Chrome successfully. However, today I receive emails from Google Ads informing me that some URLs contain errors. The error code is an HTTP error: 403.

So I doubt that it is possible that some URLs are accessible via the browser, but not accessible by Google Robot? If so, is there a way to find or test these URLs?

My site uses WordPress, there are some redirections in the URL, I also remove the category from the permalink. Can all this be the cause of the problem?

meta tags – Good SEO practices for a root page that detects the language and redirects

I have a multilingual static website; the pages of each language live in specific sub-folders such as / en, / es, / fr, etc.

In my idnex root page, I dynamically detect the user's language (via Javascript) then I redirect to the appropriate language specific folder.

What should I think about in terms of SEO for this index page?

  • Should I add hreflang attributes pointing to the index page in the language-specific subfolders?
  • What should I add as x-default? One of the language-specific index pages, or the "language detection" page itself (which has no actual content ..)
  • Should I add a robots meta tag?

my 1and1 home page redirects to the default site

My home page displays .https: //, How can I access my home page file in my root folder to delete it

so that i can fix the problem by reading this blog.

My host is 1 and 1 and would like your help.

Forum Index Redirects Auction # 15 | Forum promotion

Forum index redirect bids
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redirects – Multilingual SEO and single page application

I have a website (single page application) in VueJS and I want to implement localized versions with URLs like these:

I'm trying to find out if I can redirect the user to its local version based on its Accept-Language

Google suggests to:

Avoid automatic redirection based on the language perceived by the user. These redirects could prevent users (and search engines) from viewing all versions of your site

but it seems that some sites (for example Microsoft, TeamViewer) do it via 302 HTTP redirection.

I am also considering the possibility of redirecting via the JavaScript pushState method (changing the URL without reloading the page).

My questions are therefore:

  • Would redirecting to the user's personal language version harm SEO?
  • which redirect method would be preferable (HTTP 301 redirection, HTTP 302 redirect, JavaScript pushState)?

redirects – SEO Impact: personalization by redirecting the user to another page

I want to embed personalization on an e-commerce website.

This website includes two categories of products:

  • men's shoes
  • womens shoes

During visit 1, a user enters and arrives at a generic landing page showing shoes for men and women. Next, the user visits pages of women's shoes. This information is stored in a cookie.

During visit 2, the same users enter, the browser reads the cookie and redirects the user to a personalized landing page displaying women's shoes with a URL, such as

Is such a redirect bad for SEO?

htaccess – Apache ReactJS redirects all paths beyond / path / name to index.html


I made a site with ReactJS which uses a Router to allow the page location to change while using the original index.html


When my build is uploaded to a server, refresh the browser on a "virtual page", for example "my-project / build / [virtual / location]" my redirection gets my root correctly index.html but the CSS files arrive with the wrong MIME type, or the console complains:

my-react-site: 1 resource interpreted as style sheet but transferred
with text / html MIME type:
"http: //web.server/build/virtual/static/css/main.9b16d722.chunk.css".
2.12e07a57.chunk.js: 1 SyntaxError not intercepted: unexpected token & # 39; <& # 39; main.92a1589f.chunk.js: 1 SyntaxError not caught: unexpected token & # 39; <& # 39;


How can I redirect in such a way that this does not happen?

Current solution

I am currently working around this problem by adding inside of Devil index.html. my .htaccess is as follows

#before using resourcefallback
#RewriteEngine On
#RewriteBase /
#RewriteRule ^index.html$ - [L]
#RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
#RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
#RewriteRule . /my-project/build/index.html [L]

FallbackResource /my-project/build/index.html


By writing this question, I realized that my /build/static the file must remain intact / no rewriting can be carried out there. I'm going to rewrite and post so that someone else can learn from my follies.

IIS URL rewrite – Redirects root to subfolder

I want: to redirect to

It looks like a fairly simple request. I followed the online sources and they all indicate that I should use ^$ for the regex pattern. I also added HTTP redirect to HTTPS, and it works well. I have also tried to disable this rule just to make sure it does not interfere. It works on IIS 10 / Server 2016.

My web.config looks like this:


Requests to the root domain are not redirected. Why it does not work?

redirects – HTTPS and error 102 (net :: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED)

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